so who's committed to attending GSAPP this FALL 2013?

like last year, we can make a google group thing and discuss living situations, finding roomies, etc. etc.

but lets meet everyone here first and discuss:


1. how is everyone going to pay for tuition? what is your financial strategy?

2. where are you thinking of living (on campus/off campus)



I'm from Cali and I've visited GSAPP once, but had a good thorough tour of it.  I can try to answer some questions about the physical layout of the building, but any current/alumni GSAPP are welcome in this discussion as well. 



Mar 17, 13 5:55 am

1. Gonna be poor 2. On campus.....? does anyone know if there are any cooperatives? So excited for all of GSAPP's intensity and studioz

Mar 17, 13 1:00 pm

I'm just waiting to hear from Parsons but I'm thisclose to accepting GSAPP.

Gonna apply for outside scholarships and try to balance that with cash and loans.   I live in NYC already, so I'll be off-campus.  I've never considered the on-campus option, though.  I might take a look just out of curiosity.

Mar 17, 13 1:26 pm

@jesusmaldonado your tumblr link doesn't work.... could you repost it?

Mar 17, 13 1:27 pm

I've decided to attend Columbia. Apparently I don't have any scholarship for the first year as being international student :(
My parents will help me financing the first year education and I’ll try to get on-campus job and other scholarships after that.
I’ve applied to on-campus housing but also heard that it is extremely competitive. So if I don’t get selected I’ll need off-campus housing and roommates!


Mar 17, 13 3:18 pm
jesusmaldonado lol

Mar 17, 13 3:46 pm

-i think im going to try to get a on-campus job too. hopefully i can balance that out with school

-ill probably be looking for something off-campus. you think it's possible to find a room for $500 or so???


where are you guys finding these outside scholarships?

Mar 17, 13 4:42 pm

do you guys think i can buy a cot and leave it in studio

Mar 17, 13 4:50 pm

i got this quote from an awesome student at gsapp, whom shall go uncredited as i didn't really ask for their permission. it got me excited about the school.

"sorry for the late reply, I'm in Japan doing research for studio.  As for GSAPP, I would say I am very fortunate to be able to go here. It was my first choice. 

Financially, yes it is an investment, but you need to figure out where you want to be after you graduate.  Think of the city you want to live in and what kind of firm you want to work for. 

If you want to work in NYC, it helps a lot to already have  NYC address.  A lot of firms will give huge preference to people who have been living in NYC for some time. 

Also the quality of firms is important. Do the type of firms you will be applying to hire mostly ivy league students? etc.

While in school, the scholarships get bigger every year.  I started off with 12K for my first year and now have a 21k scholarship.  I did graduate with over 150K in loans but with income based repayment programs, It is doable. 

The biggest advantage of going to columbia is the breadth of classes offered.  You have the opportunity to really take whatever focus you want and delve deeper in it, or try a little bit of everything.  Studio professors present their studio and work at the beginning of every semester and you do a lottery to chose your top profs, first semester is the exception.  The visual studies courses are super diverse.  I've learned GIS, Processing, Grasshopper, Maya, the whole adobe suite,  3DSMAX, etc. 

My favorite things are the travel opportunities during the semester and summer.  I've been to Japan, China, South Africa, and Israel/Palestine and the school pays for your travel expenses. 

Finally, the school atmosphere is fantastic.  Everyone understands that we're all in the same boat and is very open to helping everyone else.  This is probably due to the close quarters and the 6 on 6 Event on Fridays. 

So in all, my personal philosophy is, if you want to do it you should do it. This is your only opportunity to do something big so you might as well go.  Good luck and keep me updated on what you decide!"

Mar 17, 13 6:25 pm

so much optimism for having 150K in debt....

And about the travel studios....technically the school doesn't pay for our travel expenses. i mean, we pay for the tuition which in turn pays for the travel studies.

and is it possible to get scholarships in the 2nd year if one doesn't get it the first year?

Mar 17, 13 7:00 pm

@batman, as far as I saw, the rent for off-campus rooms near campus are round $900/month...But the rent might be lower if you live a little far~

Mar 17, 13 8:17 pm
Garam Hann

Torn between heading to GSAPP / getting a job.

1. I'm an international applicant too... Thankfully there's some in-country scholarships (full tuition) for students studying abroad. But it's extremely competitive. Plus these scholarships start to show up in april/may so I'll have to wait for the results for like mid june? Until then I'll still be unsure whether I'll be really going to GSAPP. Which is frustrating.

2. Off campus if possible.

I also have some questions. Where do we get school supplies for model-making/etc? Do we have to bring our own computers to the studio? Does the school cover any of that? And is there any possible way for an international student to get paid for summer internships? Or do most of them work for free?

Mar 17, 13 8:40 pm

I think if you want to work outside of the studio you need to have your own computer. They have a desktop for each student in the studio and most of the software you need is in there.
I did their intro program, and during that time we had to get the materials on our own. People who were already in GSAPP told us some places where you could get materials for cheaper prices.
I’m an international student and I’m wondering about summer internships too. If I can’t get paid internships here I guess I’ll try to get them back home… :/

Mar 17, 13 8:55 pm

1. Received a scholarship from GSAPP to attend. So I'll have to pay for housing and transportation. Hopefully, my financial aid package will give me grants. I already have medical insurance.

2. On campus housing

Mar 18, 13 3:21 am

Did any of you people get an invite to a google chat/group thingy? don't know if they made one for this year for the incoming students. 

Mar 18, 13 3:38 pm


Mar 18, 13 5:16 pm

Did any of you have a substantial portion of your financial need not met? I just got financial aid notification and even with my scholarship the amount of aid offered me did not cover the budgeted amount

Mar 18, 13 5:21 pm

when did you received your financial aid package?

