2013 M.Arch Applicants, Commiserate Here!



sinc eyou started this thread... what was the response you got from Yale, since we all got our e-mails today...?



don't take the rejection from Yale as though the other big dogs/Ivy's will reject you... keep the faith and good luck! =)

Feb 27, 13 9:54 pm

So sad about the rejection from Yale. But congrats to all the people who got admitted. Wish you all the best.

Feb 27, 13 10:51 pm

@kelena Thank you! I am still waiting for GSD... I lean towards GSD more than YSOA and it also depends on how much money they give me...anyway, best luck on all your pending acceptance!!!

Feb 27, 13 11:30 pm

Accepted to Yale woaaahhhhhh crazyyy day! left work at 10pm... i wasnt expecting THE decision since the email wasnt clear... so hesitantly i logged in and had to read the first sentence 6x times and run thru every possible scenario in which it might be a mistake before it sank in... 

Yale= IN?!! great feeling when the first admission decision is a yes... 

Congratz to fellow applicants!

and everybody keep ur spirits high, we r just getting started!


Is this the first wave of Yale acceptances or is this it and everybody got an answer????

Feb 28, 13 1:46 am

Rejected from Yale. Expected to be honest, but it still is a bit disappointing. Congrats to those who got in!! You will probably be drinking in's to hoping for better news. *cheers*

Feb 28, 13 6:49 am
New ARch

Haven't heard back from USC yet. Is that mean that I got rejected? Did they send out all the notifications of admission at the same time?

Feb 28, 13 7:38 am

What are the chances of getting into other schools such as the GSD or Columbia if someone is denied from Yale? Congrats to everyone!!

Feb 28, 13 9:25 am

Like everyone yesterday, I drank. (Hence my absence from the thread last night)

Like helenakeys I opened the email, and subsequently logged-in hesitantly.

Like most of the people posting, I was rejected!!

Like AvanineCommuter, I expected it after I was not in the early decision list. The MED program only accepts 4-5 people per year, slim pickings.

So I drank my sorrows away.... However I am sort of over it already since I have been preparing for it over the last month. I am already in a really good spot, so I can't complain. I have been accepted to McGill, and things are looking good at Cooper Union. The big one left for me is Harvard GSD - I was discouraged since I had not heard anything yet and people are interviewing, however, since nobody has really heard and we are all waiting it makes it easier. I believe there still is a chance. Either way I will be getting a Master's this fall.... just not at YSOA.

Feb 28, 13 9:41 am

@ e.m.g.

There is still a good chance. It ultimately depends on the pedagogy of the school, the admissions committee, and your work in your portfolio. If they align, you may get in at one Ivy. If they don't, then you wont get into another. Did you apply to any other non-Ivy leagues?

I would expect GSD and Columbia announcements by the end of the weekend, probably tomorrow. Very, very freaking exciting. Commiserate soon!

Feb 28, 13 9:44 am

Hi mtt999,

Sorry to hear about Yale. I'm right there with you, although I too am in a good place as it stands with acceptances to RISD, Brown (pursuing business), Berkeley's dual MArch/MCP, ASU and waitlisted at UMich. Though Yale was high on my hopes list I didn't expect anything...

I did take a chance at the others, and I'm still waiting on Clemson, UMaryland and the University of Illinois.

So when you say that if they don't align at say, Yale then the chances of GSD or Columbia are slim too?

Best of luck and hopefully we will hear good news. :)

Feb 28, 13 9:53 am


I was wondering the same thing and so I looked at the 2012 final decisions thread. Alot of people get rejected by Yale and still get accepted to Columbia, and to a lesser extent, to the GSD.

Hopefully we find out today

Feb 28, 13 9:58 am

To anyone wondering about UMich scholarships:

I didnt get mine yet, so I called in asking if everyone that was awarded scholarships were done. They said they were still working on it and so hopefully they'll finish emailing everyone over the next couple of days.

