comment/editing problems


with this new archinect GUI, i have trouble writing and editing comments.  this is about the fourth or fifth time. 


if i try to edit the comment, the edit doesn't always take.  and sometimes as i am typing the cursor will no longer backspace or delete text.


i am using firefox.  has anyone else had problems with the comments/edit comments features?

May 1, 11 8:04 pm

It appears that you only have 5 minutes or so worth of time to edit a comment. If you run over the time frame, it won't accept the comment. I've found that if you know you're going to spend more than a few minutes writing a post, write the post in notepad and paste it over.


The cursor disappearing seems to be a Firefox problem. You can salvage your comment if your right mouse click then copy, refresh the page and then paste the comment into the form.

May 1, 11 8:37 pm

thanks, J. James R.

May 1, 11 9:35 pm

another fyi jmanga, there is a limit on the size of the posts now. No idea what it is, but I can see you exceeding it frequently enough :)

May 1, 11 9:50 pm

fair enough, rusty!


May 1, 11 9:52 pm

thanks for the info that's why I am also having issue editing my comment

Feb 9, 19 4:51 pm

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