Why still so many architects don't accept technology (example using iPad instead of paper blueprints) on the construction site?


no, Miles. But I got an impression to be in 1875 and participate in discussion "why the hell on earth we need telephone". Same arguments.

Feb 8, 13 4:43 am

Disney has been using tablets in their construction projects:

Feb 8, 13 7:27 am

thank you, Archi49. Indeed, many companies understood the benefit of tablets and soon they will leave simply behind others who still believe in medieval methods.

Feb 8, 13 7:59 am


you owe me an Ipad! I just had a contractor spill coffee on it, mark on it with a marker and then he got mad and threw it on the floor. He is 78! What a fuck for being against technology.

Feb 8, 13 9:23 am

poop876, your contractor of 78 yo should not be in his garden, taking care of his flowers and enjoying his pension? :)

Feb 8, 13 9:35 am

Alfiya, your comment about the telephone certainly resonates.  But here is my serious question to you: Why is a tablet any better at doing any of the things you are talking about than a laptop computer?

I just don't understand the tablet love.  It's less awkward to hold than a laptop, but that pro, in my mind, is offset by the con of how much more likely one is to make touchscreen input mistakes as I mentioned in my last comment.

Feb 8, 13 10:24 am

Donna, because you can slide your tablet into your vest pocket :) I cant do that with 2,5kg lapton. It's all about mobility. Tablet is a compromise between phone and laptop.

Feb 8, 13 10:31 am


I'm sensing you have NO sense of reality in the field. Some don't choose who their GC is, who their client is or it could be that the GC is the client.

Feb 8, 13 10:40 am

poop876, I have reality of the field and understand your concern. We cant choose our parents, kids and our bosses :(

Sometimes we can choose our clients but it's a luxury. Wish you wonderful Friday and nice weekend.

Feb 8, 13 10:48 am

So are you saying you actually went to a construction site for years, carried plots, marked up drawings on site, talked to GC for years?

Feb 8, 13 10:53 am

poop, are you saying there was actually a 78 year old gc that was dumb enough to write on your tablet and then take it away from you and throw it on the ground?  and you're also suggesting alfiya has some responsibility in that action?  your subsequent posts seem a non-sequiter.

Feb 8, 13 11:26 am

Tablet in a "vest pocket?" First of all, if I tried to put an iPad in my pocket, I'd need to buy myself a new shirt or pair of pants. Second of all, who even says "vest pocket" anymore? What is this...Downton Abbey?

Feb 8, 13 11:26 am

"they will leave simply behind others who still believe in medieval methods"

Feb 8, 13 12:40 pm

Um, ok.  I am a woman.  I dress nicely, even on days I go to the job site.  Every time I go to the job site, I thank my lucky stars that I don't have to earn my living doing construction labor, because it is hard, physical, exhausting, sweaty, dirty work.

I love and respect my craftsmen, but I really don't want them all crowding in on my suit while we all squint to look at the 3x2 image on the machine I can slip into my clean vest pocket.  Call me snobby.

Every scenario we are offering here, from paper to iphone to hand sketch on a 2x4, has its drawbacks and benefits. Like I said, I just don't get the tablet love.

Feb 8, 13 12:52 pm

curtkram, yes, thats exactly what I'm saying! He even mentioned her name when he was throwing it on the floor. wow some people haha

Feb 8, 13 1:14 pm

If you ever saw my measuring tape that I have in my car that I use on the field....well then you would all know why I would never take my ipad to the site!

Feb 8, 13 1:16 pm

Mrs lives by  Mac I pad.  Me I'm trying to play catchup....We have everything linked so she can drop a drawing into drop box and I can open it on site.  I need some tech info on site it is a heck of a lot easier to look at than my I phone.....oh and for those guys with big fat fingers that fumble around on I phone key boards the Mac I-pad is a dream come true.

Feb 8, 13 3:03 pm

Donna, you'd get the 'tablet love' if you were selling software. Want to bet that the pitch resumes on Monday?

Feb 10, 13 10:31 am

Bottom Line- All this technology is great until the power goes out. We love our technology but decrie the need for generated energy that it all depends on.

The approved set of drawings are always on site- it's required. A 'For Construction' is typically on site as well.

I can see having a tablet can being handy in certain situations for viewing docs in remote areas of a job site but, those of you who wish to prance around a job site with a tablet have obviously never had your phone, camera or other standard tools damaged or destroyed through simple everyday exposure to a work site. If your mindset and depth of your wallet are that your tablet is just another disposable tool, then please don't tell me you are designing a LEED Platinum building because you are not functioning in an environmentally friendly or sustainable manner.

Feb 10, 13 12:53 pm

Yes well put by Gbouchzoo,

For practical reasons, iPads are not yet develop enough to be used in everyday site works than a piece of paper. I think it is a useful tool to use for a site meeting though.