Didn't get into yale, but it was a long stretch! Hoping to get good news from the other ones!!

Feb 28, 13 10:11 am


Actually, I looked again and that's not the case for Harvard. But definitely for Columbia.

Feb 28, 13 10:29 am

@e.m.g. -Brown is wonderful! I did my undergrad there and loved everything about it.

@eternalized- I called UMich too, they are trying very hard to get everything out this week!

Feb 28, 13 10:40 am
Jono Lee
How are you guys financing your education?
Feb 28, 13 11:19 am


No idea. Hoping for financial aid - but packages vary and are not so good unless you get in to Princeton or something. So for a while I was banking on that.
Also, given that I have non debt from undergrad it might be okay to take some on for grad school.

How about everyone else? Do you know of scholarships we can apply for?

Feb 28, 13 11:32 am
kelena is a good resource.

The biggest thing is to find something that makes you special/different and search for scholarships that cater to that. You can also search through local organizations that support people from the community. Rotary International has some great opportunities if you are trying to study in a different country from where you are from. 

Feb 28, 13 11:45 am


Thanks for the update. I just looked there too and although last year it doesn't look too promising for the GSD if you were rejected from Yale, the 2011 thread seems to show the opposite trend. A lot of poeple didn't get into one but did the other. Interesting...

So far I am waiting on financial aid packages before figuring out financing. That's going to make or break any decision.

Feb 28, 13 11:46 am


omg! i love the pictures you posts! you are too funny! Here's to hoping to GSD's MDesS program!!! Don't lose hope! Really would like to meet you personally... so hoping the GSD Gods would permit us!!! hahaha!!!

i got help from a friend who's in the MDesS program now, for urbanism, landscape and ecology... he said it's around 10-15 per concentration... so a lot more than the MED... but better not to expect anything so it doesnt sting...

Good luck, man! Keep us posted! Did you hear from Cooper Union?

Feb 28, 13 12:19 pm

"How are you guys financing your education?"

What?!!! We have to pay for this stuff?!!! Oh crap.  I'm mostly waiting for the financial aid packages, then I think I will just take out some loans. I have applied for 2 small scholarships, but nothing big. I think I pretty much have to wait until I know atleast which school I will be attending before I can commit to which scholarships to apply for. (this is my way of putting it off - post rationalization is wonderful!)

@ leif.estrada: Hahah Thanks.10-15 per concentration is freaking sweet! Have you heard anything from MDesS yet? The wait is really getting to me now.... Have not heard anything official from Cooper Union. I think it is going to be middle-late next week. They increase their MArch II program from 10 students to 20 this year (2 studios). Really sucks it is not free anymore. I'm actually anxious to see what a financial package might be from them, and when it will come. Really more questions than answers right now from everywhere. McGill requires a decision by March 15th. 2 weeks to mull it over.

How are we supposed to make the decisions about which program to attend without the full information about our financial packages?

Feb 28, 13 12:45 pm


nothing yet from GSD... i bet they will have them out tomorrow, as they sent responses on the 2nd of March last year, which was a Friday... if not... early next week... (just my guess)...

but you're right, when some people got the early admissions to YSOA for the MED, that was pretty much a sign, so glad nothing from GSD yet... which means they gave all applicants a chance... so keep your hopes up! =)

and McGill on March 15th??? so soon, other schools respond late including the AA, and Columbia GSAPP don't usually send out admissions til mid-March... thought the general day for us to respond if April 15... oh well... good luck again... 

havent been able to focus at work with all this grad school admissions results...

Feb 28, 13 2:02 pm

Canadians are always in such a rush. March 15th. It is a bit of a pickle. I should hear from all four I applied to by then - at least enough to throw a dart at a wall to pick which one ;)

Feb 28, 13 2:19 pm



Could you please change the thread title to "2013 M.Arch Applicants, Commiserate Here!"?

It would be much nicer to follow this forum's most nerve wracking yearly thread!

