favourite kitchen designer

Further to a discussion earlier, I am curious as to everyone's favourite kitchen designer/manufacturer.

Mine happens to be bulthaup

Oct 9, 07 8:28 pm

here's a sample

Oct 9, 07 9:01 pm  · 

other than myself...

the bulthaup is ok, but it's really expensive and i'm not into the proportions of the cabinetry. their booklet is pretty slick, though.

locally, we've got some interesting craftsmen...

kerf design

and henry built

although i've never used either of these companies because we've found local craftsman who do work as well for like 1/5 the cost.

if you've really got a wad to blow, check out pawson's kitchen system for Obumex

maybe a better question might be, what appliances and fixtures do you prefer?

i'm pretty attached to vola.

Oct 9, 07 10:23 pm  · 

other high-end kitchen manufacturers of note:




[img] width=416]/img]

and as for designers, piero lissoni did an interesting kitchen in ando's fabrica for benneton, but i can't seem to find any pictures...

Oct 9, 07 11:05 pm  · 

img] width=416[/img]

Oct 9, 07 11:08 pm  · 


the poggenpohl definitely photographs better.

Oct 9, 07 11:09 pm  · 

I'm kinda obsessed with this sink:

Gore Design Company

Oct 9, 07 11:26 pm  · 

As a cabinetmaker who has made kitchens throughout a long career, let me say this: DON'T design cabinet doors which are wider than they are high. It stresses the hinges and (thus) accelerates the misalignment of doors, which is nasty on full-overlay cabinetry.

The choice to eliminate counter overhang and make counter edges flush with door faces has an (often) unintended consequence: pulls (handles) which are proud of the surface (ie, most of them) become more prominent, both visually and practically.

Oct 9, 07 11:42 pm  · 

whoever designed the kitchen for my apartment in NYC...putting the oven and sink in what once was a hotel room closet, fucking brilliant

Oct 9, 07 11:46 pm  · 


that sink reminds me of the sinks by trahan architects for the holy rosary church complex (w/ vola fixtures, woot woot!)

ikea's cabinets aren't too shabby either, for the price.

Oct 10, 07 12:05 am  · 

well, there's always:

Oct 10, 07 12:13 am  · 

it was on the job site pic thread, but it could use another showing here i suppose:

Oct 10, 07 12:14 am  · 


did you design that cheese sneeze gaurd?

Oct 10, 07 12:19 am  · 

Lotta people choosing IKEA for looks/price. Hint for any RTA furniture: unless you plan to disassemble it, put glue on the dowels, for superior longevity.

Oct 10, 07 12:28 am  · 

yech. the cheese is probably pasteurized as well... grody.

Oct 10, 07 12:31 am  · 



Oct 10, 07 12:33 am  · 

kind of...we designed a custom one with stanchions thru the counter top with gusset plates and a similar connection for the glass, but the client went with the buy-out piece you see there...hate the feet on them, but what are you gonna do?

holz - i would go out on a limb and say that those cheeses are likely not pasteurized, some yes, but many no.

Oct 10, 07 12:36 am  · 

for a little bit there i thought i was flipping through dwell magazine.

my favorite kitchen designer is liberty bell. she gave me great advice on my kitchen which i (stupidly) did not implement.

Oct 10, 07 7:30 am  · 

I was just reading your house-sitting thread. What would you have done differently ?

Oct 10, 07 12:01 pm  · 

lb suggested that the lower cabs be all drawers instead of cabinets - that it would cost more but be worth it. for various reasons we didn't think that worked out. but it would have been a good idea.

Oct 10, 07 12:05 pm  · 

while i love a lot of the kitchens mentioned so far (bulthaup et. al.) they're usually way beyond our client's budgets.

We've been using Aran, an Italian brand, for almost all of our projects. Specifically their Masca line, which is very drawer-oriented and has a really nice minimal and linear feel to it:

(ignore that hideous color combination)

their reps are usually really helpful (modeling and rendering the configuration we design before we purchase) and they have a lot of customizable options. my only complaint is their kick plate is usually ridiculously large (over 7") so we have to spec in custom foot pegs.. but it usually ends up working out.

Oct 10, 07 12:52 pm  · 

Arclinea has some cool stuff.

Oct 10, 07 1:13 pm  · 

Steven, if you went with slab doors it isn't too late to change your mind. I assume they are frameless boxes ? The doors can be cut into drawer fronts, and drawers can be fitted quite easily to the cabinets. Something to think about, when you've done with everything else. . .

Oct 10, 07 1:23 pm  · 
liberty bell

Thanks, Steven! I still regret not doing all drawers in my kitchen 0 I did half the cabinets with drawers, but budget overrode doing the whle thing that way. Oh well.

We did one ArcLinea ktichen, and honestly, if you can afford it, it's worth it! The quality is superb and every detail delightful. I had to look hard to find anything to critique.

In second place, when budget is more of an issue, we've done a few kitchens with Neff Cabinetry. They have some modern options that are really great.

Neff horizontal grain zebra wood and chocolate walnut:

Different house, also Neff, the main cabs are, um...sycamore I think? and lacquered islands:

Much more affordable than Boffi, Arclinea, or Bulthaup.

Oct 10, 07 3:43 pm  · 

I do love that top image Liberty, it is almost surreal how it looks

Oct 12, 07 4:41 pm  · 

Trad Day arrives in the kitchen. <eyeroll emoji>

Jun 26, 22 3:16 pm  · 

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