2013 M.Arch Applicants, Commiserate Here!


I graduated from McGill.  It is nice to see it mentioned and well regarded these days.

McGill is fantastic.  They've never had a 3 year program and I was clueless about crossing the border for an education, which some Americans do.  I would have gladly gone; that is, if I could have gotten in, now that I now Montreal fairly well.  One interesting thing:  their architecture school is within the engineering school, so for those getting a bachelor's degree, there are common classes with civil engineers.  Not so for M.Arch. folks schooled elsewhere, so that point is moot.  To anybody who gets into McGill, and not an Ivy: "don't worry, be happy."  And Montreal is more livable than any of the places in which Ivys are located.

Mar 1, 13 1:33 pm
New ARch

Any news about WUSTL?????

Mar 1, 13 1:57 pm

McGill grad here too! Great to see it represented.  I however did my BA in geography and Art History. Montreal is an amazing city adn I had the oppurtunity to take several lecture based classes through the school of Architecture's Master program, the profs are amazing! Applied to M.Arch1 programs still waiting on all of them:

University of Toronto, Carleton, UBC, WUSTL, GSD, PennDesign, Cornell.

Hope to hear from GSD and WUSTL soon as they came out around this time last year.

Anyone know time frame for the Canadian schools?

Mar 1, 13 4:22 pm


Regarding your fellowship offer from UCLA --- do you already have a B.Arch?  I applied to UCLA without prior training and received a fellowship for the first year only, though not quite as much money as yours. I'm guessing they don't drop longer-term offers to unknown commodities though, so hopefully if I end up there and bust my ass, I'll get more funding for the 2nd and 3rd year.  Either way, their tuition is a little more approachable than many schools, particularly after you establish CA residency.


Also admitted to University of Michigan, but without any fellowship offer, which might take them out of the picture for me. I'm very flattered to be admitted to such an excellent program, though.

Mar 1, 13 4:27 pm
Dima Srouji

@cizz thank you! 

@jk3hl Yale says the financial aid awards will be sent next week. 

@yyymmm @helenakeys are you all going to Yale for sure? Was it your first choice? What schools are you waiting to hear from? 

Hold your horses everyone, you can start freaking out in 3 weeks. 


Mar 1, 13 4:29 pm
Jono Lee
No, I have a BFA - Visual Arts at UBC.
Mar 1, 13 4:30 pm

@jawknow  That's great!  Congrats.  Maybe I will see you there, in which case I'll pretend that this conversation never happened.  Weird to know other peoples' finances after they cease to be abstract ideas and become your colleagues. ;-)

Are you attending the open house?

Mar 1, 13 4:36 pm
Jono Lee
Yeah I think I'll be there! See you there, yeah?
Mar 1, 13 5:21 pm

For sure!

Mar 1, 13 5:26 pm

Its 5... stopped waiting for news today :(

@observant:  yeah for the price that u pay and the quality of education, McGill is def more worth it than any US schools for a bachelor degree (school of arch).  Its program really picked up pace the last couple of yrs with new direction... 10-15% of the class ends up at an ivy for M.Arch.

Does anyone know how well represented are graduates from other Canadian School of Achitectures at ivy masters?  I dont know if 10-15% is a normal ratio... which i find pretty impressive.

@jacobcohen: wait, u did a BA at UofT, and then a B.Sc. (Arch) at McGill, and thus are applying to MArch I?  What class do u belong to?

@disro: i posted it on pag 5

Mar 1, 13 5:32 pm

Ok. Well no news. A very uneventful day. Guess I'm just going to get drunk again... help to pass the time over the weekend.

Good luck if any news comes out!!!

Mar 1, 13 5:51 pm

Just receive rejected letter from Rice MArch 1

Mar 1, 13 6:09 pm

GSD just sent out their letters!

Mar 1, 13 6:10 pm


You mean for M.Arch?

Through the mail or email? How do you know? Did you receive one?

Mar 1, 13 6:14 pm


letter? mail/email? did you receive something?

Mar 1, 13 6:15 pm


What do you mean?

Mar 1, 13 6:36 pm


you opened a can of worms! =) deets, please

Mar 1, 13 6:38 pm

In at UCLA! M. Arch II - Suprastudio

Mar 1, 13 6:44 pm

mtt9999- You did it!! :D

Mar 1, 13 7:09 pm
Jono Lee

Anyone here apply to UPenn?

