31 January


diversity and entropy

Is there a dominant architectural style today?

What is the dominant architectural style today?

Is the dominant style of architecture today (if there is one) a global or a style?

If there is no dominant architectural style today, does that then mean today's architecture is a diversity of behaviors?

If diversity of behavior is today's architectural style, is it then necessary for diversity to succumb to a dominant style, or, is the notion of a dominant style always prevailing over a diversity of behavior actually a Western paradigm that is not necessarily global in application (anymore)?

Of course, if diversity of behavior were to become the dominant Western paradigm, then diversity of behavior would be the dominant architecture style (given the Western paradigm of a style that dominates).

My point all along has been that diversity is today's dominant architecture style on a global scale, and that this phenomenon within architecture reflects a general diversification of culture globally. And by diversification I mean "the act or policy of increasing the variety of products or manufactures." Culture, as the arts today plainly signify, is just as much a commodity (i.e., an economic good) as those things that come out of a factory or are raised on farms. In architecture it is worth noting that much of what constitutes actual buildings today first comes out of a factory. Architecture today is literally manufactured, and I cannot help but think that architectural aesthetics today is very manufactured as well.


the REM / Peter show at the AA
2006.01.31 17:57

" we have the ability to be 'critical' - constructive - of others work?"

so the question, so the answer
[Half a year later, Koolhaas's Serpentine Pavilion looked very similar to half the image above.]


who wants to poche?
2008.01.31 11:20

Mayor's House, 1983


Re: Misc. stuff
2009.01.31 16:38

I am familiar with the Levy Playground designs--they are featured within the A+U Kahn book I sliced up in 1984, so I really haven't looked at them closely in a long time. I have thought of them when I first saw Predock's work. Back in school I wanted to start doing stuff like that (I had the Kahn A+U since 2nd year) but I also knew I wouldn't be able to get away with it jury-wise, so maybe the inspiration did show up in later designs. Of course, I can't deny that the convent plan has had a huge influence on me.

Re: Misc. stuff and the best of youth
2009.01.31 19:34

I always saw that kind of Kahn geometry play as maybe Campo Marzio inspired.


2011.01.31 11:36

After finishing "Instrauratio Urbis" a second time this morning, I then got out Bufalini's map again, and made another discovery--the 'O' of ROMA along the top of [Nolli's re-engraving of] Bufalini's map corresponds with Piranesi's placement of the spiraling oval of the Naumachia Domitiani. Piranesi is probably laughing right now.


And today, 31 January 2013, I see how the scant ruin labeled V. Aragoiner within Bufalini's map spurred Piranesi's design of the Horti Lucullani.

Jan 31, 13 12:59 pm

2013.01.31 19:34

i just checked my e-mail and here's an out-of-print book listed in the william stout newsletter

$350, uncut

Jan 31, 13 10:34 pm

is quondam a real person?

Jan 31, 13 10:37 pm

this was a fun mystery to unravel.

Feb 1, 13 3:40 am

uncut: about $24.00 around 8 years ago on eBay
cut: $350,000.00

No doubt a question I will have been asking myself my entire life.

As I once said at an in-office CAD marketing meeting sometime late 1983, "History is no mystery." Bernie, my CAD co-worker, just burst out laughing while Roger, my boss, gave me a look that said something like "Oh God why oh why did I ever decide to have this person very expensively trained in CAD?!?"

Feb 1, 13 11:39 am

Wig Nut and Wig Not in context 0009 and follows...

Jan 29, 17 1:34 pm

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