Mar 18, 13 3:41 am

san fran? $25 an hour? rich? you wouldn't be able to buy coffee, let alone get an SRO for $25/hr. i make just north of that in mn and i'm just getting by. 

Mar 18, 13 5:47 am

An amount of $25 per hour may sound really low to somehow manage and lead a contented life in a city like San Francisco. But, there are many young, experienced architects who are actually aiming to get at least more than $20 per hour. So, I think this job offer may allures them. 

Mar 18, 13 8:53 am

$25/hr as an employee with benefits, or an independent contractor?

a young, experienced architect in san fran. should try a little harder to keep above the poverty line.

Mar 18, 13 9:06 am

If you're working in a firm as a registered architect and not stamping drawings $25/hour is potentially acceptable, though not good (that's $52,000/year). 

These people need someone registered, so obviously stamping will be involved, so $25/hour -  when your entire registration is on the line, all liability will fall to you, and it's SF, aka California which has higher licensing standards anyway - $25/hour is not enough. In my opinion.

Mar 18, 13 9:39 am

Everyone's assuming this is a regular job - it doesn't feel like that to me. It feels like a GC who wants to reuse some old plans (or some plans he drew up himself) and he needs to hire a license so he can get the project permitted.

Why would any self-respecting Architect look for a job on craig's list ? Any firm that's too cheap to place a normal classified ad is certainly too cheap to pay a fair wage.

Mar 18, 13 9:59 am

$25.00/hr in SF? - there's people here with 2 years exp. getting that -

Mar 18, 13 11:45 am

What did you expect from searching Craig's List?

Mar 18, 13 1:59 pm

" Why would any self-respecting Architect look for a job on craig's list ? Any firm that's too cheap to place a normal classified ad is certainly too cheap to pay a fair wage."

Craigslist job postings are not free. A lot of larger companies like Callison also post jobs on CL

Mar 18, 13 2:10 pm

@sod:  yes, you are correct that CL job ads are not free; but, they're only $25 which - compared to most reputable job-related classified ad systems - means they're almost free.

IMO, firms that use CL as their primary means of locating "talent" really aren't serious about finding quality professionals. They're primarily looking for the cheapest possible solution to their staffing needs.

Mar 18, 13 2:54 pm

Architecture has come to be a complete joke.  

Students: QUIT SCHOOL.  Learn how to make money, then pay someone to stamp your drawings. 

Mar 18, 13 3:16 pm

$25 - Federal tax - State tax

Mar 18, 13 3:25 pm

remember, the thread title is GET RICH ARCHITECTS, now that may have been tongue in cheek, but im guessing it wasn't. no one is getting rich on 25/hr in SF. no one.

Mar 18, 13 10:24 pm

In the SF Bay area, CL charges $75, but thats not  the point. The point is that an architect's license has been reduced to $25 an hour. Which is what makes me wonder why I need a license.

(And lets not kid ourselves, I am sure that lots of people applied to this post, and frankly, why not - paying jobs are still rare on this coast)

Mar 18, 13 10:34 pm

Honestly no amount of money is worth my stamp, if it means a lifetime ban in the industry.

Mar 20, 13 2:02 pm

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