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Hey Guys,

I'm looking to get into photography as a little bit of a side hobby, and was wondering if anyone could recommend a good camera to start off with? I'd like to focus on photographing buildings mostly, but will probably be shooting whatever I see and think is cool. I've been recommended something in the Panasonic Lumix family, is that line decent quality? I really have no idea, so any help would be great.



Dec 3, 12 9:49 pm

The Lumix LX-5 is functionally (but not cosmetically) equivalent to the Leica D-Lux 5, but has a shorter warranty and a much lower price. I have the D-Lux and it's a great camera for the money. I think you'll find the LX-5 to be a good entry level (non DSLR) camera. There are many reviews online - I recommend you wallow in those before making a final decision.

Dec 3, 12 11:16 pm

fuji x10

Dec 4, 12 12:36 am

i have the canon eos rebel and i like it.  i would love to get a wide-angle lens with a really big aperture (low f-stop) too, so i can take near fish-eye shots for interiors when it's kind of dark or exteriors when you just can't stand in the right spot to get a picture.  i suppose i haven't designed enough interiors yet to make me go out and buy a new lens.

Dec 4, 12 7:41 am

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