RHINO pop-up toolbar layout question


with the rhino pop-up toolbar (the one that shows up when you click your spin wheel on ur mouse) how do you add / delete icons to this pop-up? i tried and all i got was a blank icon

Feb 20, 08 5:26 pm

Make sure the pop-up guy is on your screen. Then:

1. Press and hold ctrl.

2. Using the left mouse button, select the icon you'd like to add from another toolbar. This will duplicate it. Say ok.

3. Press and hold shift.

4. Using the left mouse button drag the duplicate icon into the pop-up.

Feb 20, 08 5:39 pm

(And to get rid of that annoying pop-up, type "options" and select mouse. Set middle button to pan.)

Feb 20, 08 5:41 pm

thanks......that was a big help!


Feb 20, 08 5:42 pm

one more question,
after lofting a surface what is the tool to cut sections and then flatten the sections for laser cutting?

Feb 23, 08 7:24 pm

Thanks for this garpike. It works great. One problem though .... when i was testing it I created multiple icons within the toolbar for the same command.

How do i delete them?

Jan 30, 15 9:01 am

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