architecture for bicycles (BIG)


A candid view of one of BIG's projects. Pretty kickass (youtube).


Oct 23, 12 10:54 pm

f-ing awesome - ride right out of your apartment straight onto bike facilities.

Oct 23, 12 11:02 pm  · 

In 5 years when they are done building that neighborhood, this place is going to be absolutely amazing

Oct 24, 12 5:38 pm  · 

talk about a fucking awesome commute...

Oct 24, 12 9:49 pm  · 
wurdan freo

what happens when it snows? Trade your bike for a sled?

Oct 25, 12 11:13 am  · 

Seems there would be some gnarly bike accidents.

And I can't imagine any mother living there with the typical dare-devil young boy.  The poor thing would be a nervous wreck.

I'd also imagine that it's a real bitch riding a bike back up to your apartment but I'll assume they've got some elevators for that.

The whole thing still seems like an expensive gimmick.


Oct 25, 12 12:18 pm  · 

Anybody know what the ramp slope is? It feels pretty steep...

Oct 25, 12 3:11 pm  · 

in the winter in norway they just switch to a sled called a spark.

It does seem a bit steep...and the ramp seems to end kind of abruptly...haven't looked at the video yet, but is the entire thing a straight run?

Oct 25, 12 4:39 pm  · 

From watching the video, it seems like there is at least one, if not two, fairly sharp turns (considering slop & path width).

I do like the idea of the 'urban street', but if there is a typical interior elevator set-up, I don't see there being much use besides the odd joy-ride (did you see the bicycle racks outside the building on the ground level?). I guess if you were friends with somebody living a couple units up/down, you could walk over for dinner... and of course the architecture student tourists & visitors seeking a view, since there seems to be no restriction of access at the bottom of the ramp. But perhaps the Danish are more active than us lazy North Americans and will use the exterior access as their main route in/out of the building!

Oct 27, 12 12:22 am  · 

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