please discuss... we are getting a new plotter at the office. Why the hell I am asked to pick it, I have no idea...

found garpike's thread... but it is a little old.
what is the best plotter one can buy? the office is willing to put out the $$$$ for a good one. ... and we are in a rural area, so leasing is not feasible.

oh, and would anyone like to recommend a good time of day to pee?

feel free to also post you general plotter complaints here to, as those are not only fun, but also relevant.

Apr 25, 07 2:51 pm

My office has an HP 4000 that works well, but I really wish we had one of the big OCE models. Those will scan and copy as well, which would be really handy at the times when we need to copy shop drawing comments. But the lineweight setup can be a bit of a pain with those things to begin with.

Apr 25, 07 2:56 pm

... yeah, the motivation for he new plotter is that we get to throw the blueprint copier in the garbage (can't get the parts no more)... so the scanning is necessary for any old stuff. And yeah, it would be very nice to be able to scan in other's drawings.

I'm also secretly hoping that I get to take home the perfectly good plotter we have now.

Apr 25, 07 3:01 pm
Chili Davis

We roll with the Oce TDS 400. Black & White laser plotter. Plots a 24x36 sheet in about 15 seconds. Comes with a scanner as well. Ink is about $100, and paper aint cheap either, but I would punch my grandma to have this plotter in my home office. The only drawback is the lack of color. For a color plotter, the HPs are great. I have an old 650C at home that still works great.

Apr 25, 07 3:04 pm

A quick note about the Oce TDS scanners. They claim to scan up to 400 dpi, but they are black and white . . . as in not even greyscale. So your 400 dpi scan of shop drawing notes ends up being practically illegible. Works for in-house use and reference copies, but this is definately not where you do your portfolio scanning.

As for the printers . . . straight-up blackline prints are excellent and come out faster than you can get to it, but throw in greyscale lines and shaded fills and the quality is just ok. Afterall it's just an oversized photocopier at heart.

This is all based on my experience at a previous firm with a TDS 600. Maybe they've improved them in the last year or so. Or maybe our IT guy never set it up right, that's very possible.

Apr 25, 07 4:35 pm

i second the tds400

may i also suggest the ricoh/ afcio rw-240...not that's a pony you can deliver mail with.

Apr 27, 07 11:15 pm

HP 500...very versatile works with approximately 80% of the papers available and the inks last a year (the print heads 2 years), RAM upgradable to 4 Gb (potentially to 10 Gb)

Jun 17, 07 6:37 pm
Living in Gin

My office just traded an Oce plotter for a KIP (sorry I don't know the exact model numbers offhand)... Our IT guy claims the KIP has better print quality, but I don't see much of a difference. The Oce plotter used to stack the drawings neatly in the output bin; the KIP plotter dumps them all onto the floor (even though we paid hundred for something the sales guy described with a straight face as a "document sorter"). Additionally, the Oce user interface was simple, fast, and intuitive; the KIP user interface is about the crappiest-written piece of software I've ever used. MySpace has better coding than the KIP software.

I used to work for another office that had two KIP plotters, and we considered ourselves lucky if both of them were functional on the same day. The KIP repairman was virtually a member of our staff. That office finally got rid of the KIP plotters and replaced them with Oce machines.

For my money, I'd go with Oce and avoid KIP like the plaque.

Jun 18, 07 12:34 am

The HP design 500ps has been a work horse for the last 6 yrs and never, ever been an issue, tough to set up initially with the mac network but since the initial tough trial has never been a problem. If they made everything that good this world would be a much better place. I had another smaller hp befoer that but its mother board blew after a lighting storm.

Jun 18, 07 12:51 am

what's the difference between the HP 500 and HP 500ps? I found a HP 500 for sale for $700 - sounds like a good deal. am i wrong?

Sep 24, 07 8:25 pm

hp500 here...and no complaints...last Hp lasted 8 years.

Sep 24, 07 9:22 pm

and is $700 a good deal?

Sep 25, 07 3:32 pm
is this a good deal for a pen plotter?

I just got one for free off of craigslist and it works fine w/ the exception of not being able to understand pictures...vectors only.

Sep 25, 07 5:18 pm

$1200 - thats rediculous

Sep 25, 07 5:18 pm
Kevin Vaughan

Don't get stressed out about looking for a new plotter. Sure, there is a lot to consider, but there is a ton of valuable, free insight on this blog

Jun 16, 19 5:26 pm

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