Here's why I got Fired!


Here's why I got fired last week and it's a crap reason, sailor guy, okay?! Tell me why in hell I should get the ax for this behavior?! Okay so what is up with this: There's a guy sits next to me, next cubicle over. Not gonna name names but let's go by the name of Creighton. So Creighton is higher up on the corporate food chain than me, not really my boss but close enough that he gets to tell me what to do sometimes. Small stuff, mostly. But anyway I treat him like a total equal and even sometimes give him crap for such and such, such as wearing a brown shirt and pant combo vis a vis UPS. Also for mixing up yogurt super hard in a bowl and then sort of clattering the spoon in the empty bowl when he's finished in such a way as to be very aggravating. When he does that yogurt bit I usually say something like, "What's up with that spoon clattering bit, sailor guy?"  Just to sort of give him crap about it. He just laughs, usually.

Enough back story, here's the scoop of why I got the ax: We started using this iChat thing at work where we can iChat with any other person in our office via these pop up iChat windows and such. So I start to iChat with Creighton even thought the guy sits right next to me and I could just look around the partition and talk to him mano y mano if I wanted. So I iChat: "Hey Creighton (Cretin), F--K you, okay?" and wait for his iChat response. Nothing. So I iChat to him again: "Hey CRETIN, you dumb monkey-- F--K YOU! I'm a gonna shove that YOGURT spoon up your WAZOO, okay? Write back, please." I wait, still no response. So then after waiting forever for a iChat response I get super impatient and look around the partition at Creighton and say to him, "HEY! CRETIN! F--K YOU," then I get back to work b/c there was a lot to get done that day & I didn't have a lot of spare time to mess around w/ unresponsive types.

The next day I got called into HR and they told me I was FIRED for harassing co-workers! WTF can you believe this B.S.!!!!

Feb 23, 13 6:06 pm

Lol WTF? Did he report you?

Feb 23, 13 6:11 pm

It was a very stupid thing to do at work though, now u know how to behave at work. Even though u think it's cool to muck around with colleges u never know what the other person thinks. Hope the lesson is learnt

Feb 23, 13 6:13 pm

Yeah, it is one thing to do that in studio and quite another in a work environment. It is always about how the other person interprets your actions, not what you meant by them.

Feb 23, 13 6:42 pm
in what fantasyland would linton's ever be considered acceptable professional behavior?
Feb 23, 13 6:53 pm


Sounds like you got lucky because you got some great feedback early on in your career as opposed to later.

While all firms vary with regards to office standards and culture, its generally an extremely good idea to never email, text or ichat unprofessionally in any work setting. Even in casual work environments where it seems accepted or tolerated, just don't go there. Once you go digital, it lives forever.

But more importantly, your story suggests that there may have been more going on with why you got the axe. Your co-worker didn't go to you directly to suggest you curb your unprofessional ichatting. He went to management directly. Management, from as far as I could tell from your story, didn't want to educate you about professionalism in an office environment and give you another chance. They fired you on the spot. 

Generally, when someone is fired like this, its rarely for the one act in question. You may have been displaying behavior for a while that was borderline for the office. The quality of your work may have been a slight issue but not enough to confront you directly. The ichatting put you over the line.

Again, I stress that this is a lucky thing. It seems like it happened early on in your career when the stakes were low. A good rule of thumb is whenever you type an email, text, ichat or leave a voicemail, you should be ok with the entire thing being replayed to anyone, anywhere, anytime for the rest of your life. Sounds kinda crazy no? 

Take some time to check-in with where you are at  and what your goals are. You have a terrific opportunity to evaluate how you want to be perceived in a professional environment and move forward with positive energy and better maturity.

good luck!

Feb 23, 13 7:29 pm

This is a joke, right...?

Feb 23, 13 7:54 pm
I think its funny that linton thinks that this is somehow acceptable office behavior..
Feb 23, 13 9:42 pm

This is acceptable behavior in my office, but then we are all dirty pigs. Problem is, not everyone is a dirty pig.

Feb 23, 13 9:48 pm

I'll bet Creighton is laughing his ass off.