Feb 10, 13 2:21 pm


Feb 10, 13 4:24 pm

gwharton, are you aware of iPad mini? It actually slides in your "vest pocket", pardon my French.

Feb 11, 13 4:26 am

iPad Mini? Sounds like a feminine hygiene product. Does it leave you smelling fresh?

Feb 11, 13 9:20 am

Miles, you should definitely send your admiration to the Apple Product department. These guys always come up with genius names ipod-ipad-iphone, bizarre, there is no itv? oops, its apple tv. incoherency!

Feb 11, 13 9:27 am

Miles, with 4.7 x 6.4in iPad mini dimensions unless you're building a small log cabin in the woods or a treehouse expect a lot of "overflow".

Feb 11, 13 11:49 am

I know the iPad Mini. It wouldn't fit in any of my pockets. Nothing bigger than a passport will. The only exception that is the outside pockets on my suit jackets, but I never put anything in those. It ruins the line.

Feb 11, 13 1:05 pm

The iPad mini doesn't seem very absorbent, must be for "light days" only. But maybe there's an app for that.

Feb 11, 13 1:16 pm

Miles, it will get better when it will stop snowing in NY. Make yourself some hot chocolate, it will make you less itchy.

Feb 12, 13 8:50 am

Btw, Miles. Your site looks and works like mess, you definitely start to adopt technology if you want to be somewhere in this century.

Feb 12, 13 8:54 am

It works, just not as well as on a desktop. And it is far from the only one. Alas, yet another strike against the iPad.

As far as this century goes, it is a great leap in the wrong direction, and technology won't fix it. In fact it is the exploitation of of technology and the corporate agenda to insert useless technology - like the iPad and your software - into every aspect of our lives that is a large part of the problem. Virtuality is not reality.

Let's buy some more crap from China to help Apple amass hundreds of billions in profit on the backs of slave laborers while destroying the global environment. Yah!

Think about it. Instead of doing what you are doing you could actually be part of the solution ...

Feb 12, 13 9:21 am

Is your marketing strategy to force it onto people and the profession? You don't seem to understand the profession or the people in the profession. How about you step back and do some research and get their input first instead of being a pushy, annoying car dealer or a telemarketer?

Feb 12, 13 10:24 am

no, poop876, I like to listen people, even very stubborn and thinking their truth is the only one.

Feb 12, 13 10:32 am

Miles, the effect, that your site was done by two-left handed person and doesnt work properly on laptop not proving that iPad is bad. In the opposite, with today's technology I can write your portfolio site responsive to laptop or ios device in one hour myself.

You want to protect environment, well, digitalisation of books and everything printed - it's the first efficient step.

Feb 12, 13 10:39 am

Alfiya - As if server farms and client computers didn't require terawatts of electrical power to run. You are also apparently ignorant of the manufacturing processes that produce these devices and the environmental problems that both their creation and disposal entail. You really should make a better attempt to educate yourself.

FYI, most of the books I read comes from the local library. They have a one-time cost to produce and are recyclable.

If you'd care to make my site work better I'd be happy to pay you to do it. Maybe you should be a web designer. You are certainly lacking in salesmanship skills.

If you want me to care about your opinion, you first have to earn my respect. Good luck with that.

Feb 12, 13 11:36 am

"even very stubborn and thinking their truth is the only one"

not ONCE did you stand back and listen to others but are forcing your way onto others. Good luck in your career as a failed sales person.

Feb 12, 13 11:49 am

"I can write your portfolio site responsive to laptop or ios device in one hour myself."
Says the person whose personal website is not responsive...

Feb 12, 13 11:53 am

in general Ipad isn't a user friendly device

Feb 12, 13 4:14 pm

Miles, I'm not comparing the environmental damage caused by manufacturing electronic device and a book. It's obviously ridiculous. The electronic device is multifuctional, it serves to check my mails, control my house lightning, send signal to my car to warm up in the morning, and yes, I read industry books on it.  And you wont believe it but I have a huge real library at home that I fill with the books I'll read and re-read to my kids. I'm afraid that in spite the fact that many books are recyclable, in the countries where they mostly printed they still prefer to cut new trees :( Many of the "trendy" books and magazines will still end up in the garbage. I prefer that they end up in my digital bin.

Concerning your site, it's was personal and friendly advice, when I see a business website outdated or badly done it strikes me with a thought like if you dont care whether you are properly dressed up to meet your client. Again, in the digital metaphor. Like before to be fashionable, you would have to splash on Versace, nowadays with Zara outfit and pair of Frattelli Rossetti shoes you look chic. Same with websites, you can just go fine with Joomla or WP to build up portfolio. And now, I dont see my career as webdesigner :) It's much fun to talk to your, guys.

