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i will put this up and fall off the face of the earth for the next week (school)...

Symphonatic - a composition of logics structured around methods of musical composition. the logics must be extracted from completed bodies of work, including literature, architecture, music, art... Each logic must tie the next logic into the context of the Symphonatic while remaining as contextually accurate to the original body of work from which it was extracted. The musical composition method dictates the mood, emotion, flow, direction, and subplot logic.

Apr 26, 07 12:50 pm

[don't know anything about musical composition method yet]

diaphragm 1 : a body partition of muscles and connective tissues; specifically the partition separating the chest and abdominal cavities in mammals that by its contraction and relaxation varies the relative size and the internal pressure of these cavities and thereby plays an important role in such activities as breathing, defecation, and parturition and that in [hu]man[s] has the form of an obliquely placed domed sheet, higher in front than behind, attached to the xiphoid cartilage, the six or seven lower ribs and their cartilage, and the lumbar vertebrae. (Webster)

[to be continued]

Apr 26, 07 1:24 pm

Initiatory death reinterates the paradigmatic return to chaos, in order to make possible a repetition of the cosmogony--that is, to prepare for the new birth. Regression to chaos is sometimes literal--as, for example, in the case of the initiatory sicknesses of future shamans, which have often been regarded as real attacks of insanity. There is, in fact, a total crisis, which sometimes leads to disintegration of the personality. This psychic chaos is the sign that the profane man is undergoing dissolution and that a new personality is on the verge of birth. (Eliade)

Jun 21, 07 11:31 pm
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Jun 14, 14 12:12 am


Good-Bye House, 2004

Madelon Vriesendrop, Freud Unlimited, 1978

Dali's Paranoid-Critical Method (PCM) is a form of reinforcement therapy, but in the opposite direction. Instead of the diseased perfprming the rituals of health, Dali proposes a tourism of sanity into the realm of paranoia.
When Dali invents the PCM. paranoia is fashionable in Paris. Through medical research its definition has been amplified beyond simple persecution mania, which is only one fragment of a much larger tapestry of delusion. In fact, paranoia is a delirium of interpretation. Each fact, event, force, observation is caught in one system of speculation and "understood" by the afflicted individual in such a way that it absolutely confirms and reinforces his thesis--that is, the initial delusion which is his point of departure. The paranoiac always hits the nail on the head, no matter where the hammer blows fall.
Just as in a magnetic field molecules align themselves to exert a collective, cumulative pull, so, through unstoppable, systematic and in themselves strictly rational associations, the paranoiac turns the whole world into a magnetic field of facts, all pointing in the same direction: the one he is going in.
The essence of paranoia is this intense--if distorted--relationship with the real world: "The reality of the external world is used for illustrtion and proof . . . to serve the reality of our mind. . . ."
Paranoia is a shock of recognition that never ends.
Rem Koolhaas, Delirious New York, 1978

Venice Architecture Biennale 2014

Well, in a way it is an engineered schizophernic structure. To some extent we have always insisted on a critique of the myth of of the professionalism of the architect.
Rem Koolhaas, "Finding Freedoms: Coversations with Rem Koolhaas", 1991

Genetic Engineering 003, 2005

Fashion Statement 005, 2001

outside in :: inside out

Virtual Exhibition 012, 2006

Villa Appositional, 2013

My Favorite, 2001

Jun 14, 14 11:17 am
Olaf Design Ninja_

Bravo. I will contribute soon, was doing a remix of a famous text by koolhaas. The image comparison of Delirious and Venice B. Tourism are great. By the way it occurred to me while reading this; it isn't so much about deja vu or reenactment of ones own previous acts or others in history , rather what it is about is the constant drive to express the unconscious aesthetic that makes one eternally return to what appears to be the same commentary on existence - its what you could always be you just have to get in tune with it.

Jun 16, 14 9:05 pm

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