2013 M.Arch Applicants, Commiserate Here!


I just received my acceptance letter to Yale's M.E.D. program.  I'm still waiting to hear back from MIT (SMarchS) and UPenn (MS Arch), but joining the ranks in Rudolph Hall has been a dream for a long time.

Good luck to everyone else still waiting to hear back

Feb 17, 13 10:48 pm
Jono Lee

Yeah I just got a call from UCLA (M.Arch I) notifying me of early acceptance, also inviting me to their Open house this Spring!

Feb 17, 13 10:52 pm

@jawknow, congratulations! are you a california resident?

Feb 17, 13 11:34 pm
Jono Lee
Thanks! No I'm an international student. Why do you ask?
Feb 18, 13 12:05 am

Cong~ u received call today? In which country you come from?

Feb 18, 13 12:09 am
Jono Lee
Thanks! I'm from Canada
Feb 18, 13 12:10 am

Wow! Nice!
I also applied UCLA. Because the deadline issue I only can submit my worse GRE score (149+168) I took another GRE at early Dec. and got 153+169, but they said they will not reviewed my profile if they didn't get my GRE before Dec.15.
That probably may kill me. Hopefully my portfolio can save me.

Feb 18, 13 12:17 am
Abhinav Sunil

Congrats @jawknow, thats great !

jawknow since you are from Canada can you help me- in this regards:

How do the M.Arch program at Carleton University, University of Manitoba, University of Calgary and Ryerson University compare among themselves in terms of rating and academics. Which University is the best among them.

Feb 18, 13 1:57 am
Jono Lee

Quite frankly, I'm not sure.

  I think it may be in your best interest to visit their website and call them individually to see what their approach, who their faculty are, where the alumni are today..etc.. From there, I'm sure you'll figure out what suits you best. 

And of course, you might want to consider the location as well. I personally wouldn't want to live in Calgary given how cold it would be during the winter time... But to each his own.

 As far as any kind of rankings go, I mean, I heard UBC, UofC and UofT were top 3 in Canada. I really don't know anything about the others you've mentioned. But rankings are all based on different criteria. Why don't you just apply to those schools and wait to hear back first?

Feb 18, 13 2:18 am

I applied to Rice (option 2) and received an email saying that they want to have an interview. My Toefl score is 118 so I don't think it's about my English skills... does anyone have any idea what sort of questions they'd ask? The interview is in two days and I'm really nervous. Do they set up interview for everyone or only for students whom they are not quite sure about accepting?

Feb 18, 13 4:41 am


Me too.Somebody plz tell me something.I`m kinda lost right now. 

Feb 18, 13 5:29 am

As far as I've heard, being asked for interview is a very promising sign that you're going to be accepted.

Feb 18, 13 8:07 am


Interview is all about chatting. They will let u introduce yourself, ask questions about your portfolio, and probably for 10 minutes.
It's not too bad, don't be afraid. According to ur Toefl score, it's easy for you.

Feb 18, 13 10:12 am

@ A.R.Ch

Congrats on MED!!! Although I am happy for you this probably means I did not get in. How did they contact u? Email or normal mail?

Again congrats. Also a dream of mine.

Feb 18, 13 5:15 pm

mtt9999: Thanks, it's still a bit hard to believe.  I received an email from Dean Stern, but in a follow up email from Mark Gage, he mentioned that this was an early admission.  I suppose, then, that there are other rounds of acceptance forthcoming; hopefully you'll be included.  The financial packets aren't supposed to circulate until mid-March, so perhaps another few weeks of admissions' notices?

Feb 18, 13 5:37 pm

thanks for the update! I don't actually know what early admission means but I have been hearing it on these boards. Trying to get to the students that they really want before other schools do I guess?

Anyway congrats again!

Feb 18, 13 5:53 pm
Abhinav Sunil

thanks @ jawknow.

and  @ A.R.Ch Congrats on MED!!

Feb 18, 13 10:29 pm
Jono Lee

Hey I'm sure whichever school you go to, you'll find yourself being the captain of your own ship. At the end of the day you're going to be creating the portfolio.

Also, there are definitely ways of gathering lecture resources from other schools you may have interests in. For example, I try to tune into GSAPP's YouTube channel and listen in on Wigley and Eisenman duke it out. That's helped me keep pace with what's being taught at top schools.

Good luck! :)
Feb 19, 13 1:04 pm

Just got Admission from USC M.Arch2 with $22800

and just finished an interview with UC Berkeley M.Arch2

waiting for tomorrow`s interview with Rice M.Arch2

GOOD LUCK guys. Wish there are more to come.

Feb 19, 13 10:43 pm

Just got a call from UCLA today as well. I'm also from Canada!

Feb 20, 13 2:24 am

Just got admission from USC M.Arch 2 too with $18k.

Waiting for 6 more.

Congrats and good luck to you all!

