how people see : eyetracker & architecture


Hello everyone,


I'm a researcher at a univ., and got interested in using eyetracker device in architecture research.


While doing some literature review, I've found that there are so few out there that combines these two.


Then I've decided to collect some proofs to begin with... 

Can anybody point me to any article/paper/notes/sketches that shows that architects assume they control viewer's gaze pattern?


Thank you!

Feb 14, 13 9:43 am

in another life, I worked as a 3D designer/modeler for Link simulation - we developed our own Area Of Interest AOI system - this would track your retina and aim a projector in a dome display to concentrate the high resolution Inset imagery to approximate your foveal vision.

I believe the University of Utah in conjunction with Evans + Sutherland did some work in this area too.

Feb 14, 13 11:47 am

I don't know if you'll find anything regarding "architects assuming they control viewer's gaze pattern," but Architecture and Visual Perception is the theme of Via 6 (1983), the journal of the Graduate School of Fine Arts University of Pennsylvania.

Some essays:

Buildings as Percepts

Visual Perception in Architecture

Eye and Archetype (by Anne Tyng)

Aspects of Spatial Form and Perceptual Psychology in Soviet Architecture of the 1920s

Le Nostre and Optical Illusion


Feb 14, 13 12:00 pm

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