my mentor was useless and I just used him to sign my hours (cerb)

gentle puppies

Are most mentor-intern relationships like this?

I started logging my hours in 3rd year undergrad co-op, when my intention was to work in British Columbia (at the time, something like 1/3 of the required hours could be pre-professional), and I had a mentor from BC who is a family friend.  He's like 60 years old and does traditional custom houses for new money folk, so there isn't much I can learn from him, nor is he particularly motivated to give me advice.  We met after each co-op term, where I summarize my experience in 2 minutes, he pretends to listen while throwing out disclaimers about how little he knows about the licensing process today, and signs my papers.

I'm pretty sure this isn't what the RAIC had in mind, but how do they expect it to go any other way?

Dec 30, 12 2:33 am
It is your responsibility as an aspiring Licensed Professional to ethically meet the minimum standards.
If you are using IDP, a daily supervisor should be signing your experience submissions, not the occasional mentor. A mentor should be an occasional resource as a backstop to your supervisor.
Professionals agree to be held to a higher standard of care for special privileges. Professionals are ethically bound to meet the standards and are mostly self-policing.
Dec 30, 12 12:46 pm
Kamu Kakizaki

Yeah pretty much unless you get lucky and form a personal relationship. Most bosses are to busy to care anyways. I've had a few lucky ones I still keep in touch with. All in all it's up to you to get experience and outreach to as many mentors as possible if getting licensed is your goal , no one will spoon feed you. Good luck:)

Dec 30, 12 4:24 pm
gentle puppies


Considering that architecture is the lowest paid of all the classic professions, what "special privileges" are we getting for holding this higher standard of care?  And what does mentorship have to do with it?

I just wanna get licensed so I can make more money at the firm I'm working at.  Not like I'm planning on starting my own practice and relegating myself to small projects with no urban-level implications

Dec 31, 12 4:02 pm

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