Need help in management of small architectural firm.

I have a task in my school of architecture to organize a small architectural firm (management and marketing) . I live in Russia and I think our sources are not actual nowadays.

Can you help me about information of departments of arch firm, management and marketing?

Thanks a lot.

Dec 8, 12 2:37 pm

Don't know if Amazon delivers to Russia, but this is a pretty good book on the subject: The Architect's Guide to Small Firm Management -

Dec 8, 12 3:00 pm

Actually - this link might work better: The Architect's Guide to Small Firm Management -

The earlier one was from a mobile site and it may not work properly on a regular desktop.

This is another book you may find useful: The Business of Design -

Dec 8, 12 7:05 pm

@Hike Martirosyan- You Russian? I had some specific questions regarding studying/living in Russia. Can you be of any help? 

Dec 9, 12 2:10 am
Hike Martirosyan

quizzical, thanks a lot for your help. But there is not enough time to wait till this book will arrive ) Is there any articles on this subject ? 

Znaika, I"m armenian, but live in Russia. I can help you, please contact me with your questions.

Dec 9, 12 2:55 am

If 'Next Day Shipping' from amazon isn't quick enough for you, I don't think you need to worry too much about your assignment as you clearly don't have enough time.  Its a complex and deep area in architecture.

Dec 9, 12 6:14 am
Hike Martirosyan
One week shipping to Russia is not quick for me.
Dec 9, 12 6:33 am
Hike Martirosyan

Thank you so much!

Dec 10, 12 12:11 am

@Hike Martirosyan- Could you reply to this thread?


Dec 10, 12 12:39 am


Give me your e mails to send you information about it.


Thank you,

Jul 20, 13 8:29 am

For all of you interested take a look:

Jul 20, 13 8:48 am

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