OMA does...Jersey?

fly swatter

What's next, a Staten Island Cultural Center? What is going on with the starchitects in the areas around Manhattan? Who drank the Kool-aid on this one? Here's a fun game to pass the time during those soul crushing deadlines: We have Gehry's Brooklyn Yards monstrosity to the East, Rem goes west across the river to Jersey City. Which name-brand draftsperson (PC) will claim the Bronx and or Queens as their turf?

Feb 26, 07 9:27 pm

I don't know if OMA can claim Jersey City, considering that Cesar Pelli had a tower on the waterfront for a few years now.

Feb 26, 07 10:07 pm  · 

i didn't think ANYBODY could claim Jersey...

Feb 26, 07 10:11 pm  · 

hey! a lot gets done in Jersey, more than in NYC anyway.

Feb 26, 07 10:36 pm  · 
liberty bell

meta, hey! That's Doctor Bon Jovi to you, pal.

The flyswatter comment made me laugh out loud. I would fail a second year student who presented this design to me.

Feb 26, 07 10:55 pm  · 

Doesn't Michael Graves claim Jersey?

Oh, and I wish the majority of people would stop pronouncing his name "Cool-House". It sounds like "Coal-Hass".

Feb 27, 07 1:00 am  · 

LB, dunno if i'd fail them, but i might slap them for being a smart arse.

i dunno though, if your going to get into heroic formalism for condo developments (or pointless formalism if you like), then this isnt so bad, it sort of a massivly simplified constructivism. you could even find some merit in the structural challenges.

is easily better than this effort be Libeskind, which appears to be nothing more than a very ordinary floor plate with some protruding balconies that just happen to form some kind of sylistic signature.

now that i'd fail in 2nd year

Feb 27, 07 1:20 am  · 

rem's interior spaces are probably what will sell the design in the end. fenestration and materials are always interesting.
there was another libeskind building that paired up with that one. both are terrible. the thing in kentucky is hideous as well.

Feb 27, 07 1:31 am  · 

another of these box-piling-things from koolhaas; must these oma-kids ever play around with their toy collection...

Feb 27, 07 4:24 am  · 
cj w.

i think it resembles a street furniture more.. a road sign to be exact... "whatver st. this way, whatver road that way... pls follow road name signs..."

it would fit nicely on a corner lot and have humongous graphics of street names on its elevation....

Feb 27, 07 4:38 am  · 
cj w.

something like this...

Feb 27, 07 4:47 am  · 

haha. perfect photo.

Feb 27, 07 9:28 am  · 

looks like the folks at OMA were playing jenga

Feb 27, 07 9:29 am  · 

"there was another libeskind building that paired up with that one. both are terrible. the thing in Kentucky is hideous as well"

bucku - I saw the Kentucky one this weekend as I was driving across the bridge to Cincinnati. I can't believe how fast it has gone up. I also can't believe how nasty it is. I'm really curious to see it completed but it better turn out better than the renderings because it's a big guy and there is nothing worse than really huge architectural failures for everyone to enjoy.

Regarding OMA - I wonder if they will use 2X4 to do all their graphics for cj w.'s proposed street sign super graphic idea...

Feb 27, 07 11:30 am  · 

I guess they are...see todays job postings

2x4 is looking for more help.

Feb 27, 07 11:34 am  · 

'another of these box-piling-things from koolhaas'

yeah, I don't get rem's recent box-piling infatuation. Gehry did it a lot in the eighties, and he did it a lot better.

Feb 27, 07 12:22 pm  · 

woo hoo, i actually live in that neighborhood. i wonder how this will affect my rent...

Feb 27, 07 1:07 pm  · 

what's wrong with staten island?

Feb 27, 07 2:11 pm  · 

can you guys figure out the orientation of the tower? which portion of the tower is parallel with the hudson river? just half of condo units get the view?

Feb 27, 07 11:32 pm  · 

yeah, Rem's resorted to ripping off dead people!

Feb 27, 07 11:43 pm  · 

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