Why are the vast majority of architects liberal?


Another pretty nice discussion..

Jul 13, 12 3:05 pm

I can't stand both Joseph Stiglitz and Paul Krugman who worship Keynes. I despise Stiglitz for his ideology. I loathe Paul Krugman for his economic policy.

goshhh I don't know how did they become Noble Laureates.

Jul 13, 12 3:12 pm

@Tee02 Party: "goshhh I don't know how did they become Noble Laureates." Probably by being considerably smarter and more objective than are you!

Jul 13, 12 3:17 pm

Why? Just listen to it! The guy who's interviewing him feels very similarly to the way you do, its actually remarkable how much they actually agree on. 

Jul 13, 12 3:18 pm

Noble?  Or Nobel?  Or maybe Noooobel?


Jul 13, 12 4:22 pm

And for those who like links to discussions:

Economist meets Physicist


Jul 13, 12 4:24 pm


Having a statistician and an economist as my parents, I'm very sure that my knowledge on economy is not shoddy at all. Btw, objectivity in economy is almost nonexistent factor. You can interpret data, read the numbers, predict the outcome. But you still have to apply your ideology and philosophy into your work. Objectivity? Give me a break!

Thanks for sharing. Interesting to listen, and a few snide here and there make me chuckle.
One thing I can give is Joseph Stiglitz's assessment on U.S economy is pretty fair one. I just can't stand on his approach on how to and his ideology on economic policies of developing world. Irony is he is (probably unintentionally) promoting the same inequality in developing world. It left sour taste in my mouth.

Jul 13, 12 4:26 pm

Noble?  Or Nobel?  Or maybe Noooobel?


Good catch! my bad. Thanks yoooo.

Jul 13, 12 5:11 pm

It could be for several reasons.  One is that architects have to make a "statement" in everything they do, and being conservative or even middle-of-the-road doesn't allow for that.  The other reason could be their schooling.  Look at the variability in the curriculum offered at different schools.  Some have a reasonable amount of technological education while others are glorified art schools.  I know one person who started in architecture at a well-respected university and then switched to engineering because it was, verbatim, "too flaky."  The other thing is that architects can or can't be as liberal, depending on their audience.  If it's an eccentric rich person or the public sector, they can be more liberal.  If it's a monied developer with a conservative culture, they should keep their liberalism in check.  I have seen weird architects who were NOT good designers.  I have also seen fairly conventional architects who were good designers.  Lastly, I had a friend who works as a librarian.  She stated that some architects had come in to visit her branch and asked whether it's "normal" for 55 to 60 year old men to show up with shoulder length white hair and smallish, tight fitting hipster suits.  For some, yes.  For most, no.  I wish architects would limit their "statements" to the computer screen, and sketch paper, if used, that is in front of them.

Jan 5, 13 11:00 pm

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