Mar 18, 13 5:29 pm


*raises hand*'s absurd.  Hate to turn down an Ivy but there's just no way I'll be able to afford the other half of my tuition.

Mar 18, 13 11:31 pm

Sorry if I'm crashing this thread a bit but what is the "6 on 6 Event on Fridays"

I'm interested in applying to GSAPP for 2014

Mar 18, 13 11:52 pm

I have officially committed to the MSAUD program starting this summer--anyone else?

Mar 19, 13 12:38 am


my status changed and now i can take out even more loans >___>

Mar 19, 13 11:19 am

so they made the GSAPP group again! schweet

Mar 20, 13 2:24 pm

dude batman, how did you defer your offer

Mar 20, 13 2:53 pm

something unexpected  came up around the time i accepted the admission and i couldn't attend. 

were you thinking of deferring ? and why?

Mar 20, 13 3:46 pm

yeah i may want to defer. i don't like only having one option. i called though, and they said they don't do deferrals?

Mar 20, 13 4:01 pm

 i feel you. i was in your exact situation; i didn't like having my only option to be the most expensive one, but whats funny is that when i re-applied again and being accepted into USC this time around, I think GSAPP is a better fit. (it would have been nice to be accepted to GSD or Yale,  and if i was, I still would have taken the plunge for GSAPP - NY, big class size, and im interested in their MSRED program, which is like one of the big top fours to do it.)

Mar 20, 13 4:10 pm

alright, cool. email me at to let me know how you deferred...

Mar 20, 13 4:20 pm
Siddhi Mehta

International student.. IN - GSAAP ( msaad) SAIC ( m.arch) Not decided.. Any suggestions??.?? Really confused between the two..

Mar 20, 13 4:43 pm

email sent

Mar 20, 13 5:01 pm

@Turq which full tuition scholarships are you looking at? Is anyone else aware of some good scholarships for international students? I havent come across many.

Mar 21, 13 1:38 am
In for msAUD this summer as well
Mar 21, 13 9:54 am

have you committed to the program, @watts?

Mar 21, 13 10:21 am
Garam Hann

@zytls Thanks for the info! Since the tuition is so 'overwhelming' I'm seeking for other ways to cut down the expenses. But I guess majoring in architecture isn't cheap in many aspects... I see you're curious about the internships as well. Some people at GSAPP told me that they indeed worked for free/part time. If it's the only option, and if it brings some sort of experience towards my career, I think it's not a bad idea.

@rustout I'm not sure of your nationality but from where I come from (I'm South Korean) there are some in-country scholarships provided to the students studying abroad. It covers the entire tuition based on your GPA, TOEFL, GRE, and 'where you are admitted to'. But yes, I'm also looking for international scholarships. Maybe you could start from here

I recently received an invitation from the GSAPP M.Arch Google group. I entered right way but for some reason I can't post anything! Please can someone help me out? I wanna join the conversation :(

Mar 21, 13 9:11 pm

I will be going to GSAPP if they give me AP. I was admitted to the M.Arch 3-year program but no AP. I called them to ask if it was possible to apply for AP, the lady said she will check my record in case they made a mistake on the letter. I hope they change their mind and give me AP, if they do Ill see you this fall!

Mar 21, 13 9:31 pm

Most likely, for MSAAD program, just waiting in financial aid and the open house to decide for sure.

1) 1/10th scholarships, 3/10th savings, 6/10th loans, work-study or p/t work.


2) ideally on campus.

Mar 22, 13 12:00 pm

What is the "6 on 6 Event on Fridays"

Mar 25, 13 11:01 pm

at 6 on fridays on the roof of avery people drink

Mar 26, 13 12:44 am

Attending the Ms.AAD program this summer:

1) Full local government scholarship (they just have to hurry up!)

2) either one

Mar 27, 13 10:53 pm

Hi, @batman

Could you also send me how you defer?

My email address is

Thanks million!

Mar 30, 13 10:18 pm

i had family reasons. i talked to admin and the assistant dean emailed me back.

Mar 31, 13 1:55 am

I am attending MSAUD this summer too! 

Apr 13, 13 4:26 am

According to GSAPP, they will start the housing application lottery tomorrow.

Apr 15, 13 5:35 pm

@sensation, did GSAPP send out an email?  Not necessarily about housing, but also other logistics?

Apr 15, 13 5:47 pm

I' m also waiting for the housing lottery decisions... I've heard from former alumni that it is possible (but not very certain) to find housing during the summer from the lottery, however almost everyone finds housing in fall. We just have to find housing elsewhere (craigslist, friends maybe...) if the lottery results are not what we hope for. I'm attending MSAAD by the way!

Apr 17, 13 3:02 am

@juanguzm... I havent received any new emails from them. I just call them.

@dorafel... I'll be attending MSAAD also. I hope I can live in upper Manhattan. I applied to for campus owned housing. I was told by other students that we should have an advantage to find housing during the lottery process because our program starts in the summer. I just pray that I don't end up in a dorm.

When you have time take a look at these related threads:

Apr 17, 13 12:30 pm

according to GSAPP's email, i received campus housing! but i don't know the details yet :-/ i pray it is NOT a dorm..

Apr 19, 13 6:24 pm
Waitlisted :/
Apr 20, 13 3:56 am

where did it say waitlisted? 

Apr 20, 13 4:03 am
The housing portal... I guess there are 2 rounds of the lottery for housing... This was the first but apparently the next might not be until after June 5th so I guess it's time to start looking elsewhere
Apr 20, 13 9:37 am

@Brett Cracroft... so under the status tab all you saw was "waitlist pending"?? i wonder why housing isn't guaranteed for all incoming graduates. i hope  you get housing in the second round.

Apr 20, 13 2:52 pm

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