Pritzker Bets

Who are you betting on this year?

Feb 25, 13 10:58 pm

Hugh Ferriss

Feb 25, 13 11:25 pm  · 

It's the year for Steven Holl. For Chengdu, with a posthumous shout-out to Lebbeus Woods.

Feb 25, 13 11:26 pm  · 
I got Eisenman at 25-1
Feb 26, 13 1:42 am  · 


Feb 26, 13 1:53 am  · 

i've been hoping for holl for so long, i've given up. 

Feb 26, 13 7:48 am  · 

Can't believe Kengo Kuma hasn't gotten it yet. But it's about time for an American to win the prize and Holl has been in line for a long time now.

Feb 26, 13 8:52 am  · 

Holl is very good in what he does, but I don't see how he has contributed to architecture in a profound way.

Feb 26, 13 9:26 am  · 

Eisenman.. he's a good theorist but his work sucks xD

Feb 26, 13 9:32 am  · 

i hope toyo ito.

eisenman should (will) NOT get the pritzker.

Feb 26, 13 9:55 am  · 

James Cameron! He built a whole planet, and it's sustainable too!


Or BIG, for redefining how an architectural firm's webpage could be...

Feb 26, 13 10:15 am  · 

Pritzker Prize - Calatrava

Feb 26, 13 1:41 pm  · 
I'm with Steven - I've been hoping for Holl for years. It *must* be his turn this year, right?
Feb 26, 13 9:41 pm  · 
1  · 

His work is very fine. Yet, here we are in 2020...

Jun 4, 20 9:07 am  · 
I'm surprised Calatrava, Holl, and Eisenman haven't won it.
Feb 26, 13 9:44 pm  · 

I would like to see Toyo Ito to win it, but I think Steven Holl is pretty much a sure shot this year. I would also put Thomas Phifer and Tom Kundig on the list for Americans. They may need a few more high profile projects under their belt, but I think the quality is there.

Feb 26, 13 11:24 pm  · 

hot karl!


I really just want to see the phrase "canyon of mediocrity" on the pritzker website.

Feb 27, 13 12:24 am  · 

has to be holl this year - with the huge projects in china, that's got to put him over the top.

Feb 27, 13 8:16 am  · 

yeah i think it has to be Holl

Feb 27, 13 8:53 am  · 

They should give it to an architecture student 

Feb 27, 13 12:40 pm  · 

I have an itch it'll be Steven Holl as well.

Feb 27, 13 12:51 pm  · 

i vote for Serie Architects

Feb 28, 13 5:58 am  · 

I want to see Winy Maas, Chipperfield, or TWBT to win it, but just like what you guys said, Holl will win.

Feb 28, 13 8:46 am  · 

i'll throw this out there: if holl doesn't win this year (and someone like twbt, whose work i love), it's going to be due solely to some kind of personality issue with a member (or likely members) of the jury. or it's going to be because they want to send a different message about 'the future' of architecture, something that holl's work simply doesn't fit easily into. 

ito's in that same category as well - you could make a strong argument for him. i think it'd be too soon after sanaa, but what do i know.

Feb 28, 13 9:07 am  · 


Feb 28, 13 7:03 pm  · 

If not Steven Holl then Shigeru Ban

Mar 1, 13 10:32 am  · 

Shigeru Ban!

Mar 1, 13 12:29 pm  · 

for pope and pritzker, look to africa.

Mar 1, 13 1:03 pm  · 

jo noero - or francis kere?  that's out of left field.

Mar 2, 13 11:56 pm  · 

I'll be amazed if Holl dosen't get it.  Isn't it his turn?

Mar 3, 13 8:21 pm  · 

My first thought was Francis Kere as well. I wonder if Holl will be the first great architect since the beginning of the Pritzker to never win the award. He could be the Dan Marino of architecture.

Mar 3, 13 8:52 pm  · 

valerio olgiati

Mar 4, 13 11:52 am  · 

I'll bet whoever gets it didn't address any critical pressing environmental or social concerns.

