Green roof monitoring equipment/sensors?

Looking for  weather sensors or other monitoring gadgets for a green roof. Anybody able to recommend a supplier or resources for spec'ing the sensors/data gathering bits?


May 16, 11 11:10 am

Penn State is doing some research on the topic. Seems like weather stations are often used with Hydrotech.

May 16, 11 1:28 pm

yeah, but what's the make and model of weather aka environmental monitoring station being used? and how much do they cost?


the little bit of research I've done indicates  that I could hack a station together using arduino for a few bucks or buy a turnkey setup with soil temp, soil moisture, solar radiance, wind, temp, latent humidity, wireless telemetry, and a data logger for about $1500 or so.


Guess I should just ask my climatology colleagues for recommendations...


May 16, 11 9:44 pm
Token AE

I went to Penn State and was involved in both AE and Arch- I believe Dr. Riley of the AE department/ center for sustainability may be collaborating on some of those projects.


I've been out of the loop for a while, but you could try getting in touch with a few of his graduate students (listed on AE website)- the man never answers his emails.

May 16, 11 10:26 pm

Check out:


May 17, 11 8:48 am

Just learned that the ASLA green roof in DC uses HOBO temperature sensors and Sigma 950 Flow Meters. the HOBO sensors can be found here.


May 25, 11 3:25 pm

Campbell Scientific has a full range of sensors that can help collect post-occupancy data on all sorts of sustainable design projects.

Nov 18, 11 12:51 am

Getting ready to take the plunge for a Onset Hobo U30 data logger (powered by a 1.2 watt PV panel!), with sensors for soil moisture and temp, air temp/RH, wind speed, and a solar radiation (aka pyranometer) to start. The plan is to get a flexible set of sensors and data logger for measuring baseline landscape performance for my students. I'm choosing Hobo for it's plug and play 'smart sensors', their range of sensors available, and reasonable costs compared to higher-end sensors and gear. Also considered going with a Decagon (they have great soil/ag sensors), but I'm able to get a more powerful data logger at the same price and Onset has building energy and interior sensors too.

On my wish list are a net-radiometer (about $2400 & up), an eddy-covarience set up (over $20k) or at least a CO2 sensor ($2800), soil heat-flux sensors (not sure on the cost), water quality (turbidity, BOD and others), and some building performance sensors too.

Stay tuned for pics of the gear!

Aug 4, 12 1:43 am

are you gonna measure some hot looking buildings and be able to say, "this is a piece of chit mon!"

Aug 4, 12 4:23 am

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