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Hello everyone!

I am new here and I would like to ask for some small help!

This semester I am doing an engineer diploma in architecture. 
I am designing an Art Gallery in Poland, located on a river. I want to develop my idea more, and to do that I need to figure out  what this Gallery can include? I was thinking about photograhpy, because the area doesn't have any history to which I could connect.

Having this problem solved, I can think more of a structure and some other details.

I am counting on your help! /

Thank you :)

Nov 21, 12 2:15 pm

an art gallery is potentially just a simple room or series of rooms. depending how varied the art selections are, it may be appropriate for the gallery *not* to be overly prescriptive. why not use the location and culture as your springboard rather than the type of art? 

Nov 21, 12 3:46 pm

Just a quibble:

a) you don't necessarily need to connect to history for a concept - not every project has to be contextual, or connected to or referencing history in some way - 

however - 

b) the area doesn't have any history

I doubt this is true.  No area doesn't have any history.

Nov 21, 12 5:51 pm

It is a  new urban park. Exists since around 1980. And since then nothing really changed there. They just added some pathaways and planted some more trees. I have done all the research.
 I just want to do something very simple, and I think photography might be it, or just a simple contemporary art. I also want to do something interesting in the elevations to play with a light. Like the Art Gallery in Delhi by Abhhay Narkar.
Altough I would like to do smth that will connect that park with my gallery, make it more combined. 

Nov 22, 12 11:37 am
i r giv up

if you want to be really ballsy, use libeskind and the subsequent installations that take advantage of the insane tectonics of the shard as a precedent.

Nov 22, 12 1:04 pm

ok "your" gallery will be run by a collective or organization of some sort - they could be a non-profit artist-run gallery (combination of public and private funding), or they could be a commercial gallery (privately funded), or they could be a full-on publicly funded museum. These  distinctions will play a bigger role to the operations of the space than whether it's showing photography or silkscreens, instead of oil paintings. To be perfectly clear: the medium of the artwork to be displayed in the gallery has almost no bearing on the operations, with exception of sculpture and installation art, which would put special structural requirements on your floor slab and would affect your loading dock configuration. Lighting requirements vary with each medium, but a good gallery is usually equipped with a super flexible lighting system anyways (because good curators know that every artwork or series call for a specific lighting solution).
The programming desired by various models of galleries will influence the layout of the spaces and their flexibility way more than the art content. If this gallery is going to host frequent social functions, such as fundraisers, talks, and openings, you better plan for it. If a part of the mandate is arts education, and they will run children and adult art classes, you better plan to accommodate both of those audiences. Anything involving children typically means increased concerns with security and privacy - so you can't just have them doing things in a completely open publicly accessible space.
You'd be better off to let go of the single-purpose gallery idea, and instead create your ideal client - the people who will run the gallery, as well as the many audiences that might visit it - and resolving those needs and desires with the limitations of site, cultural context, etc. A space to exhibit photography that is all about apertures or other concepts borrowed from photography would be a one-liner project anyways.

Nov 22, 12 4:39 pm

Including contemporary artworks will be a good idea. Also the artworks of upcoming artists can be displayed, which will help them to get a good recognition in public.

Sep 23, 13 5:33 am
Alvin Smith

Mr Thomas i am agree with u................

Sep 23, 13 6:00 am

Consider the landscaping possibilities of the grounds from the museum down to the river for a future outdoor sculpture garden? The grounds, combined with reception rooms in the museum could lead to use for weddings and other gatherings not really related to the art. I would also look at the better historical civic buildings in the city for ideas. Every new museum doesn't have to scream for attention to itself.

Sep 23, 13 11:51 am

Thank you all for your help.

The project was finished on February. I have choosen to make Fashion and Textiles Gallery because of history of the City. Here is the link with a project and short describtion fi anyone would like to see it.

Sep 23, 13 4:35 pm

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