Architecture in the movie Brazil


A long time fan of the movie Brazil, I have long wondered what the story was behind the apartment complex Sam Lowry lives in. This morning I saw an interior shot of Ricardo Bofill's Spaces of Abraxas project and thought it was a spot on match. Have I solved my mystery, are they one and the same?

Jan 10, 07 1:40 pm

yep, you solved it, you big genuis you.

Jan 10, 07 2:36 pm  · 

Ha ha ha. I knew you had started this thread before I even opened it.

Jan 10, 07 2:57 pm  · 

yup, that's correct:

Brazil -- 1985
"Occasionally, the way in which a particular piece of (modern) architecture, for instance, is used and presented in a motion picture endows it with meaning and thus interprets it. It is telling, for example, that Terry Gilliam chose Ricardo Bofill's wildly 'postmodern' 'Palace of Abraxas' near Paris as the quite unpleasant home of the protagonist in his dark dystopian fable Brazil (1985). This kind of reception outside of the academic discourse should indeed be of interest to art & architectural historians, especially since reception studies are grossly underdeveloped in our field."
- Dietrich Neumann, Brown University

Jan 10, 07 3:48 pm  · 

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