Yo Mama, Architectural Style....

Sarah Hamilton

Started in another thread, but worthy of a thread of its own.


ToasterOven:    btw - your mom?  all of division 8.

Phillip Crosby:    "yo mama so fat, reyner banham called her a mega-structure"

curtkram:    yo mama so fat, rem had to add a new chapter at the of s,m,l,xl

Dec 6, 12 11:49 am

yo mama so big, she gets TIF money.

yo mama so big, she got a PUD.

Dec 6, 12 12:13 pm

My mama?!

My mother is dead.

Fuck you Sarah Hamilton & mantaray.  You are both classless ass-clowns.


Dec 6, 12 12:27 pm

Yo momma so big she shits full scale Gehry museums.

Dec 6, 12 12:36 pm

Yo momma so fat, her farts qualify for LEED EA.2 'Renewable energy-alternative fuel' credit. . 

Dec 6, 12 12:48 pm

Yo momma so big she s(h)its on the CCTV building...

Dec 6, 12 12:50 pm

yo momma so big she has to spec 07 53 23 for a hat

Dec 6, 12 1:19 pm

i'm just saying.  07 95 00.

Dec 6, 12 1:20 pm

Yo momma so dumb she reads "Architectural Record" only for the articles.

Dec 6, 12 1:26 pm

Yo momma so fat when she goes jogging, they have to make addenda to UBC Section 1626.1.

Dec 6, 12 2:11 pm

your mom is so fat she has her own multiplier on IBC table 1004.1.1


(yes kids - you have to look shit up. get used to it.)

Dec 6, 12 2:28 pm

yo mama so fat she uses the empire state building as a tooth pick

Dec 6, 12 2:33 pm

nice toaster

yo momma so fat she has to comply with IBC section 507

Dec 6, 12 2:45 pm

Yo mamma so ugly, the design commission condemned her.

Dec 6, 12 2:52 pm
Smoke Porterhouse

Yo mamma so fat she makes a 50ft setback look like New Urbanism.

Dec 6, 12 3:16 pm

your momma so fat she calls the zumthor baths the zumthor bath.

Dec 6, 12 3:19 pm

Yo' mama so big Jane Jacobs broke down and cried when she saw her coming. 

Dec 6, 12 3:31 pm

your mom is so fat she doesn't get an area increase even if she's sprinkled.

Dec 6, 12 3:34 pm

your mom is so stupid she got lost inside the Barcelona pavilion.

Dec 6, 12 3:41 pm
Smoke Porterhouse

Your mom is Zaha Hadid.

/drops mic

Dec 6, 12 3:53 pm

ha!  toaster, that area increase is gold.

Damn, I've been trying to come up with a Jane Jacobs one.  Nice.

And smoke porterhouse, fuck off.  You should be dropping that mic in shame at something both totally dull AND offensive.

Dec 6, 12 3:57 pm

Yo momma's so post modern, I just want to demolish her over and over again. 

Dec 6, 12 4:09 pm

Smoke Porterhouse, your first one (the setback/New Urbanism) was great. 

The Zaha reference, yeah, what mantaray said.  I'm trying to read these all in the spirit of good humor, not in reference to the overriding cultural belief that women only have value if they look like a model.  So yeah, what manta said. 

But you can redeem yourself with more funny ones slamming New Urbanism.

Dec 6, 12 4:17 pm

Yo momma's so big Corbusier planned to develop an airport on her chins, some cruciform towers on her shoulders, and some smaller, multistory blocks for the proletariat on one of her asscheeks, leaving the other for an open park to be shared by all.

Dec 6, 12 4:31 pm

Yo momma's so fat, the RFQ to design her house listed stadiums as relevant experience.

Dec 6, 12 4:42 pm
Smoke Porterhouse

If you're trying to police jokes on Archinect, you're going to have a bad time.

Dec 6, 12 6:15 pm

Yo momma's so curvilinear, her parti is composed of actual tectonics.

Dec 6, 12 6:16 pm

Yo momma’s so fat, that before she puts on her makeup, she has to do a site analysis.

Yo momma’s so fat that the plotter ran out of ink printing her picture.

Dec 6, 12 6:36 pm

that zaha hadid reference was hilarious!

Dec 6, 12 8:55 pm

Agree with dantheman, no better yo mama insult than Zahahahaha!.

Dec 6, 12 9:38 pm


Dec 6, 12 10:11 pm

Yo mamas so faaaat, she had to install a gantry to get dressed.


Yo mamas so faaaat, yo daddy needed a heavy vehicle driving license to mount her!


Yo mamas sooo faaaat, we call her clothes "Cladding"

Dec 6, 12 11:29 pm

Yo momma sooo dumb, she thought Hejduk was a hunter's call for water fowl.

Dec 6, 12 11:56 pm

"But you can redeem yourself with more funny ones slamming New Urbanism."

Said like a true liberal.

Dec 7, 12 10:13 am

yo mamma so dumb she brings political division into a yo momma thread

Dec 7, 12 11:21 am

Yo mama so liberal she thinks you should get your prescriptive planning, design guidelines, and regs out of architecture...

Um. Wait. That sounds more libertarian, doesn't it?

Dec 7, 12 11:24 am

Yo mama is so fat, I had to switch from 1/8" to 1/16" scale just to fit her on a full-sized sheet.

Dec 7, 12 11:31 am

Yo momma is so fat Buckminster Fuller was hired to design her a bra.

Dec 7, 12 11:40 am

Your momma so contrived, she put on a hat, called it a brise soliel and called it "design."

Dec 7, 12 12:36 pm

Yo momma is so fatty, she's movin to Colorado!

Dec 7, 12 2:08 pm

Yo mama so dumb, she think modernism is modern.

Dec 7, 12 2:58 pm
timothy sadler®

Yo mama's so stupid she applied at NBBJ because she thought it meant "Nothing But Barbeque Joints".

Dec 7, 12 3:18 pm

Yo.....Don't go talkn bout my moma like she is a bag of cement!

Dec 7, 12 4:01 pm

Yo mama'ssofat she applied at PBS&J  because she thought it meant " Peanut Butter Sardines & Jelly ".

Dec 7, 12 8:10 pm

Ya Mama's so big they built a bra for her out of  engineered scissor trusses

Dec 7, 12 8:15 pm

your mom is so fat that when maki talks about "group form" he's referring to her. 

Dec 7, 12 8:31 pm

Yo momma sooo white, she makes Richard Meier buildings look dirty.

Dec 7, 12 10:24 pm
vado retro

yo mama so fat, sam jacob, charles holland and sean griffiths accidentally had an owners meeting in her armpit.

Dec 8, 12 7:30 am
Yo momma so fat the only place that would hire her is BIG.
Dec 8, 12 10:07 am

yo mama so fat she uses the shanghai expo danish pavilion as a toilet.

Dec 8, 12 11:48 am

yo mama so fat she thought "yes is more" was a diet book.

Dec 8, 12 11:49 am

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