"Archinecter" or "Archinector"?

Po-tay-to or po-tah-to?

I'm in favor of "archinecter", personally. Like "farmer", it seems like it's more correct.

From my dictionary:

-er 1 |?r| suffix 1 denoting a person, animal, or thing that performs a specified action or activity : farmer | sprinkler. 2 denoting a person or thing that has a specified attribute or form : foreigner | two-wheeler. 3 denoting a person concerned with a specified thing or subject : milliner | philosopher. 4 denoting a person belonging to a specified place or group : city-dweller | New Yorker.

-or 1 suffix (forming nouns) denoting a person or thing performing the action of a verb, or denoting another agent : escalator | governor | resistor. ORIGIN from Latin, sometimes via Anglo-Norman French -eour or Old French -eor (see also -ator , -itor) .

What's the consensus?

Jul 31, 07 7:46 am

I like tumbleweed's coinage: archinecteur.

Jul 31, 07 8:08 am

That's great! I haven't seen it in use. Prouvé and Le Corbusier would approve.

Jul 31, 07 8:26 am

i've changed from archinecter to archinector after taking note that archinect is based on the root word 'connect' and the appropriate suffix for 'connect' is '-or' = 'connector'.

Jul 31, 07 8:56 am

Good point, Steven. But 'necter sounds like nectar, which seems pretty sweet to me.

Jul 31, 07 9:03 am

I bounce back n forth with -teur and -tor

Jul 31, 07 9:40 am

also, since i, like you, am performing the action of archinecting, i believe that i, like you, am an archinector.

Jul 31, 07 11:23 am

i think the term "archinecteur" should only apply to those with over 1000 comments.

all archinecteurs are archinectors. But not all archinectors are archinecteurs.

Jul 31, 07 11:31 am

i agree 100% with SW. it's about being a connector. although i am somewhat partial to the classier version archinecteur, though it shouldn't be limited to those with 1000 posts or more.

i say...s/he who calls themself an archinecteur shall be one, but in proper parlance, we're all simply archinectors.

Jul 31, 07 11:45 am

"Archinecter" or "Archinector"?

Late to this one but Paul P is the Archinector.
We are all Archinecters.

Jul 31, 07 1:17 pm

i thought paul p and his crew were "archinecticians"
(i was really sad when they stopped being "pimps" and stopped "pimping architecture since 199...7(?)"

Jul 31, 07 1:45 pm

what about
'necters ?

Jul 31, 07 4:03 pm
clerestory strip™


Jul 31, 07 4:07 pm

If you ar stressing "connect", then wouldn't it be "connector": Archinector?

Jul 31, 07 4:12 pm
Carl Douglas (agfa8x)

archinecteur / archinecteuse

(pl. archinecteurs / archinecteuses)

Jul 31, 07 4:57 pm

archinector sounds like the bad child of the terminator ...
so definetly archinecter

Aug 2, 07 8:42 am

i'm with steven ward on this topic and propose an archinector vs. archineter challenge via myspace.

Aug 2, 07 1:27 pm

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