home inspection nightmares


i love the chimney/ac unit, and the light switch/shower combo is amazing design!

Oct 6, 07 11:28 am

There's a lot of good ones in there - how 'bout the gas line running down the chimney because the wife wanted a gas fireplace and the husband thought that would be the easiest way to get it there? Shudder.

Oct 6, 07 11:31 am

How does that Home Depot motto go....oh yeah,
You can do it, we can help

Obviously help isn't what it used to be.

Oct 7, 07 1:19 am

hey, they said they'd help [you], not help [you] do it right

Oct 7, 07 1:27 am

who let them into my house?!

Oct 8, 07 8:01 am
won and done williams

the beam being propped up with dozen shims is my favorite. i'd like to see a stress diagram on that baby.

Oct 8, 07 8:14 am

I helped a friend gut a basement that a clueless do-it-yourselfer did. Here's a sample of what we found:

- Entire electrical for 1000sf on one circuit 15A
- Smoke detector hidden in ceiling behind gyp
- Junction boxes hidden in ceiling behind gyp
- HOT water line run to toilet
- Old shower curtian used as vapor barrier
- Pressure tank for well walled off, inaccessible

Oct 8, 07 8:51 am
Sarah Hamilton

Could you use a shower curtain as a vapor barrier, assuming the space is small, or does it need to breath? I asking in all seriousness.

And, if you lived in a really cold climate, would it be benificial to run hot water to the toilet, or no? I'm thinking that the water would still sit in the tank, and therefore cool off, so it would still be wastful, but for some reason I am thinking there is a benefit to actually flushing hot water. Maybe I am just niave in my construction understanding.

Oct 8, 07 9:42 am

sometimes I've heard of running a hot water line to a toilet as a means of dealing with tank condensation. doesn't seem like a good way of dealing with it though.

Oct 8, 07 10:42 am

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