Feb 23, 13 11:01 pm
Linton, what was your old screen name? I can't remember but you used to post funny stories like this often.
Feb 23, 13 11:14 pm

Eh, you didn't get fired, you got played. Hook, line, and sinker. Personally, I wouldn't have said anything to the higher ups, I would've dragged your simple ass to the ledge, and hung you out until you promised me I could get a Christmas present every year...that's how I roll.

Feb 24, 13 2:37 am

donna - La Torpille Rose?


Feb 24, 13 3:39 am

I can't find the funniness in it - obviously desperately seeking attention or perhaps seriously wasted or bored.

Feb 24, 13 8:24 am
Yes, dia, exactly. Thank you. Linton, are you La Torpille Rose?
Feb 24, 13 9:24 am

Thanks everyone for the helpful advice re: proper office behavior and good manners. Boy oh boy I really messed up and basically my ass is grass. Geez.

Donna -- back in the olden days my screen name was mavis.

Feb 24, 13 10:22 am

Or the classic 'She Left Me'

Feb 24, 13 12:23 pm

Yes! collartim! That's it TED.

Feb 24, 13 1:45 pm

Sorry to say but your trouble has just begun - If you pulled a stunt like that in California - EDD would not pay you - You aren't from California are you? - Maybe you should move to Salt lake City where they keep people from doing irresponsible things - the Minister would be after you.

Feb 24, 13 3:44 pm
On the fence

I dont get it.

I find the whole thing funny.

Plus a teachable moment ocurred.

Feb 25, 13 12:11 pm

Hilarious. Either a troll (well played!) or a candidate for a Darwin Award. I'd prefer the latter for it's schadenfreude value.

Feb 25, 13 1:06 pm

This is a total fake story but still funny.

Feb 25, 13 1:14 pm

While it's probably true that this may be a fake story, I do have to say that I've known a few guys who exhibited this same sort of behavior in firms where I've worked over the years.

Feb 25, 13 2:11 pm

Definitely.  Every other person I worked with in the past has been like this but nothing to get shit-canned over as unprofessional as it may be.

Feb 25, 13 3:22 pm

I will second the thing about email. When contractors try to make claims for change orders regarding my drawings, I tend to take it personally. Of course, written responses are required; so I wrote up a response that I thought would only be seen by my fellow team members. Sure enough, though; it showed up on screen in a meeting with contractors. Not that I said anything I didn't mean to say or didn't need to be said; but I certainly could have chosen more tactful ways of saying them.

Feb 25, 13 10:54 pm

sucks getting fired, i think people come from diff walks of life, some of us have a high threshold for foolishness while the rest of us tend to be extremely over anal about the smallest things. that being said i think Creighton guy should have just came out and told you after work one day, yo linton, im not relly diggin yo coming at me super crazy every 20mins of the work day, can you plz relax cuz before i relax u like ur design skills!!! then i think you would have got the message

Feb 27, 13 4:19 pm

^ it doesn't work that way. Some people just don't get the message and going up to them just encourage them to be foolist even more. Better to just have them fired and then they will learn from their mistakes. It is not necessary to act like that in an office environment. It is not a school play ground.

Feb 28, 13 3:16 pm

Better to just have them fired

that's passive-aggressive.  it's not nice to go behind someone's back to cause them harm.  in the future, if you have a problem with someone, try to politely tell them.  then, if you find out they 'just don't get the message' after you've delivered said message, seek other alternatives such as reporting their behavior to management or narcing on them.

it's fairly obvious why the people you've dealt with don't 'get the message' if you're delivering the message to other people....

Feb 28, 13 4:02 pm

Curtcram- what if it's been going for 6 months and you've tried every single possible ways to politely approach them but every single time they stop for 2 weeks and slowly build up to their peak of foolishness time and time again? That's what happened to somebody in our office. Eventually the boss fired him for the best of the whole team.

Feb 28, 13 4:38 pm


I'm not sure i follow you, if conflict resolution isn't applicable in a situation were (2) individuals carry post secondary education then I would question both parties involved.

