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I haven't used AutoCAD in years (I've been using Revit and all the other programs.)  Anyhow, I want to reaquaint myself with it by making a few drawings and I thought it would be fun to challenge myself by drawing some non-architectural drawings with it such as portraits, still lifes, etc.  Has anyone come across any drawings like this or tried it themselves?  I'm not trying to make anything extremely beautiful, just looking to find an interesting, challenging way to teach myself autocad again.

Feb 16, 13 12:20 pm

Interesting thinking, I never thought about using autocad to sketch portraits, it's more of a precise tool, portraits are best to do free hand on a piece of paper. However I have used autocad to design my business card, signs, logos, and other graphic design excersise. I find autocad one of the few programs where you can freely express yourself without limitation. Keep me posted, I'm interested to see what you can come up with on the portrait. 

Feb 16, 13 5:50 pm

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