At first i was looking for this yr's "commiserate" and wasnt sure if this was it. The commiserate format also helps future applicants to assess their own admission potential and know the most recent admission statistics/trends... which eases the torturing waiting period.  I am shocked there are so few posters this yr... and kinda sad my yr doesnt have that legendary celebratory/venting thread....

Feb 28, 13 7:31 pm

Just curious:

For those applying to M.Arch. 3's, without previous academic training in design, how do you feel they prioritized the pieces of your application:  portfolio, grades/what you studied, GRE scores, essays, and/or recommendations?  Do you feel that high GPAs help, or are they moot?  The process for the 3 year people is SO subjective, so one wonders how they judge on portfolios showing a different vocabulary from architecture and a degree which might be 180 degrees from architecture.

Feb 28, 13 7:37 pm
Abhinav Sunil

McGill Minerva status still says - Ready for Review. CRAP !!!

Feb 28, 13 7:51 pm


I really focused on making my portfolio related to my academic work. I don't have much training graphics wise so I relied a lot on analysis and diagrams and pushing the perspectives on urbanism that I outlined in my essay.

As a non-architecture student I hope that my perspective is intriguing, I just hope it doesn't backfire. Worried my portfolio isn't fancy enough.

Feb 28, 13 8:28 pm


Similarly to haptic-urbanism, I used the strengths of my academic work in formulating my ideology and design process. Thus, though I think the general application hierarchy still applies for nonmajors (portfolio > essay > recs > gpa/gre), I focused primarily on the methodology in my portfolio and not so much on the final result. I've taken two intro studio courses and a few history/theory courses as well, which definitely helped. 

According to most program websites, they look for students with the 'infrastructure' necessary for effective design, whatever they might interpret that to be: but broadly speaking, critical analysis skills and the ability to realize ideas and think in three dimensions.

Feb 28, 13 9:02 pm

Received acceptance to Yale, waiting for other ivy leagues now... congrats to everyone

Mar 1, 13 6:47 am

Got accepted to Yale! Still can't believe it.

Mar 1, 13 7:23 am

I dont know how to change the name of the thread. Anyone know?

I think the reason there isn't too much frustration floating around is not because of the title... which I take responsibility for, but rather rejection letters really have not gone out yet (for the most part - it has only been acceptance letters)... except... of course for the awesome YSOA and their anti-mtt9999 mentality!!!!

Mar 1, 13 9:04 am

@ architintin:

what did McGill say?

Mar 1, 13 9:19 am

MARCH 1st, 2013: There are rumors, I guess more speculation, that March 1st, not be be confused with MArch 1, will be the day that Harvard GSD drops the hammer. And perhaps the financial info for Mich may also be released in totality today.

So yes, let us enjoy these last waning moments where optimism reigns king... before our hearts fall deep into the pit of our angry stomachs... before we feel the humility and shame of 'not being good enough'... before we say as self-consolation... "Apparently Harvard GSD is actually not that good of a program. I really didn't want to go there and be surrounded by all those pretentious pedantic pompous...."

@ helenakeys. I went back and reviewed last years commiserate thread, only 1 more page of posts than this year at March 1st, and 2012 was started in august, this one in Feb. Feel pride for your 2013 year!!!

Mar 1, 13 9:36 am

Penn (M. Arch II) and Pratt's (M.S. Architecture) decisions are March 14 & 15, Columbia's (AAD), is early April.

I gotta do something for those 15 days. I'm gonna read a book. From beginning to end. In that order. I'm gonna learn to play Frolf. Frisbee-golf. Golf with a Frisbee. This is gonna be my time. This is my time to taste the fruits and let the juices drip down my chin! I'm gonna proclaim this the Summer of Rob!

Mar 1, 13 10:18 am

Hi guys.

Joining the countdown to GSD decision. Sure hope it comes out today. Feels like we are watching the nba draft pick selection or something.

After I graduated from Cornell I have worked in many large firms for a long time so now is about a good time to head back to school. Hopefully can pick up some scholarship support.