Feb 20, 13 9:13 am

Also got a call from UCLA (M.Arch I).

Good luck everyone!

Feb 20, 13 10:44 am

Wow west coast really coming in now. Has anyone heard anything from most of the Ivy schools other than Yale? Harvard GSD, Columbia, Cornell??

Feb 20, 13 12:28 pm
HUA Shaoliang

Today I was interview by GSD, They said they will give the final dicision to us at mid March.

Feb 20, 13 1:42 pm


Good luck to ur interview! What program are u applying to?

Feb 20, 13 2:33 pm

Got an interview invitation from GSD MAUD.It says it`s because my TOEFL speaking score is not above the preferred standard. But I`m Thrilled anyway. Good luck you guys!

Feb 20, 13 8:18 pm

Congrats to all those who have been accepted. I'm currently an M.Arch I student at the GSD, so if anyone has any questions feel free to shoot me a message.

Feb 20, 13 8:48 pm


I`d like to know what they would ask during the interview? Professor Eve Blau is gonna interview me but I`ve no idea what it is gonna be.

Feb 20, 13 9:09 pm

Do you have interview b4 the acception? How is the first year going? Is it intense? Are the courses are about arts and drawings? How much is the tuition?

Thanks, I know there are a lot of questions.

Feb 20, 13 9:22 pm


when did GSD hold interviews for acceptances? they didn't do this last year for the M.ARCH I's....

Feb 20, 13 9:28 pm


Could you tell your score of TOEFL speaking?

Feb 21, 13 8:22 am


it`s shockingly low, 20. I still wonder if it was because of the headset.

Feb 21, 13 8:50 am

@nitendo2046 What major are you applying to ? I didn't have an interview, but thats probably because I'm M.Arch I.

@tinson49 As far as I know there are no M.Arch I interviews. First year is very intense, its enjoyable but a lot of work as well. It'll be easier for people with architecture backgrounds than non-architecture backgrounds but in general everyone finds it very rigorous. The courses are a mixture of technical and theoretical. Tuition is ~20k but most people get 5k or 10k off.

Feb 21, 13 10:25 am

@karimi want to know more about march 1 prog can i get u r mail id ???m a civil engineering graduate and thinking of march 1 

my mail id

Feb 21, 13 10:58 am

I would recommend starting a facebook group for incoming students, it really helps everyone get together and talking. My email is alikarimi89 at No solicitors :p

Feb 21, 13 5:29 pm

@Karimi I'm also an applicant for march1, GSD. Im wondering why most people get 5K or 10K off because I heared that most students cannot get the scholarship from GSD.

Feb 21, 13 8:04 pm

Just got an the admission letter from UT Austin today ^ ^ Very excited about it. Good luck everyone!

Feb 22, 13 1:12 pm

Congrats avesl.

It seems like schools are sending admission results much earlier this year? Anybody has an idea why ?

Feb 22, 13 1:35 pm

@avesl: Congrats!!!

This wait is such a torture! 

Anyway, waiting for responses from:

GSD (MDesS in Urbanism, Landscape and Ecologies)

YSOA (MED with focus on Urbanism)


CCA (MAUDL, it's a new program... and where i got my BArch)

Congrats to those that got in, and good luck to us waiting! Wondering if anyone out there is applying to any of these programs?  Also, would you guys mind sharing your portfolios =)

Feb 22, 13 1:47 pm

Dalhousie University in Halifax has sent out its first round of M.Arch acceptances yesterday as well. Time to start weighing choices...

Feb 22, 13 1:59 pm

I got an early acceptance to Arizona State on Feb. 15th. Still awaiting decisions from others...

Feb 22, 13 5:36 pm

Got an admission from Rice M.Arch Option3, but no fellowship attached. It`s bitter sweat.

Feb 23, 13 12:03 am

I hear Rice started sending out acceptances for Option1 as well on Feb 22. Assuming I got rejected. Why don't schools just make their decisions and send out all acceptances/rejections/waitlists at the same time.. this is torturing

Feb 23, 13 1:14 am


How do u know Rice is sending out offer today? Some offers may come next Monday

Feb 23, 13 2:07 am

got into USC M.ARCH I with 18K scholarship

Feb 23, 13 3:19 am

got an admission from Rice for M.Arch option 2 today, half tuition off + RA, very happy indeed! still waiting for responses from east coastal unis but.

wish a good result for everyone!

Feb 23, 13 5:31 am

Got admission email from Rice today (M.Arch option 2) + Half Tuition + Research Assistant ship. Still waiting to hear from other universities to make a final decision though. 

Feb 23, 13 5:33 am


are you going to the open house?

Feb 23, 13 8:40 am
New ARch

@ joey_syd

Did they interview you?

Feb 23, 13 11:09 am
sarci-tect already had an interview with Berkeley MArch 2? How was that? I've applied to that also.....they must have already sent acceptance letters :/

Feb 23, 13 3:22 pm

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