Internship in Singapore


Hi i am intrested in doing internship next year...Can anybody list out some good firms that take forign students as interns over there... 

Dec 7, 12 3:06 am

Hi Giby. Singapore is a great choice! I have been there myself. If you are looking for an internship yourself without the help of negotiators, universities or other connections try the guide on I used it a couple of months ago for my own internship to Thailand. It shows you how to find companies you are looking for and apply for them in the right way because getting hired can be quite difficult. 

good luck on your search towards Singapore. Hope I might helped a bit. 

Jan 13, 13 11:40 am

hey i'm an undergraduate student in india  with zero contacts or negotiators on doing an internship abroad.

i'd really like to know every detail on how can i get an internship in dubai or u.s.

p.s. my college isn't among the top listed, so i am not a very bright knowledgeable student.

i am an average student,and seeing the works here i would futher say i am below average.

hope to get a reply soon.

Jan 13, 13 4:48 pm

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