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hi everyone, i am new here.

i want to buy a R5 land, size (25 x 100), max FAR is 1.25.

if i want to build a 3-4 family house, is 3125 sq ft the max sq ft we can build?

is basement sq ft included in the 3125 sq ft?


please give me some advise



Apr 9, 13 10:54 pm

raymond499, here's some helpful info with a diagram showing the limitations:

Apr 10, 13 11:33 am
vado retro

Basements are usually excluded in FAR. so you can build a three story at 1062 sf or a four story at 781. Of course, there are height restrictions to consider. Maybe you should keep Archinect on retainer.

Apr 10, 13 2:16 pm

3125sf is your Zoning Floor Area (ZFA) and basement spaces are not included unless they contain habitable space in the form of dwelling units.  In english, never put a kitchen and/or full bathroom in the basement if you don't want it to count against your ZFA.  Basements are great places to provide off-street parking, provide additional storage, and have common ammenities or mechanical spaces.  Know all your mechanical spaces above the basement level do not count towards ZFA and deductions are measured "in the clear" finished surface to finished surface.  Taking area off your floor slabs also does not count towards zfa, in other words you don't count the air in a double-height space.

Apr 10, 13 7:57 pm

Is it really a basement? Or is it a cellar?  Makes a huge difference in NYC.

Apr 10, 13 11:01 pm

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