Why still so many architects don't accept technology (example using iPad instead of paper blueprints) on the construction site?


"I have nothing to do with AproPLAN"

A picture is worth 1,000 words.

curtkram, this is called Forum Marketing. That she doesn't spell it out is intentional, it's supposed to be stealthy and viral. But it was self-betrayed in so many ways that it makes me wonder how anyone could possibly miss it.

She a self-described "marketing specialist" (LOL), her archinect people page is all about her company's products (for iPad & iPhone!), her only participation here is this very thread (which she started), etc., etc., etc.

Feb 15, 13 10:48 am

i don't think this counts as stealth marketing.  the first time "AproPLAN" appeared in this thread is when I mentioned it.  she is involved in a dialogue, not a one-way advertisement on this site.  just because her job involves marketing doesn't mean she shouldn't have a public voice or that she should be shunned from this community.  i'm sure there are lots of people on this site who produce work i don't care for.

obviously she understands you don't like her company's software as you were clear on that point.  perhaps this dialogue can help the company she works for or another company develop a platform that is more suitable to our industries needs.

i would also point out that, in the spirit of multi-party dialogue, i disagree with your comments regarding the use of tablets in our profession.  my opinion is closer to that of alifiya's in that the hardware mentioned could be used in a way beneficial to our profession.  that does not mean i'm going to support her company's software.  quite the opposite; i'm still pissed off that the belgians bought budweiser.

Feb 15, 13 11:22 am

curtkram, and you "mentioned" afroplan because ... it's all over her ID page. That's how stealth marketing works. You make the victim think he discovered it. LOL

As for Belgians, even the French think they are snobs. 

Feb 15, 13 4:06 pm


I don't think that architects, in general, are unwilling to use IPads at construction sites. It is a matter of practicality. I have an idea(its outlandish and probably isn't realistic), but here it is. Use a vehicle that can transport an architecture office to a construction site containing the following(a monitor: 55" flat screen and convert it to have touch screen capabilities of the IPad, a plotter for printing construction documents, and a 3d printer for creating models). The thought was if any changes that need to be made, can be made during the design and construction process, quickly. Again, its outlandish and probably unrealistic, but I thought I just throw it out there.

Feb 15, 13 7:30 pm

Alfiya is hot

Feb 15, 13 10:44 pm

Miles, you made from me machiavellic figure and I take it for compliment. But who asked you to go and demystify my profile? To make you grumble some more, I added some bio, you can go and critic it as well. By the way, my profile picture is real, I was and still hot model. Now, you can go and explose completely.

Feb 21, 13 9:02 am
vado retro

@ Chris- I remember maybe over a decade ago reading a story in the Chicago Trib about an architect who outfitted an old ambulance as his studio. Seems like a great idea.

Feb 21, 13 11:37 am

sameolddoctor, I like and respect you, but your comment reinforces, AGAIN, that women are first perceived as objects not humans.  If Alfiya was a good-looking man would you feel the need to tell him so?

This is that very subtle form of sexism that I just can't believe still exists today and so feel compelled to comment on. It's unfair and degrading.

Feb 21, 13 12:29 pm

Donna, yes I would feel the same need to tell a good looking man, especially if he posts his profile on modelmayhem. (I know I got a bit creepy there and searched Alifya's name on google). But yes, I would comment on a good looking man as well.

Feb 21, 13 3:25 pm
vado retro

i have two vest pockets in the jacket i am wearing. therefore, i could carry to ipads to the jobsite. if there was a jobsite, that is.

Feb 21, 13 3:37 pm

sameolddoctor is hot

Feb 21, 13 7:46 pm
Sure, keep telling yourself that, sameolddoctor. That way you don't have to ever face up to the fact that you dehumanized women so casually.
Feb 21, 13 7:59 pm

Come on Donna, don't you think your are being a *little* too judgmental? Can I say that you have dehumanized me by being judgmental? Actually, by acknowledging someone's "hotness", I could say that I am actually humanizing an otherwise lifeless internet user name,no?

Feb 21, 13 8:51 pm

Perhaps Alfiya was flattered and enjoyed doc's statement as a compliment? If all such statements are considered dehumanizing then that would deny people the joy from receiving such compliments.

Feb 21, 13 10:24 pm
boy in a well

while it may not be kosher to call someone 'hot' at the water cooler, can we at least acknowledge that people bothered to argue with wassername for two and a half pages before the thread went "explose completely"? Doesnt seem like she was perceived as an object first.

ok bye!

Feb 25, 13 12:07 pm

explose completely

Now that's HOT.

Feb 25, 13 12:43 pm
boy in a well

Oh stop, you machiavellic figure you.

Feb 25, 13 12:58 pm

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