any large US firms bought by chinese firm recently?


I heared either SOM or KPF is the target? Rumor?

Apr 23, 13 9:25 pm

I highly doubt the veracity of this, but it did get me thinking about it. Would there even be a motive for an asian firm to buy out a western firm? What would they get out of that that they cant already get by enticing western architects to move to china, which already happens in droves right now. There is always a kind of desire amongst asian firms to get western work, but only on the condition that they can do the design work in their local offices so that they can make a huge profit on the fee/salary difference. If you buy out a huge western firm you still have to deal with their razor thin profit margins... I just dont see the rationale. Maybe someone else has some more interesting thoughts on this though.

Apr 24, 13 10:33 am

they would get the firm's clients.

Apr 24, 13 11:19 am

I'm with Given. I don't see it. Doesn't make any business sense.

Now, if it was a Chinese group targeting acquisition of a global A/E/C firm, I'd pay a lot more attention to that rumor.

Apr 24, 13 2:46 pm

The Chinese don't have to buy foreign companies when they can simply undercut them by 75% or more. They are also flooding the construction labor market.

Apr 24, 13 4:48 pm

I know some firms in shanghai is buying some small american firms. But two days ago, a local art curator told me SOM was bought by a chinese firm. This shocked me. I wish this isn't true. Currently, most chinese people don't have capability to understand US designs.

Yah, some of you guys might be right. AEC firm would be their target.


Miles: what do you mean this ?  --- "The Chinese don't have to buy foreign companies when they can simply undercut them by 75% or more."

Apr 24, 13 10:15 pm
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fucking xenophobes....



cmrhm, you're a racist.

Apr 24, 13 11:55 pm

what? just because I said this "Currently, most chinese people don't have capability to understand US designs.".  Sorry, I didn't have time to make myself clearer at that time. I will see if any people agree with me then I will go from there.

Apr 25, 13 1:59 am
i r giv up


i've worked with several chinese developers in new york city.

they are neither better nor worse than the average american developer.

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Apr 25, 13 7:55 am
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Apr 25, 13 10:51 am

"I heared either SOM or KPF is the target? Rumor?"


No way that would ever happen.

Apr 26, 13 1:53 pm

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