a piranesi based site, welcome to my web home


I'd say Piranesi is a nice software, which gives me much interest in creating digital watercolor renderings.

So, I just name my site after: another day in PRANESIi
welcome and thanks for your visiting in advance.

Nov 28, 06 10:20 am

uhuh, not really my cup of tea. but the snoopy-wang name is pretty funny.

Nov 28, 06 10:27 am  · 

you should have Phil Collins playing in the background. . .

Nov 28, 06 11:19 am  · 

It's not a bad design, but...

I'm no fan of the colors.

you absolutely have to get rid of the text floating after the mouse. That is really terrible.
and the snowflakes.
They are really terrible.

Remember most people look at websites for a reason, so if you are distracting the viewer, with objects moving all over the screen, chances are that your website isn't fulfilling its purpose.

and you really should think about using phil collins, though you would need to find a MIDI version to really make it work. Or something with bells in it.

Nov 28, 06 12:34 pm  · 
Queen of England

You could also add a section where people can download Phil Collins ringtones, they're hard to find!

Nov 28, 06 1:19 pm  · 

i've used piranesi before... tried following tutorial, and played around with it. it was kinda complicated... emm.. more like it was uncomfortable and awkard to use.

i've realized i can imitate water color in photoshop. so i uninstalled piranesi, since i have bunch of softwares in my computer already.

anyway, piranesi is a good program.

Nov 28, 06 3:48 pm  · 

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