Architects, how do you see yourselves? Artists? Engineers? Master builders?


I see myself as the exact midpoint between an artist and an engineer.  I wanted to be schooled that way.  I like to work that way, to the greatest extent possible.

The only branch of engineering that could have been feasible, in terms of staying awake, was civil/structural, but it wouldn't have been the best marriage.  I would take art classes and felt I had nothing in common with the people in there - people doing it because family wealth allowed that major, tortured artists, and housewives who "did" art like mucky mucks "do" lunch if in a night class.

The midpoint for me.  How about you?  Students also encouraged to answer.

Mar 7, 13 2:21 pm

I see myself mostly as a kind of grandiose tailor, clothing and outfitting people's lives, relationships, and experiences rather than their bodies.

Architecture is a craft, not an art, but it can be done artfully.

Mar 7, 13 3:43 pm

i see myself as fortunate to be employed.  where did you go to school observant?

Mar 7, 13 3:49 pm

I see myself as a Doctor! my patients are sick buildings and landscapes that require diagnosing the problem, by framing and providing a clear yet affordable yet magical moments of G of E (Alex Perez Gomez) for the delight of all........ =)

Then i wake up to calculate and provide steel construction estimates =(

Mar 7, 13 4:12 pm

Hobo with a shotgun here.

Mar 7, 13 4:19 pm

a (parametric) shell of a human being with a frigid black (philip johnson style) void where my soul should be.

Mar 7, 13 4:21 pm

surely you can add a "color" or "material" parameter to your soul?  just because all the other architects wear black souls doesn't mean you have to.

Mar 7, 13 4:39 pm
boy in a well
a mouse

Negative, i am a meat popsicle

Mar 7, 13 4:55 pm

gwharton ++

My father used to say that he was nothing more than a glorified tailor.

I tend to think of myself as a craftsman tasked with solving largely meaningless problems.

I guess they are pretty much one and the same.

Mar 7, 13 5:02 pm

i solve problems

Mar 7, 13 5:30 pm

My father used to say that he was nothing more than a glorified tailor.

My father wasn't glorified at all.  He WAS a tailor! 

Mar 7, 13 5:52 pm

Part sous chef, part proctologist here, with a smidge of dog walker....

Mar 7, 13 11:41 pm

In my opinion, to be a successful architecture, you should have all the desirable qualities of  an artist, an engineer, and a master builder. I would like to view myself as an architect, who have the right mix of the key traits of these 3 different professions i.e. artist, engineer, and master builder.

Mar 7, 13 11:56 pm

One word: Craftsperson.

Mar 8, 13 4:21 am


Mar 8, 13 9:35 am
chatter of clouds

citizen: Part sous chef, part proctologist here, with a smidge of dog walker....

 i.e. part subservient designer, part forensic engineer/inspector,part client pacifier?

Mar 9, 13 6:37 am

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