I only applied two schools with GSD as safety and Princeton as first choice. I guess that was not a very smart choice but its too late so can only wait and see.

Good luck to everyone else!!! And have fun with the countdown.

Mar 1, 13 10:19 am

Glad to hear someone mention Princeton, ChineseMarco. I'm M.Arch 1 so we're not even competing.
Its my first choice too. Hopefully we'll hear early next week....
Good luck!!!!!!

Mar 1, 13 10:29 am

Anyone know about Cornell, or Oregon

Mar 1, 13 10:33 am

" Feels like we are watching the nba draft pick selection or something. "

Even worse, you know that the admissions selection committees at these schools are watching these threads... just sitting back with their popcorn (and martinis if Yale), laughing, joking, and pointing at their computer screens for how anxious we are. Bet they wait until monday just to mess with us!!!!!!!!

@robrmm: hilarious!

Mar 1, 13 10:43 am

Haptic urbanism
Yea Princeton has quite strong urbanism program with best research and publication resources in the world. Unfortunately the slots are few and we need to wait until 15th for answer.... But I guess it's worth it.

Well I am in china right now with the super slow Internet connection...and I probably need to pull all nighter to see if some decision come out by 5 pm. If it doesn't. It's going to suckkkk

Which one are u waiting for?

Mar 1, 13 10:57 am

>>>mtt9999:  maybe you can ask the moderators?

lol "waning moments of optimism"... my heart is pounding expecting harvard... unlike yale which i wasnt expecting so soon, so that one was painless.

MARCH 1st!!! game is onnnnn for most acceptances.... 

-Yale: IN

-Harvard, MIT, Princeton, Columbia, Cornell:??

Top choices: Yale, GSD, MIT....  having an IN for one of my top choices already is amazing....

Dont care about Princeton and expecting a sure rejection there... with Cornell as "backup."  

Mar 1, 13 11:04 am

Does anyone know if for sure something will happen for GSD on march 1st. It will be silly for heart pouncing if nothing come out....I am watching some really boring euro basketball game on tv while waiting....

Mar 1, 13 11:11 am

Received official mail from IIT, admitted but no $. 52k is too much to say yes happily...

Mar 1, 13 11:18 am

Wow this is so very exciting. Heart is pounding. REBOOT TIME

McGill: IN

Yale: OUT

Harvard, Cooper Union: Awaiting. Nothing is certain about days results will be released. I am expecting Cooper Union results next week.

Top Choices (in order): I guess all of the schools I applied to were top choices - Yale MED, GSD MDesS, Cooper Union MArch II, McGill MArch. Will be really happy at either one, but it would be nice to get my second choice today!!

GRE: 160 verbal, 159 Quant, 4.5 Writing

GPA: 3.92 of 4.0

BArch:Kansas State University

Portfolio: not online anywhere (didn't submit to GSD or YSOA because of research degree, submitted sample writings in lieu of design portfolio as per request

@rrnkenshin: congrats on IIT - money is tough though...

@helenakeys - I have sent 'help' question to IT of archinect. I will try to get it changed.

Looks like Penn has released MLandscape Arch today...

Mar 1, 13 11:38 am

@mtt9999 All my best wishes to you.

Mar 1, 13 11:44 am

Has anyone heard or know when to expect a decision from Clemson?

Mar 1, 13 11:47 am

Heading to sleep now. Hate the time difference. Hope the world changes when i wake up. Good luck everyone and keep fingers crossed!

Mar 1, 13 12:28 pm

Good luck in the morning ChineseMarco....

Mar 1, 13 12:31 pm

the wait continues to another day then...

Mar 1, 13 1:01 pm

I graduated from McGill.  It is nice to see it mentioned and well regarded these days.

Mar 1, 13 1:13 pm
Anyone know when Cornell, Pratt, or Syracuse are releasing decisions?
Mar 1, 13 1:25 pm

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