Mar 1, 13 7:36 pm

I wake up and now everything seems so confusing? Are people spreading rumors or did it really go out? Grad cafe seems not verified with only one person mention it...

Mar 1, 13 7:58 pm


you wished for the world to change when you wake up... i think it did... lol... i know, i'm so tense... refreshing every minute...

Mar 1, 13 8:01 pm


I applied to UPenn. Got a call a few weeks ago asking me for a transcript for Columbia's summer program because they were checking prerequisites for studio placement and advanced standing? I found it sort of strange.

Do you think they do this for all applicants or should I interpret it as a good sign?

Mar 1, 13 8:01 pm


technically, an application wouldn't be considered complete and passed on for review without all documents you've indicated are received.. but that might be a good sign at least it shows the stage they've got to with your app. good luck 


and to whoever posted the GSD post, if thats a joke it wasnt a smart one

Mar 1, 13 8:43 pm
I got rejected to Yale, but that's ok, because I got accepted at the Angewandte, aka university of applied arts vienna.. Urban strategies program.. Excited about Vienna, but I won't make my decision until I hear back from the other schools
Mar 1, 13 8:49 pm
Jono Lee


 Yeah, I think j.maher is right. I remember a while back they asked me to have one of my transcripts translated from French. But that's interesting that you got a call, as opposed to an email!


 Shall we start posting portfolios soon?

Mar 1, 13 8:55 pm

Got into Northeastern, ASU, and Woodbury. Anyone have an opinion on which one is better?? I still have a handful of schools to hear back from

Mar 1, 13 9:56 pm

I did a BA at mcgill. Never studied arch. So Apollyon to the 3.5 year masters. I graduated 2011 urban systems and art history. You?
Never attended u of t. Applied to the m.arch.

Mar 1, 13 10:59 pm

@ Tanuja:

Of those 3, ASU in Tempe AZ.  Both AZ schools are considered solid.  I see it isn't THAT far for you.  What's the out of state tab for ASU?  Out of state differentials used to be much more benign before these cash-strapped years.

Mar 1, 13 11:08 pm

@ observant:

Thanks for your input! The tuition isn't that bad, and I'm willing to pay more and go to a better school. And by both AZ schools you mean ASU and University of Arizona? I applied to U of A and later found out it's not accredited so that is def off my list. Northeastern would be a great experience since its Boston.

Mar 1, 13 11:23 pm

@ jawknow

Yup, I applied to UPENN but I highly doubt I will get in

Mar 1, 13 11:27 pm


It looks like you will be doing the 3 year, right?  Their curriculum has some meat on its bones, as it should.  Not only that, they use a full load summer session, rather than keeping you around for 3.5 years.  I worked with an ASU guy who was probably the best designer in our office, more so than people with more years under their belts.  There are now a couple of schools who do the first-timer M.Arch. in 4 years, which was previously not the case, who should have their collective heads examined.

Mar 1, 13 11:33 pm

@ observant:

Yup I will be doing the 3 year. I'm leaning towards Northeastern University  mostly due to the location and also I have lived in the west coast most of my life so I wanted to try out a new place. ASU is def on the top of my list too, as I have heard many good things about the school.

Mar 1, 13 11:38 pm

@jacobcohen:  my core generation in architecture was class of 2010, but i did one more semester because I was away on exchange and their semester ends in june, and also to finish my minor.  So im technically class of 2011 (winter).

I was going to apply to UofT........ but their application and "portfolio review" fee were so ridiculous i ended up changing my mind...  plus i had my mind set on the East Coast... so i only applied to those schools. 

Mar 2, 13 2:45 am


I'm fairly committed to going to Yale. It was one of my top choices. For a bit of background information my background is in design and I did a year of architecture at UBC before applying to transfer.

So far I have offers from UCLA (with a fellowship of $23k) and an offer from Yale. I'm waiting on Harvard, MIT, Princeton and the University of Toronto.

Mar 2, 13 5:04 am

Im new to this thread.. Hi :D

Still waiting to hear from schools, sadly no news yet! This wait is terrifying.. 

@mvda - when did you find out about UCLA? Did they email you?

Mar 2, 13 9:10 am
Abhinav Sunil


McGill Minerva status still says - Ready for Review. I guess I have to make-believe that they have not begun reviewing the documents yet. May be by 15th march the results will be out.

