13 December


231 heightened plurality and metabolism yet to come

...over the next 1200 years, ...the height of plurality is still yet to come. Over the next few centuries, the present will actually pass through more organs than it presently does, and will actually climax at the most organs at about 2300/2400 AD. Our present is just the beginning of plurality. The major/upper organs of the digestive system will become the dominant organs in the "plane of the present."

In general terms, the population will continue to increase, metabolism will become more the way things work, the plurality of organs (and perhaps then organizations) will become more evident, and what will by then by an over 2000 year tradition--assimilation--will be gradually, but evidently, leaving the picture.

The new tradition will be made up of a well defined plurality and a metabolism based operating system or imagination. There may also be a strong sense of anticipation for the coming second birth. The anticipation for the second birth will also be an anticipation for a whole new order.

Promenade Architecturale: A Documentation, Part I
This page is pretty much as it was published online 15 years ago, and the documentation has been complimented with one page before and eleven pages after.

Seeing a couple of images I took 12 years ago today...

...reminds me a little of this.

within the last twelve hours:
Writing Rome: Textual approaches to the city (again) . . . All Over the Map . . . "New Inquisitions on Architecture: From pluralism to narrative" . . . By leaving ideologies behind, architecture may fall into nihilism or else dissolve into a narrative dimension. Only through the mediation of a mythographic interpretation will the treatise and Utopia return to become part of the novel of architecture. . . . "Surrender: Ville Nouvelle Melun-Senart" . . . another, this time closer, look at Patent Office

Found out this morning I successfully bid on this...

October 1977

"In 1978 (sic), one of the covers of Progressive Architecture looked almost exactly like this, and the copy-cats were now uncontrollably out of the bag. I remember professors in school being literally afraid that students will start doing the same thing."

Dec 13, 12 12:42 pm

Wow.  Today is 13 december.  What a coincidence!


Dec 13, 12 12:50 pm

Wow. HandsumCa$hMoneyYo is a copy-cat of Wolfhilde von Schlittenfahrt. How typical of you (like how many times have you worn that 'expensive designer' shirt?).


Dec 13, 12 12:58 pm

i googled that an discovered you were asked to help ms. Schlittenfahrt with a bathing room design on Feb 2 of 2009.  how is ms. Schlittenfahrt?  did she appreciate your design?  i hope it went well.

different day, same shit i suppose.

Dec 13, 12 2:10 pm



That's one of the best things ever posted on Archinect. 

Dec 13, 12 2:19 pm

What's yor problem quandamn?  You got a stuck up your ass?  I just thought it was a coincidence that you strarted a thread about 13 decembre and it also happened to be that today is 13 decembre.  Did you even realize the significance of that?

Just double checkin, yo!

Dec 13, 12 2:44 pm
a mouse

the significance that 13 December happens every year?

Dec 13, 12 3:37 pm

Fourteen cows were busy grazing at the farm's highest elevation, right next to the fence. I noticed they had names on their numbered ear-tags--Daphne, Kikki, and Tootsie were close enough for me to read. And then, on the last leg of my walk down in the woods along the creek, about 50  yeard in front of me, a small herd of deer sprang up from the creek and started sprinting up the hill toward the farm. As I got closer, four of them stopped half way up and turned around and watched me as I walked by. I whistled at them, clapped at them, but they just stood there and watched me. I thought I saw more than four though, and then I saw two and then one more little ones timidly catching up with the bigger ones. White tails again.


If I recall correctly, the Schlittenfahrt bathroom was a reenactment of the Duchamp gallery at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. You know, a urinal, peep-holes, a bride stripped bare, broken glass even, all the things you want in a bathroom. Wolfhilde's doin' just fine. She's taking up yodeling in the nude as she descends staircases. And yes, she has now hired me to design several dozen staircases for her. Gott sei Dank!

Wolfhilde's house

Dec 13, 12 4:09 pm

What's up with the "yo"- grow up! Archinect is not a ghetto, nod if it was, as an architect or whatever you are (wannabe perhaps) you should try to correct that classlessness...

Dec 13, 12 4:11 pm

stay classy, Ca$hMoney


Dec 13, 12 5:07 pm



amazing your website condam!!!

have you published all your investigations in any book?

Dec 14, 12 11:27 am

Very distinctive PA cover.

That issue is the very first one I remember reading in my first year of school.  Is it the one featuring the Willow Glen Houses?  Still one of my favorite projects, done by a favorite faculty instructor of mine, Peter de Bretteville.

Good bidding.  How much did you get it for, if you don't mind my asking?

Dec 14, 12 11:30 am

I think I get it now.  Suddenly it seems obvious that yesterday was better than today.

Even so, I still think the meta-ness of naming a thread after the day's date is pretty mind-blowingly significant.


Dec 14, 12 2:07 pm

jekiff, I did self-publish three volumes back in 2005-6, and they are still available via print to order at 'quondam banquet'. They are not exactly my investigations, however. They're primarily a collection of what I've written online since 1998. A lot of the same data is available at, composed better there even.

citizen, I don't actually have the magazine yet. It was just a regular auction at ebay, and I got it for $2.95. I'll look for the Glen Willow Houses.

Dec 14, 12 4:54 pm



Dec 13, 13 9:45 pm

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