10 January



an art sancutary birthday present for O.
1. Galleries
2. Entrance
3. Pacing Porch
4. Private Quarters

Today the present was Sushi, lots of it.

Silvio, email some of your pictures from today so I can post them. And don't forget that lean-to shelter with the up-rooted tree. "Do 'Indians' still live here?" Next time I'll show you the other cave where I'm certain natives used to live--it's right next to the Pyramid monument.

Jan 10, 13 6:13 pm

an art sancutary birthday present for O.


man those graphics are giving me a geocities flashback to, yes indeedly-doodly, 1999!

Jan 10, 13 11:59 pm

FrAC, O. is for Ottopia! If anyone, I thought that at least you were paying attention.

I didn't take these pictures, but I was there yesterday when they were taken:



Jan 11, 13 3:15 pm

"In evoking the figure of the angel floating out of the picture on the wall toward the viewer, Benjamin was following an old tradition of meditative picture-viewing, which has the figures in a picture come to life for the observer. In identifying with the figure, he was also behaving like the Chinese painter of whom he writes elsewhere, who leaves the space of reality to enter the imaginary space of his own picture and take his place as a figure in the painted landscape. These two notions complement one another. ... The angel's imaginary freedom of backward and forward movement, between the picture plane and the real space in front of it, denotes for him the existential freedom to move back and forth in time, where memory and expectation complement and fulfill one another."
--O. K. Werckmeister

Jan 10, 17 9:55 pm


Jan 13, 18 6:24 pm

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