2013 M.Arch Applicants, Commiserate Here!


I just got a phone call from RISD's program director, with a follow up email and financial package on the way. :) Still waiting from other schools...

Feb 23, 13 5:33 pm

@Future Architect

yep there was a brief one via skype, only for like 10mins

Feb 23, 13 8:41 pm


Nope, I don't live in the US and I probably can't go to Rice anyway since I didn't get the full-tuition scholarship.

Feb 24, 13 3:51 am


got interviewed by UC Berkeley MArch2 Studio One. It was just Ok. It`ll only have 12 people in the end. But as far as I know, no acceptance has been sent yet. Guess we have to wait till Feb. 25th coz now it`s the weekend.

Feb 24, 13 6:29 am
New ARch


Sorry I forgot to say congratulations :) 

What did they ask during that 10 mins?

Feb 24, 13 12:02 pm
Dima Srouji

@e.m.g. I got the same phone call from RISD! Fingers crossed for some good financial aid. Congrats everyone.

Feb 24, 13 4:11 pm

@Future Architect

Thanks  mate :)

He asked about my previous education and answered a few questions of mine about studio setup and scholarships, nothing much really. I reckon it was only a formality thing, just to make sure that I speak proper English :)

Feb 25, 13 5:22 am


That's a shame, hope you'll get a full scholarship you wish for :)

Good luck!

Feb 25, 13 5:27 am

@disro @e.m.g.

me too!

Feb 25, 13 7:05 am

@distro, @AC23 - Congrats! Are you planning to attend the open house?

Feb 25, 13 8:52 am

@ Leif Estrada

I applied to these two programs (amongst others you did not list):

GSD (MDesS in History and Theory)

YSOA (MED with focus on History and Theory)

I must admit though, I believe that acceptances have already gone out for MED, and to be honest, if we have not heard by now I think it is unlikely we will get in to these programs.

Feb 25, 13 9:24 am
Dima Srouji Yes! March 18th. See you there?

@AC23 Congrats! 

Feb 25, 13 9:26 am

@disro Congrats! Hope to meet you one day, haha.

Feb 25, 13 9:45 am
Dima Srouji

@rafidlf ....awkward. 

Haha! Just kidding... Get back to work!! 

Feb 25, 13 9:50 am


it's hard to get into YSOA... but crossing the fingers, since it's still early... you should too! =) This wait is such a torture... hoping to hear something by the end of this week.

Feb 25, 13 1:21 pm

@e.m.g.  @disro @ac23

I got into RISD as well! I plan on going to the open house! Congrats :] 

Feb 25, 13 5:27 pm

just accepted by Taubman college, MArch I

Feb 25, 13 6:24 pm


Congrats! Had a question, how did you receive the news? snail mail? email? phone call? haha just wondering since I also applied there as well :] 

Feb 25, 13 6:34 pm



Feb 25, 13 6:46 pm

Me too! @tinson49 and @eternalized


Feb 25, 13 7:37 pm

@yyymmm @eternalized
Wish u guys have better offers!

Feb 25, 13 8:15 pm
Jono Lee

How much have you guys been offered?

Feb 25, 13 8:17 pm


looks like University of Michigan is giving admissions right now. I also got admitted into MArch2.

Feb 25, 13 8:19 pm

@yyymmm @nitendo2046


@jawknow - I dont know yet.....I havent gotten the email yet with the offer in it. 

@tinson49- you already got the email with the financial information in it?

Feb 25, 13 8:22 pm

:) Congrats everyone!

I got the e-mail from  Taubman too. 

I applied to M.Arch 1 with the summer term. Does anyone know in which month the summer term starts? 

Feb 25, 13 9:00 pm

waitlisted at umichigan!

Feb 25, 13 9:52 pm

jesus... for a moment I though you said something in german haha

Feb 25, 13 10:12 pm

@tinson49 @eternalized @avesl 

same with Taubman M.Arch 1!

Feb 25, 13 10:32 pm

Congrats on all those admitted to schools of their choosing, and to those headed to UMich Taubman, you'll have both a good department and a good school!

For the others, keep those fingers crossed.

Feb 25, 13 10:49 pm

It just a message told me that I am accepted. It says formal letter will come soon.

Feb 25, 13 10:55 pm

I received UIC's acceptance mail a few days ago, which also says formal letter will follow soon.

Feb 25, 13 10:58 pm

Same here for Tcaup M.Arch 1! However, still anxiously awaiting responses from the big dogs.

Feb 25, 13 11:20 pm

I might go to the RISD open house... i'll wait until I hear from the others

Feb 25, 13 11:38 pm

Looks as though a notice of admissions from TCAUP has rolled in for me as well. Excited to receive the terms of the offer whenever those get sent out.

Congrats to all! 

Feb 26, 13 1:21 am
New ARch


got the same email.

Did you receive any kind of scholarship?

Feb 26, 13 3:41 am

@Future Architect

No, the mail just says that the School of Arch recommended me for admission to the Graduate Admission. There are multiple "congratulations" in the letter so I think It could be considered as an acceptance letter. Maybe scholaship will be mentioned in the formal letter. I think UIC is kind of nervous when hearing other schools are sending admission results already, so they're trying to inform the candidate "as soon as possible" (as written in the mail) even before a final decision could be made.

How about you, did you receive any kind of scholarship?

Feb 26, 13 4:54 am
New ARch


No I didn't:( I asked them, they told me that. The tuition is so high, 32 k for non residents. There isn't much difference between the tuition of UIC and schools like SCI-Arc. I guess I have to wait to hear from other schools.

Feb 26, 13 5:26 am

I was waitlisted at UMichigan. What is the likelihood of being accepted or when do you think we will hear a final decision? Fingers crossed... Congrats again to everyone accepted!! 

Feb 26, 13 9:11 am

How many time/hour are you pressing F5, my fellow applicants?

Feb 26, 13 9:52 am

I just received an email from Cooper Union. They are requesting that MArch II applicants fill out a form by this Friday specifying your intended area of study: Urban Studies, History and Criticism, or Technologies.

I hate to read into anything too much at this point - but that might be good news?? Anyone else receive this email who applied?

Feb 26, 13 2:40 pm
Jono Lee
^ sounds good to me!
Feb 26, 13 2:42 pm

I just received an email from Berkeley! :) They're sending out early admissions decisions.

Although I'm slightly confused because I applied for their concurrent degree program.. do you hear from those departments seperately?

@mt999 congrats on Cooper Union!

Feb 26, 13 2:52 pm

Just received an email from I.I.T.. M.Arch I with advanced standing. Congrats on the admissions guys, 

@e.m.g - What program did you apply to?

Feb 26, 13 3:01 pm

I applied to the MArch + MCP program. Did you apply to Berkeley? Congrats on IIT...I have a lot of friends there and they love the program!

Feb 26, 13 3:07 pm
Thanks! I did apply to Berkeley, M.Arch option 2. It's my top choice actually. Congrats!!!
Feb 26, 13 3:14 pm


I got an acceptance email from IIT today but it doesn't say anything about advanced standing.  Did your email explicitly state that you were admitted with advanced standing?  I am assuming I didn't get it.

Feb 26, 13 4:18 pm
Hi Phillip, yes it did say it was AP.
Feb 26, 13 4:25 pm

bummer haha. Oh well

Feb 26, 13 4:30 pm
Sorry to hear that, would you still go?
Feb 26, 13 4:38 pm

Living in Chicago would be awesome, so I will definitely still consider IIT.  It would just be hard to justify 3 years of school when I can do 2 somewhere else.  Do you know if they ever reconsider advanced standing? 

Feb 26, 13 6:14 pm

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