New tandem parking ordinance for Los Angeles

as some of you who are working in los angeles might know, city planning dept. passed a new ordinance #179191 allowing tandem parking for sfd's, apartments, hotels etc.
this is a huge change which will impact sfd's with detached garages in the back of the property.
i have a project that will be impacted by this in a good way and i was wondering if any of you used this new rule for any of your projects or has more information.
here is a link;

Nov 6, 07 8:22 pm

i wonder why planning wasn't allowing tandem parking in sfd's before...there are many narrow lots out there. this might be complementary to and encourages the use of the small lot ordinance as well?...

we had a residential addition project, in redondo beach though, and the lot was just too narrow to fit a 2-car side by side parking, which the planner insisted we needed to satisfy. the attached garage would've taken much of the frontage and not enough width for anything else next to it. we had to get a special approval, which took a long ass time, from the head planner for a tandem garage. we eventually got it approved because their code was vague. all it specified was "two car garage"...nowhere did it say side by side.

what was frustrating was the existing house didn't have a garage at all and they would rather not approve the project because of some silly tandem parking. our clients were using the driveway and the street for parking. we were providing something that wasn't there before...give us a break, biatches!

Nov 6, 07 8:57 pm

Thanks Orhan. This is a huge improvement, great news.

Nov 6, 07 9:23 pm

We have been using tandem garage parking for some time, especially in connection with projects based on the small lot subdivision ordinance. The minimum lot width for a small lot subdivision is 16'.

Tandem garages save a lot of money since you can easily spec a standard 8' door. And as you said - less of the building frontage is dedicated to the garage entrance. If you really want to save space, go tandem with one standard and one compact stall.

Nov 8, 07 4:47 pm

let's push for this next:

Nov 8, 07 5:32 pm

i've used the tandem with one standard and compact. it makes the dude funding the condominium happy...

Nov 8, 07 7:22 pm

8'6" is the big news - I would say. (although that had been in this 1979 memo..)

Nov 8, 07 7:42 pm

parking lifts are allowed in LA too, as well as permeable driveways (i.e. grasscrete) and you can no longer pave your front yard.

Nov 8, 07 7:53 pm

but will a 1-car garage with a lift satisfy the requirement for 2 parking spaces?

Nov 8, 07 8:14 pm

how much are those lifts?

Nov 8, 07 8:23 pm

for 'american custom lifts'

go for the park-king model ($3795):

but i think there are some as low as $1000

Nov 8, 07 8:42 pm

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