Louis Vuitton Foundation for kids who cant paint good.


can anyone find better images of this thing?

Oct 2, 06 7:51 pm
The 6,000 square metre space will be designed by Frank Gehry, the architect behind the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao.

"The goal of this foundation is to spread the influence of culture, and the influence of France," Mr Arnault told a press conference.

"We will place contemporary art in the context of modern and classical art," he added.

Sweet. So let's hire an architect whose work is becoming so ubiquitous that our building will look like every other "important" building put up within the last 20 years. I dig Gehry as much as the next guy, but this is getting pretty regoddamndiculous.

Oct 2, 06 8:26 pm  · 

Aren't you surprised they didn't just hand it to Nouvel, as per usual?

Oct 2, 06 8:29 pm  · 

Remember Gehry has no had a good track record in Paris. American Center anyone?

Oct 2, 06 8:45 pm  · 

that should be not had... but you know what I mean.

Oct 2, 06 8:45 pm  · 

best thread title ever

Oct 2, 06 9:21 pm  · 

im sure some architect in china is going to knock this building off...

Oct 2, 06 11:27 pm  · 
Carl Douglas (agfa8x)

...are ye no scottish, then cameron?

Oct 3, 06 12:26 am  · 

I'll admit it, I really like gehry. Its such a beautiful bizarre anomaly for someone to become so absurdly famous they can really just do whatever silly thing they imagine.

Oct 3, 06 12:42 am  · 
here is a rendering...
Oct 3, 06 11:24 am  · 
miss casual

i thought bernard arnault would have better taste

Oct 3, 06 1:14 pm  · 

i like gehry for the most part as well, but i think his style (or at least the style for which he's become most famous) is getting a bit too played out. the paradox being that his fame leads to a huge amount of new work, but apparently all of his new clients want their buildings to have "that gehry look". personally, i think this marginalizes the uniqueness of bilbao, emp, et al.

if not nouvel, i still think a french architect would've been more appropriate.

Oct 3, 06 1:28 pm  · 

I also think this is the best thread title ever.
kudos oe.
Broccoli, i agree with everything you said until "a french architect would've been more appropriate"
i just don't see what it has to do with anything.

Oct 3, 06 4:15 pm  · 

here's same image but zoomed out a bit

Oct 3, 06 4:25 pm  · 


Oct 3, 06 4:31 pm  · 

o geez - here we go again

Oct 3, 06 5:00 pm  · 

a quote from the TIMES - "We want to link timeless and extreme modernity" WTF does that mean???

Oct 3, 06 5:01 pm  · 

Yeah, aren't "timeless" and "modernity" theoretical opposites?

soup - "The goal of this foundation is to spread the influence of culture, and the influence of France," Mr Arnault told a press conference. My comment is aimed at this quote from the article and depends on who might best represent the 'influence of France': someone from the inside, or someone from the outside looking in?

Oct 3, 06 6:22 pm  · 

last line in times:
"The new complex, which will require the razing of an abandoned bowling alley, must still be approved by the Paris city council." link

Oct 4, 06 10:11 am  · 

Is Gehry a car lover? Ive always wondered that. Like corbu and the steamship...

Oct 4, 06 3:46 pm  · 

from the NYT article:

“I want everything to look like my drawings,” he went on, waving toward large reproductions of seemingly chaotic pen drawings..“The model is not quite there. We’ve built 30 or 40 models, and the design is still evolving. It’s not going to look exactly like this, so forgive me:I want the lines to look like the sketch.”

seriously? who the fuck in their right mind wants their building to look MORE like their sketch? except for maybe dr. seuss....

Oct 4, 06 10:56 pm  · 

the rendering looks better than that awful model, still zoolanders is way better

Oct 5, 06 12:08 am  · 

Gehry is God.

Oct 5, 06 12:26 am  · 

ohh. gehry again. i hate him. love im. both simultaneously.

his work imo totally fkin sucks.

his business prowess is absolutely admirable.

makes the design of the building almost pointless- arbitrary to the mere fact that his "gehry look" has seeped into women's cologne bottle design and hockey trophies. make that paper frankie.

but this bloody abomination is just awful. plain awful. and unfuckingoriginal. and yes - sketchy- but bad sketchy. undecisive and vague. the structure just looks random and unapologetic to already non-interesting curved planes. no challenge. let me stop.


i spilled my beer. dangit.

Oct 5, 06 12:27 am  · 
Chili Davis

At the Derek Zoolander Center For Children Who Can't Read Good And Wanna Learn To Do Other Stuff Good Too, we teach you that there's more to life than being really, really good looking.

Oct 5, 06 3:18 pm  · 

Well this is actually a little different for him. I actually didn't think it was him 'till I read the article. Usually his stuff feels more massive, with all the freaking metal. This looks ligth. I must say, I quite like it. It's the first building of his that I really like his experiments in the 70's and 80's.

Oct 6, 06 12:42 am  · 

Pity that the Pinault Project didn't go through - He had Ando lined up for it , on Ile Seguin-
Pinault's got a show in Venice right now- but didn't have time to see it .. Looking good though, Koons on the CanaleGrande et.

Oct 7, 06 1:48 pm  · 

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