23 November


Better late than never.

Nov 23, 12 9:46 pm

Poetic Parameters
Don't make waves, or they might just pull the plug?
Don't make plugs, or they might just iron out the waves?
Irony makes waves, feel the pull?

Jung Zaha House, 2007.08.10:

Precursor to the Le Corbusier Unlugged Style?

The least I can do now is combine the two databases. There goes the neighborhood.


Nov 23, 13 7:20 pm

Took some pictures in my garden over a month ago, but I haven't actually looked at them until today.

And I came across this which seemed worth reposting:

The Great Books (of Architecture)
2009.11.20 11:50
The Decline of the Whiskey Empire
Eutropian Theories
Voodoo Valley, 19120
buildings that move(d)
Apostate Architecture
Kissing That Reality Good-bye
The Last Great Pagan Architecture of Rome
Uninhibited Habitations
Architecture of the Divided States of America
Appositional Architecture
Rita Novel This Sontag

Nov 23, 16 2:13 pm

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