name a price for doing a single rendering+design?


So I was recently approached by a colleague in my office who has a connection to a developer in Houston.  Apparently this developer is preparing some sort of proposal for a large 4 story residential/retail mixed use building and they need a pretty rendering to use in the proposal to spark interest.

I'm an intern in my office with a few years experience and I was approached because I've done some decent rendering and design work for the office.  This would be an "on the side" type of deal, though.  

I'm being asked to come up with a number for compensation for basically designing and rendering an interesting facade for this building and producing one high quality rendering.

Any thoughts on what would be a reasonable number?  Flat fee or hourly rate?   Thanks guys.

Dec 17, 12 9:53 am


Dec 17, 12 11:49 am

Is this Pro Bono?

Dec 17, 12 12:02 pm

X - nope, not pro bono.  

Thanks Frac - any thoughts on what you're basing that on?

Dec 17, 12 12:50 pm

modeling and rendering hours + design hours x hourly rate = $_,___.__

if you've done '... some decent rendering and design work for the office'  then you should know about how long it would take you to do what you're asked to do.

maybe take your current salary and multiply your hourly rate by 2 (i would say 3 to 3.5 but you're doing this on the side so low overhead).  but forget it, this dude's a developer, so screw him!  i revise my bid to $6,000

add some time in there for revisions, to.  you know the developer is going to want you to change this and that and re-render a couple of times.

and beware of scope creep.  don't give them additional views if you agree on only 1 view.

and send that view early, get them to approve the angle and what's included and all that etc. etc. etc.

Dec 17, 12 1:34 pm

FRaC, again i wish there was a like button, cuz i wud so like your advice here! since there is not, I WISH I HAD MO HANDS!!!

Dec 17, 12 3:16 pm
Kamu Kakizaki

really? i should freelance. 

Dec 18, 12 3:35 pm

just rendering is no problem, but add design to it and your time and value goes up a heck lot more.

Do what FRac said... its the developer.  They got money and know the value of good renderings.  Try to remove the third party colleague out xD

Dec 18, 12 3:41 pm

if you're not very professional, and have only 'decent' skills, then charge between 500-1000. Lean toward 1000 if you're doing design work.


Dec 18, 12 3:42 pm


Dec 21, 12 3:21 am

if you charge flat fee you can be sure you'll be asked to do more than you charged for. If you charge $1000, you can bet you'll deliver $2000+ worth of work. Just charge hourly and make sure the client knows what theyre getting.

Dec 21, 12 3:23 am

Hey guys,

No one works without a contract if they know what they are doing and no one even brings up money until the project has been defined. If the "client" does not want to sign a contract then walk away from the project. 

Do not throw around numbers until you know exactly what the client wants, needs or can afford.

Also, know what you are worth. 



Shawn, over at:

Dec 21, 12 8:48 pm

Thanks for the advice. Ended up doing $1500 for rendering plus $50/hr for design services. There is a contract with specifics about revisions, etc. They had no prob with that proposal, for what it's worth...

Dec 22, 12 11:14 am

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