Do Windows 8 and Architecture mix?


I'm in the market for a new high-end laptop and noticed most of the ones I'm interested in have Windows 8 installed by default. Will my everyday architecture apps run properly? My daily tools include AutoCAD, Rhino 4, Adobe CS6, Sketchup, etc.

I would love to just wipe the HDD and install win 7, but I hear it may be hard to find win 7 drivers for the laterst hardware.

Architects. How has your experience been with Windows 8?

Mar 19, 13 11:27 am

Sure - I have an HP Spectre and use Win 8 with Revit 2013.2 - that version works with Win 8. Revit 2013.00 crashes - I use the desktop and am only getting use to the "tiles" 

Mar 19, 13 2:40 pm

Also Rhino 5 just flys - no worries

Mar 19, 13 2:54 pm

I would love to just wipe the HDD and install win 7, but I hear it may be hard to find win 7 drivers for the laterst hardware.

Depending on the exact specs of your laptop, there's an extremely good chance that win 7 drivers will be available for all the hardware that it comes with.  Win 7 is still widely supported (not like XP) and will be for a long time to come. 

Mar 19, 13 3:47 pm


You said you use the desktop view. If I were to primarily use the desktop view, is there anything inherently different, user experience-wise, between Win 7 and Win 8 other than the lack of the start button(which I hear you can add with plugins like "Start8")? I guess I'm wondering if it is a completely different OS with just a skin that looks like Win 7?

I'm completely ignorant to what Win 8 is about. I need to do some more reading.

Mar 20, 13 10:59 am


no difference - desktop view in Win 8 is same as 7

Mar 20, 13 11:39 am

Windows 8 works just fine. It's more about the hardware available to you. 

I've been using Windows 8 since day 1 of public release and I've had no problems. Currently running AutoCad 2013, Revit 2011 and 3ds 2013 with no problem. 

About the metro vs. desktop interface - it's all the same really. Just because the start button isn't on the lower left corner doesn't mean it's not there. If you hit the windows button on your keyboard it takes you to your tiles, which is essentially your start menu. Hit it one more time and you're right back where you were. Simple. 


Mar 20, 13 1:22 pm


Do any of those apps require the use of "compatibility mode" or do they simply work?

Mar 20, 13 1:37 pm

They simply work.

Everyone is scared because of all the crap people talk about the interface. If you aren't afraid of a little change then it's no different than any other version of Windows. 

The only thing I did have to do was turn off 'Hardware Acceleration" on Revit. It's a fairly common thing depending on your video card and graphic drivers. But then again I'm working with 5 year Intel Core Duo Laptops.

If my laptop can handle it then I don't see why a newer system with the same OS wouldn't work. 


Mar 20, 13 4:10 pm

New laptops with Win7 pre-installed are out there, we get them as a build-to-order option from HP, and I think Dell and BOXX do the same thing. 

No problems whatsoever finding drivers for our plotter and printers.

Apr 13, 16 12:33 pm

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