I just recently had a situation with a co worker on my job, after a recent incident I pulled him to the side and explained to him in a acceptable tone that "i understand that he is trying to make a dull place colorful but unfortunately for me culturally, I am not a fan of the genre of humor he has chosen, and could he please extinguish such behavior when he and i work on joint projects all together respectfully." he apologized and stated he had no idea and in no way was he trying to be offensive. we went about our day and so far as of 3 weeks there has been no offense.

i know there are real Dicks out there at every company, but i feel in general most people aren't intentionally being a Dick, they just dnt know it. as designers it up to us to help develop their potential.

I am a very firm believer in communicating crystal clear up front with all people, instead of weaseling behind some ones back blind siding them. (but i guess this is what separate's the men from the boys)

and by the way I stand 6'0, 205lbs, 14% body fat, played strong safety, safety, corner, and power forward in high school and college, so if he wants to escalate the situation to the playground then................after you!!

Feb 28, 13 4:48 pm

@ TMS and what happens if he continues after you spoke to him several times? There's only so many times u can tell him. 

Mar 1, 13 12:43 am

@ hys316 what is this, kindergarden? don't you know that the best way to stop someone's bullshit attempts at getting a rise out of you is to pay no attention to it? 

Mar 1, 13 1:06 am

Sometimes it doesn't work that way. There are pain in the ass people who just don't get it. I know people like to have a bit of fun in the office which is fine. But there was this 1 guy at work that everyone including the boss couldn't tolerated and had to let him go. And we found out that he got a new job and several months later he got fired for the very same reason. There are people out there who just never learn. Eventually he had to work for his father inlaw who owns a large construction company.

Mar 1, 13 1:17 am

If you are, in your mind, continuing to say it over & over again, then A). You may not have communicated cleary your ideas in the other persons language. Some people are not sensitive to body language & verbal ques. They need direct blunt truth, like hey dude right now you are being a complete package of a Dick, stop your bs before i have to report you to upper managment butthole!!! Or B). The individual is just a complete idiot and wouldnt get it until the weapons are drawn!!! ( my foot up his behind) which usually in a professional setting is extremely rare.
I just dont belive this guy should have been fired. The market is tough, & people have finacial obligations, sometimes silence is equal to betrayal

Mar 1, 13 7:20 am

some people get fired because their personalities are not suitable for team environments.  if you're in a situation like that, it's best to let the person know what it is that they're doing, and that you're uncomfortable with it.  if the behavior continues and it has to be escalated, the boss or hr or someone like that will have to make a judgement call as to whether the person's behavior is really toxic to the work environment, or if you're just being a whiny bitch.  if it is the other person's behavior, the the boss/hr/whoever can tell that person that there will be consequences if said behavior continues.  then they get fired, with full knowledge that their behavior would cause that outcome.

i think that covers all of your "what ifs" hys316.  that's not passive aggressive and it's not talking about people behind their back, because you confronted the person with the problem.  it would seem linton was not aware that these conversations were happening about him.

tmston2, perhaps what hys316 is saying is that some people really are a complete package of a dick and they're happy to stay that way.  resulting to any sort of actual violence or threat of violence is a bad thing.  if 'might makes right' was allowable, then some 5'6 90 pound girls would not have any recourse available to them, unless the dick in question was actually smaller/less able to defend themselves

Mar 1, 13 7:37 am


you had me @ hello, or i mean until calling violence a bad thing :(   not to digress but im a HUGE supporter of violence. why you ask? in 5 words,  Freedom has a price tag.

as a country we cheer the violence of video games, movies, music,  football, mma, boxing, etc.  even that chicken or steak you ate last night, somebody murdered it but when someone crosses the line and you promise to put the 9 and a half up their poop chute, then people cry "oh there's no need for violence!. Trying to rid society of violence is like banning everyone from drinking water. even Jesus told his disciples, " the the kingdom of heaven suffereth violence and the violent take it by force"

im not in anyways endorsing a deviant barbaric maniac culture, but what i am saying is that there just comes a time when you must look to the water boy and open a can of whoop A$$!