Meanwhile University of Toronto started reviewing the documents today or atleast they have begun updating their web page-- they just updated my status from documents pending to under review.

Anybody heard anything from UBC ?

Mar 2, 13 11:01 am
Jono Lee

Hey I got the exact same fellowship as well! And I'm also taking architectural history 504 at UBC, so I'm considering SALA's program. What made you want to transfer?
Mar 2, 13 11:21 am
Jono Lee

UBC will have them available March 15 or 14 I believe.
Mar 2, 13 11:22 am
Abhinav Sunil


counting days!

Mar 2, 13 11:39 am

Any idea when Berkeley is going to send out decisions?

UC Denver next week! Panicking!!

Congrats everyone! 

Mar 2, 13 2:18 pm

I am waiting on Berkeley as well. But I am thinking the decision will come on the 13th (next Friday)! 

So my responses then:

In: Umich (Arch)


Waiting: Umich (Eng), Berkeley (dual M.arch/ M.S Civil Eng)

Mar 2, 13 2:19 pm


I got an email from Berkeley last week from their City Planning program.. I had applied to the dual program wiht MArch so I called and they were able to tell me that I had been admitted to both programs, even though they still had one more admissions review for Architecture.  The official letters come out next week, but if anyone applied to the dual programs it might be worth calling and checking.  :)

Mar 2, 13 2:36 pm


Same here. I also applied to dual degree (Civil&Arch) in Berkeley. I guess it's very hard for me to get in. Although I rank 10% in my civil department (our school ranked Top 40 in US) But my GPA is low (3.4) since our school just gives out A,B,C,D(1,2,3,4).I always get 88% but only get a B (3.0 GPA). Comparing other school, they can at least get a 3.5 GPA for that class. Almost everyone in the civil department get a B or C in every course, A is rarely seen. so our GPA is freaking low.

I searched in gradcafe and find that every year Berkeley almost only accept those whose GPA is higher than 3.7, so I guess I won't get in. Although I am pretty confident with my architecture portfolio.

Mar 2, 13 3:04 pm

Got accepted by Wash U seconds ago :)

Mar 2, 13 3:17 pm


Congrats! How is your GPA? and what other program are you applying to? I guess for the dual degree program, Berkeley will set the same criteria to you for each program you are applying to. 

They don't necessary to accept one people if the candidate can't satisfy the criteria for each program. (such as one person is not competitive for civil department although he is the best one for the dual program (civil department) candidate, but he still get rejected.)

Mar 2, 13 3:20 pm

Congratulations to everyone with good news! And I'm sure great news is on the way if you haven't got any exciting ones yet. 

@disro: Thank you! Here is my status, and let me know how you doing

IN: UMICH M.Arch 1; Yale M.Arch 1

OUT: None yet..

Pending: GSD, GSAAP, MIT, Princeton, UPenn, Cornell (All M.Arch1)

I really like GSD, so I would wait a little bit more before I make any decisions. But if GSD doesn't want me I'll probably go to Yale. If that is the case, I think I might fit in Yale's pedagogy better and they probably admitted me for that reason...but I am not sure. To me Yale is a little bit old school.. even though they have some really good faculties they might not be there all the time, and you can only take advanced studios with those figureheads in the 3rd year. I am not sure how good the other classes are. What do you guys think?

Mar 2, 13 4:02 pm

Accepted WUSTL!! So excited but still waiting on 5 others!

Mar 2, 13 4:15 pm


Big congrats!! 

As far as I am concerned, Yale, MIT, GSD,GSAAP and Princeton and in the same level, no matter for academic, but also for job hunting. Whichever you want to go to depends on your personal preference, geometry location, school's specialty and financial aids.

I guess UMich, U Penn, Cornell are in the next level, pretty close to the first union.

At least you can enroll in the first union, congrats!!

I am now

IN: U MICH 1; USC Building Science ($9200/1 year)

Out: Rice MArch 1

Waiting: GSD, Berkeley (concurrent degree), U Penn, Cornell

Good luck to you!!! 

Mar 2, 13 4:17 pm
Congrats to those accepted!!

In: Angewandte "university of applied arts"

Out: Yale

Waiting: gsd gsapp cornell

Anyone applying somewhere in Europe?

Have any of you heard of the Angewandte? Zaha, Lynn, and hani rashid of asymptote teach there so it is building a name worldwide now. But I am applying to their urban strategies program.. Any thoughts?
Mar 2, 13 4:55 pm

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