a good concrete finishing/formwork spec?

hey all - does anyone have a really good concrete formwork/finishing specification they'd mind sharing? i'm not looking for ando like quality here (although that would be fantastic - i actually worked with a p.a. on one of his projects and still regret not getting the concrete spec from her) but want to see how others have dealt with getting a good overall quality. if you can post a link here, we'll all benefit. if you're not comfortable, please feel free to contact me offline.


thanks in advance -



Dec 14, 12 9:30 am

I'm interested in this as well.

Dec 14, 12 10:35 am

I have a good custom master (unedited) that has notes on fly ash, concrete, and aggregate compositions, among other considerations. Not interested in sharing publicly though. Greg if you want, I can contact you, so you can contact me, so I can then send you it. 

This is for architectural concrete btw.

Dec 14, 12 10:50 am

rusty - that would be awesome. you can email me through my profile.

Dec 14, 12 10:51 am

*contacting ando*

Dec 14, 12 7:50 pm

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