Mar 4, 13 4:18 pm  · 

My vote also goes to Francis Kere. He came to speak at Wash U and delivered one of the most inspiring lectures I've ever heard. With people like Glenn Mercutt and Juhani Pallasmaa on the jury, I just do not see it going to Holl.

Mar 6, 13 6:26 pm  · 

alexander - you're aware that holl and pallasmaa co-wrote one of the more influential books of the mid 90's together, right? 

Mar 15, 13 12:55 pm  · 

well i was wrong about the pope, but i still think Africa is a valid front runner for the Pritzker.  

toasteroven -- that's exactly who i was alluding to.  That said, smart money is on Evan Chakroff getting it right again.  He was the only person on the planet that predicted Wang Shu last year.

Mar 15, 13 1:19 pm  · 

not a fan of Holl's 9-headed monsters, random watercolor-to-real life extrusion architecture... thats a very personal (and sort of self-satisfying) design method that does not represent the future or even the present state of architecture... I think the winner is chosen not only for the intrinsic merit of his/her work, but also the contribution they offer to the broader discipline... a visionary more than a person doing his own thing...

the same goes for calatrava's fossilized architecture (does it not already look dated? it feels 80's to me)

my vote goes to Toyo Ito or Kengo Kuma's more structuralist approach to formal expression... which i think displays a more refined language that balances vision, tradition, and function.  I even prefer Chipperfield's more old school, sublime architecture to Holl's 9-headed monsters...

and sou fujimoto is too SANAA to win again so soon...

Mar 15, 13 2:27 pm  · 

Claude Parent

Mar 15, 13 3:48 pm  · 

I believe that Steven Holl's time has come as well.. But I have a thought that David Chipperfield is also a strong possibility.  Neues Museum.. curating the Venice Biennale? Hmm we shall see! 

Mar 16, 13 11:15 am  · 

theres some talk around new haven about pelli. 

Mar 16, 13 12:11 pm  · 

Pelli – nice. For Pope and Pritzker, look to Argentina?

I'd pefer Chipperfield though.

Mar 16, 13 1:02 pm  · 


To honor a living architect whose built work demonstrates a combination of those qualities of talent, vision, and commitment, which has produced consistent and significant contributions to humanity and the built environment through the art of architecture.

I nominate Moshe Safdie.

Mar 16, 13 1:46 pm  · 
chatter of clouds

personally, my thoughts would be (whether on the list or not) for another frenchman whose last name is not too far from parent's, dominique perrault even in advance of david chipperfield.

powerful and clear ideas, unfettered yet highly disciplined and there is brilliance in the marriage of a technical archiectural language with simple effective poetic allusion that is not self indulgent and even has a slight element of cheek. so it doesnt come out anonymous or severe...something that work like that risks doing (i find this the case with chipperfield whose work i also respect)

kengo kuma's work that ive seen (images thereof rather) is fun. quite flamboyant whether japanese informed or not . quite hyper.   

Mar 16, 13 2:28 pm  · 
They are announcing today
Mar 17, 13 1:07 pm  · 

Le Corbusier II

Mar 17, 13 1:31 pm  · 

2013 Laureate: Toyo Ito.

Mar 17, 13 2:56 pm  · 
Yep, there's def a grudge against Holl...
Mar 17, 13 3:03 pm  · 

Fantastic! Well deserved and long overdue.

Also, Holl's odds for next year just shot up to 270%

Mar 17, 13 3:04 pm  · 

YES, CALLED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)

Toyo Ito was my first choice

Mar 17, 13 3:16 pm  · 

Yep, Holl is definitely the Dan Marino of architects. A great one that can never seem to win the big game (prize).

Mar 17, 13 3:28 pm  · 

i give up. and with steven w. - there's some reason holl's not going to win...

Mar 17, 13 5:16 pm  · 
If Holl doesn't get it next year we can launch the Archinect Double-Secret Foundation Level Investgation Team to find out why there's a grudge. One more year.

In the meantime congratulations to Toyo Ito!
Mar 18, 13 7:07 am  · 

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