NYC Boiler Room question


Does anyone know if a Boiler Room is required to be in the basement/cellar?

I've got a client in the Seaport that is considering moving it to the ground floor, after having been flooded out during Sandy.

No idea where to find this info in the codes, so if anyone knows the answer and/or where to point me in the Code, it would be greatly appreciated.

Nov 16, 12 2:52 pm

I do believe to boiler plant can go anywhere.  Alot of folks even put them in mechanical penthouses.

Technically speaking, your not required to have a basement or cellar either.

Nov 16, 12 6:08 pm

Man, I was thinking of a completely different kind of boiler room.  Was looking forward to hearing which NYC arch firms were using high pressure telemarketing fraud.

Bummer, yo!

Nov 17, 12 8:16 am

wouldnt you just need walls floor and ceiling of a particular rating? i think it's 3hr, but not 100%

Nov 17, 12 2:07 pm
i r giv up

The NYC Building Code (maybe it cites the Mechanical code. I haven't read that part in a long time.) is fairly specific about ways in which you're required to isolate your boiler room from other uses and a bunch of other spatial reqs. Just read through it.

Not. Fucking. Hard.

Nov 17, 12 2:13 pm
t a z

The minimum live load for a boiler room is 300 psf.  For existing construction you'll likely need to retrofit the floor framing which may be more trouble than it's worth.

Nov 19, 12 2:36 pm

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