Feb 13, 13 9:48 am

Hey Alfiya, if you'd done some research you'd know Adobe already makes an app you can use to mark up sets and chase changes electronically.  It's called Acrobat and they even offer cloud storage too.


Feb 14, 13 9:45 am

Hey Apurimac, I have done my homework already. A lot of companies do apps for construction follow up.

Feb 14, 13 9:50 am

Stop feeding the troll and maybe it will go away.

Feb 14, 13 10:22 am

Oh, but Miles, I'm having fun!  It's almost like Per is back.

Feb 14, 13 10:26 am

Slow day, Apurimac? You could always learn a couple new words and call yourself a marketing consultant. Or maybe put up a WordPress template site call yourself a web designer. Is there anyone left that doesn't get it yet (aside from Alfiya)?

Feb 14, 13 10:36 am

other than cricizing miles's website, which was unecesary and off-topic, what has alfiya done to be considered a troll?  wouldn't miles's comments about freshness or absorbancy be more trollish?

she hasn't been pimping her software on this thread as far as i can see.  i'm guessing you guys assumed that from looking at her profile and probably internet stalking her right?  what's wrong with creating software to compete with adobe reader anyway?  are you suggesting her company should not create a competing software platform because adobe rules all and you favor software monopolies or cartels?  nothing can be done to improved adobe reader, even though they've opened the pdf format?

quit trolling and get over your fear of technology.  the world is going to change with you or without.

Feb 14, 13 10:43 am

No fear of technology here, curtkram. You sound like Alfiya. Read some of the promotional statements for this software. It's presented as if you are a crippled neanderthal and it will solve all you problems. I've been around long enough and have tried enough of these things to know that marketing promises are empty and that their purpose is not to "help" you. I've also seen, understand and reject the results of technology for technology's sake.

Feb 14, 13 11:10 am

what i was suggesting miles, is that she is not promoting that software on this specific thread.  she was only asking about tablet use on job sites.  you chose to derail the thread as an attack on the company she works for, which is off-topic and trolling. 

i did not read her company's marketing material and could care less about what they produce.  if you want to create another thread about how AproPLAN is not good software, then your attacks would be closer to on-topic.  except the ones comparing an i-pad to feminine hygiene products;  while possibly amusing to some and useful in that sense, those comments are not particularly relevant to any other topic.

Feb 14, 13 11:44 am

Slow day yourself Miles?  There was just so much trolling in this thread I decided to jump in.

Being super serious though, I never got the impression the OP was a deliberate troll (just like our beloved Per Correll, who you'd remember if you were around back in '05).  It was the OPs amusing and belligerent way of defending the Ipad that I found warrented comment.  Trolly threads like this one are what I miss about the old archinect.

Construction is usually too messy in every concieveable way to warrant strict reliance on any kind of computer.  This has been expressed in every possible way in this thread already and the OP still won't stop.

Feb 14, 13 12:17 pm

Way slow, sitting in the waiting room at the Toyota dealer for a third time repair of faulty airbags. No wonder I don't trust technology. On my iPad, no less. LOL

Feb 14, 13 12:26 pm

LOL, you may have just won the thread with that last comment Miles.

Feb 14, 13 12:40 pm

Pff, Miles. Your airbags can save your life one day - revelation! How old is your car? Maybe it's time to change it? I just love my little Toyota pimped with technology. (Now bite me for promoting Toyota cars). By the way, I love Belgian chocolate - Marcolini in particular, Belgian beer - Leffe is so chilling Friday evening aaaand Belgian clothes designers: Bellerose and Diane Von Furstenberg.

Thank you for noticing, curtkram, that I was not promoting anything from the client I'm working for. I was asking "Why Miles has a bad experience with badly and quickly developed technology and doesnt want to believe anymore?" Hm. Looks like bad love experience :( Ooh, year, St-Valentine day just has passed. Oh, St-Valentine is also marketing evil, stop celebrating it! It makes you spend money impulsively and last-minute. Noooo, we are too old and wise for that.

Miles, stop mocking on my web designer skills, I did great sites for friends and clients, this is one of them:

I have nothing to do with AproPLAN design, and I dont force this client to change it because they already payed stupidly huge amount of money for creating this site by bad designer. Maybe it was your case, Miles too?

Used wisely, technology could be your best friend. Many construction companies have adopted it in a smart way.

What I'm trying to figure out, apart being scared that:

1.all your actions could be traced by client and could end-up in endless remarks (your opinion)

2. viewing plans on small digital device instead of huge paper plans not practical for you because it's still too small or you dont have enough visibility in a big group

3. ipad is a fragile device on the jobsite

4. ipad is a costly device to invest

5. your eyes are tired from using too much devices

6. no app could beat Adobe

there is no other arguments (that I can contre-argue) you can give to me from preventing using tablet on the construction site.

Feb 15, 13 6:42 am

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