Mar 1, 13 11:41 am

i hope you use your  6'0, 205lbs, 14% body fat, to defend those that can't defend themselves...  with power comes responsibility, otherwise power corrupts and all that.

Mar 1, 13 2:17 pm

@ curtkram

Oh definitely no doubt!!! and i must admit that's why i feel the need to stand up for Linton, i agree that he was being nothing short of an A$$hole, but i feel he got hosed out of his job. None of us (even Linton) actually know the dialogue that went on btwn "Creighton" and hr. this guy (Creighton) could have went to hr saying god knows wut, (Granted out of Linton, own mouth confesed; his behavior was unacceptable in this case) but as stated i feel creighton guy shud have at least been man enough to say, " lQQk ur being a real jerk, back off or i can get you fired just like that (finger snaps!). instead of tweeting to hr like a yellow belly canary!!!

Mar 1, 13 4:11 pm

@tmston2: "i feel he got hosed out of his job"

Well, of course, we only know Linton's side of this story - and, he demonstrated in his OP that he's an ass. Not sure he's an entirely objective witness in this matter. And, that's assuming, of course, that his OP wasn't  just a fabrication to initiate a provocative thread.

Mar 1, 13 4:42 pm

^ That's right, there's always two sides of the story and if B). The individual is just a complete idiot and wouldnt get it until the weapons are drawn <------- Then this could be Lintons scenario.

@tmston2 - as a country we cheer the violence of video games, movies, music,  football, mma, boxing, etc <--- I hope you know these are just entertainment and professional sports, and didn't you see ads all the time to not try these at home?

Mar 1, 13 5:07 pm

^ I guess being drafted and shipped 5000mi away from home to kill, pilage & mame in da name of freedom & these UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is just a game also? i grew up on the westside of chicago, IL, dey use to calll it the "Gladiator ward", there were many days its itha gonna be me or him, and it definitely aint gonna be me, & it wasn't entertainment its some thug tryin to take my coat ( wut the police call strong arm robbery) not a game friend #trulife

Mar 1, 13 8:26 pm

^ how you handle things with thugs in your hood is one thing, how you handle things in a professional environment is another thing.

Mar 2, 13 2:01 am

Otherwise you wouldn't need to take up professional indemnity insurance, all you need is your size 9 and a half inch boot and open a can of whoop A$$! when ever there is a dispute?

Mar 2, 13 2:09 am

You have really small feet.

Mar 2, 13 9:27 am

and you are surprised why? 

Mar 2, 13 10:56 am

This is awesome. But honestly, doesn't seem like u know where the line is. Making a witty joke about his dress/actions vs "FUCK U"? big difference.

Mar 4, 13 3:21 am
boy in a well

yes, but if you do say Fuck U, we now know its ok with Jesus.

provided you also smack the shit out of them I presume.

Christians get crazy when the pope aint looking.

Mar 4, 13 8:51 am
wurdan freo

"Ah shit Harris. Let's not start a holy war now."

Not all Christians look to the pope for leadership. The pope is the leader of the Catholic Church.  That's a branch of Christianity in case you didn't know.

Mar 4, 13 10:36 am

"how you handle things with thugs in your hood is one thing, how you handle things in a professional environment is another thing."


oh yeah, I have never seen an of bully before!!!

get real!!! the only difference with street criminals, is that you skip all the prerequisites(office politic B.S.) and get directly to the dancing (A$$ Whooping)!!!

Mar 4, 13 11:52 am

@spike, not sure what you meant but if you are referring to the bible then it's not correct. The bible does not support homosexual activities. If I assume correctly both Linton and the other guy in his office are the same gender. 

@tmston, it is absurd that you believe that. You must be suffering from a lot of abuse in your childhood, just hope that your children don't grow up in Chicago underground gangsta hood like you did. Get them a good education and a peaceful environment I say. *Tip*

Mar 4, 13 2:38 pm


Thanks for the low blow *Tip*!!!

I guess that's what i missed by growing up in the underground gangster hood (ROFLMAO!!!) and not in a dainty peaceful environment.

Mar 4, 13 3:50 pm

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