Anyone listen to reggaeton? Im trying to find some new artists/songs. Any suggestions?

Jul 10, 07 10:43 am

Check out this post from abstractdynamics, the comments below the entry are where the action is.

Jul 10, 07 11:14 am

you call that noise music?

I heard once a researcher saying how a person's taste for music and food get cemented around the time you are a teenager. That does not say you will never like anything new again, but you will most likely like similar things. I, in accordance to that research, very strongly dislike reggaeton.

Jul 10, 07 11:24 am

Two things that we all have to endure people telling us about the music we like:

'It's just noise!'

'It all sounds exactly the same!'

You'll hear this from somebody, somewhere, no matter what you like to listen to, and chances are, you'll eventually hear it come out of you own mouth when you first run into something you don't understand (or have just gotten too old to bother thinking critically).

I still listen to new shit, and I'm almost thirty, hopefully that'll still be the case for a couple more years.

Jul 10, 07 11:28 am

(but that said, I just realized that what's playing right now in my itunes window is a jungle mixtape that I got when I was 18! Long live nostalgia!)

Jul 10, 07 11:29 am


I'm a big fan of electronic music, in particular house music. I can hear a lot of house/electronic influence in reggaeton, so maybe what you say is true.

And yes, I call it music.

Jul 10, 07 11:35 am

765, i remember those same words (you call that noise music) coming out of my mom's mouth when I played my tribe, snoop, wu, gravediggaz, delasoul, krs one, etc...
Starting around 98, I started disliking a lot of new music. Even now, the new music I like is really rooted in the music I liked then... I hope to be able to break the circle the research above describes, but not sure I want to start with reggaeton ;) Maybe I should though, who would I listen to?

Jul 10, 07 11:37 am


just a few that I like...

jowell y randy, alexis y fido, zion, don omar

Jul 10, 07 11:39 am

this is one of cats in detroit...... reggaton/hip hop/rap........ he has a few videos on youtube and he's gonna be in my t-shirt line soon.....


Jul 10, 07 12:47 pm

reggaeton use to be called dancehall

Jul 10, 07 12:52 pm

Calle 13. Vico C. Tego Calderon.

I tend to like the stuff thats actually more hip-hop based. I personally hate stuff like Alexis y Fido and Hector y Tito etc.

I actually used to hate reggeton growing up (in Puerto Rico), but when I came to the states I grew to apreciate it, since it was the excuse for the white girls to acts slutty to the puertorricans in the clubs hahaha.

Jul 10, 07 1:23 pm

reggaeton and dancehall arent the same. dancehall comes from jamaica... reggaeton is influenced by it, even maybe a genre of dancehall, but it was born in puerto rico and has a stronger drum-machine driven beat.

Jul 10, 07 1:39 pm
clerestory strip™

Ivy Queen!

Jul 10, 07 2:41 pm

Check out my little bro Let me know what y'all think

Cheo Fulton @ 

Oct 22, 19 5:36 pm
Non Sequitur

Why? This is a 12y old thread.


I didn't pay attention to how old this tread was. I saw the topic that was being talked about and wanted to see what you guys and gals think about my Lil bro.

Oct 22, 19 6:25 pm
Chad Miller

Go fuck yourself and your little bro.

Non Sequitur

It’s literally audible shit.

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