what name to call this planning analysis drawings?


Hey Guys,

Got another question. Pls see the attached picture, it shows the planning structure for an residential complex district. What kind of name would be suitable for this analysis/diagram? I guess the "space analysis" isn't correct.

How about "planning structure" or "spatial diagram"? Please let me know your suggestions.

Nov 8, 12 1:44 am

From the Chinese up there, it's called spatial diagram.

Nov 8, 12 2:05 am

Hi, Gyo, I really doubt it.  Can you find online resources to support this name?  BTW, WHO are the top 5 firm doing best in Urban planning area in US?

the attached is another one.

Nov 8, 12 2:22 am

i should say more like spatial studies, but the title on the top left, it says spatial structural studies

hard to say 

And to be honest I dont understand the diagram doing... Thats why it is hard to name it

Nov 8, 12 5:44 am

It seems if I want to post an image for reply, I can't do it directly. This is weired.

The translation in the diagram isn't right. My responsibility is to correct it if there is need.    I think it should be called" panning structure analysis".  This diagram illustrates the overall strategy for the planning like view and road arrangement.

Do you agree with me? If you have  similar drawings, pls post here for comparision.

Nov 11, 12 10:23 pm

I would call this a composite site analysis plan.

It's clearly a site diagram, but it seems overlay aspects of circulation, form/edge, and space... individual aspects one could diagram individually.  Here, they look to be combined into one drawing.

Nov 12, 12 1:14 am

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