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Compared to 2008, Archinect has been surprisingly quiet about the 2012 election cycle. Pretty depressing situation, huh?

Anyway, I came across this organization recently and thought it to be an interesting bi-partisan initiative:

Don't forget to vote tomorrow.

Nov 5, 12 11:20 am

except for due, frac, and perhaps a couple trolls we all agree this time around :D

Nov 5, 12 11:47 am

I think we all had enough politics lately

Nov 5, 12 12:46 pm

Yes - I too am tired (exhausted) by politics and definitely was not trying to initiate another debate by starting this thread.

Nevertheless, no matter who wins tomorrow, he still has to govern and the impasse in the Congress very well may make that impossible. It was that aspect of the No Labels organization that I found of interest, so I thought I would share the link.

Nov 5, 12 1:23 pm

Except this entire group is politics for politics sake hiding behind a mask of nonpartisanship. It doesn't actually address anything that makes America actually 'work.' And unfortunately, we're past that point of making America 'work.'

We're swiftly approaching August 6th, 1806.

Nov 5, 12 1:52 pm

I think there's a general realization this time around that no matter who wins, we all lose.

Nov 5, 12 1:56 pm

So .. are we just going to throw in the towel and let everything swirl further down the drain?

Clearly, elected officials are not listening to the electorate -- they're only listening to special interests who are prepared to contribute heavily to their campaign or their super-pac.

I'm personally convinced that a substantial plurality of the electorate ( on both sides ) is fed up with the polarization and stalemate. Realistically, what can be done to convince politicians in both parties that they need to a) start listening to rank-and-file citizens again and b) seek common ground and accept compromise for the public good?

Nov 5, 12 2:41 pm

Don't vote.

But if you must, then do consider one of the many other candidates rather than brainlessly endorsing the status quo by choosing either a democrat or republican.


Nov 5, 12 3:19 pm

Nevertheless, no matter who wins tomorrow, he still has to govern and the impasse in the Congress very well may make that impossible.

what do you mean, 'he'?

Peace & Freedom Barr & Sheehen FTW WTF!


Nov 5, 12 3:27 pm

LOL at the idea of implementing any kind of meaningful change by voting. If you vote, whether for Robama or Obamney or Whomever, you are registering your complicity in a corrupt status quo. The system is not reformable. If you don't like how it works and what it does, then you need to replace it with another system. That requires more than marking a ballot. Historically, it's required putting everything on the line (e.g. lives, fortunes, sacred honor, et al.) and rolling the dice.

"Money is overthrown and abolished by blood." ~Oswald Spengler

Nov 5, 12 4:09 pm

Handsum, that's exactly what I did that's why one day I won't wake up and regret voting for yet another corporate wh*re.

Nov 5, 12 4:21 pm

 impasse in the Congress very well may make that impossible.....ya it is amazing how so many can be so full of shit....and be at an impasse.

Nov 5, 12 5:09 pm

Actually I think the CEO of World Wrestling Federation who happens to be running for Senator in Connecticut on the Republican Ticket has do a great job at creating  Super Bowl Commercials to oust her opponent.  The commercials have taken on a life of their own.  I think the Republican Party might even be asking themselves why they would have selected her to run.  She has self financed her run to the tune of 70 Million Dollars or some other far reaching number.  So I'm sure she has no one looking over her shoulder telling her what to do.  Today there was something in the paper about her sending out information in packets looking like they were coming from a  City Halls Registar's office.  I will be so glad when this dog and pony show is over. 

Nov 5, 12 5:16 pm

i'm sorry i left you off my previous list gwharton.  that was an oversight on my part.

Nov 5, 12 6:00 pm

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