Which way do you roll?

... or unroll your trace (canary, bumwad, onion skin, etc.)?

Left, right, up, tear it off first?

Apr 18, 13 8:07 pm

<< to the left, of course!

Apr 18, 13 8:44 pm

that's a great question! i do two things, when sketching ideas, roll out left, which in and of itself is interesting, because that's sooooo not western. when i am working on multiple layers, i tear, and create registration marks.

Apr 18, 13 9:39 pm

The roll is moved to the left, leaving more paper on the right.  I move the roll with the left hand, and tear off the desired quantity with the right hand.

Apr 18, 13 9:46 pm

Almost always tear off first.  And for the last seven years I've been using my former-partner-still-BFF's method of getting if loose enough form the roll to grab" blowing into the space between the end of the sheet and the roll.

Apr 18, 13 9:54 pm

Hold the end on the right. Roll to the left. Place metal meter stick at desired length, tear.

Apr 19, 13 8:22 am

Roll to the left (I'm right handed). Sometimes I stack rolls to explore options and work out details.

Apr 19, 13 9:56 am

Do you share your rolls?  ^^

My roll keeps disappearing. Someone borrows it ("Just for a minute"), and then I never see it again...

Apr 19, 13 11:30 am

"Sometimes I stack rolls to explore options and work out details."  i discovered this trick second year arch. school, genius!

Apr 19, 13 11:54 am

A lot of lefties in architecture, at least more than I was accustomed to seeing.  I'm not that good with my left hand.  Well, let me think about that ...

Apr 19, 13 12:37 pm
Erik Evens (EKE)

Unroll with left hand, right to left, tear it off with a quick flick of the left hand, and turn the piece over so it won't roll up on itself.

Repeat five hundred thousand times.

Apr 19, 13 1:06 pm

Really sorry about that last post, you guys.  I was on my phone.

Point is: I tear it haphazardly.  And if the roll is tight, I blow into the very small gap where the loose paper starts and that magically opens it up enough to grab.

Apr 19, 13 6:39 pm

Alas, I was trying to visualize your prior post.

Apr 19, 13 9:33 pm
boy in a well

that photo puts the Jack in Jack Kerouac.


pardon me.

i roll right and im a righty. ambidextrous? go figure. rip n flip y'all.

Apr 20, 13 2:59 pm

Keep my roll in a tin foil box so I can tear it easily. 

Apr 20, 13 4:18 pm

^ Nice. I have a Mayline 36" tear-off dispenser for vellum.

Apr 20, 13 5:42 pm

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