Precedent examples of great rooftop spaces


What are some examples of great rooftop architecture/spaces that you'd like to share? 
I'm compiling precedents of ways rooftops have been designed for private or public use.  For example, a rooftop bar/lounge area, with landscaping or this theater in Austin...

Apr 18, 12 10:19 pm

In London:

There's the Skyroom, on top of an office building

There's Frank's Café on top of a parking lot

There's the Room for London on top of the National Theatre (by the same Architect as the Skyroom)

Then there's lots of crappy bars on hotel roofs shielded from the roof-top plant by bamboo and gas heaters.

Apr 19, 12 9:36 am  · 
el jeffe

corbu's bestigui penthouse.

Apr 19, 12 10:54 am  · 

good examples, anyone else?

Apr 24, 12 10:43 am  · 

i've always liked this one. townhouse wimbergergasse by delugan meissl

Apr 24, 12 11:35 am  · 

from bjarke's better half:

Apr 24, 12 1:26 pm  · 



Apr 24, 12 2:12 pm  · 


Apr 24, 12 3:56 pm  · 

any more?

Apr 30, 12 12:55 pm  · 

Snohetta's Opera House in Oslo

BIG's Denmark Pavilion at the Shanghai World Expo

May 6, 12 6:18 pm  · 

Oh, and a horrendous building aesthetically, but possibly the most fantastic rooftop pool ever. Moshe Safdie's Marina Bay Sands in Singapore

May 6, 12 6:19 pm  · 

The 230 fifth rooftop in NYC:

Also when it gets cold you can get one of these red robes which you won't mind wearing after 5 beers:

May 7, 12 10:26 am  · 

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