Best 100 word Manifesto

get off my lawn kids

manifesto -
a public declaration of intentions, opinions, objectives, or motives, as one issued by a government, sovereign, or organization.

above is the dictionaries definition. i looked for something that was within the 100 word limit and made a statement without declaring what was wrong with architecture. i also looked for clarity and literal reference and what i felt was an attractive writing style. and i was definetly influenced by my current course in architecture: prefabrication, materiality, architecture as building, etc...

I also list my favorite:

By Definition Manifesto
Most Poetic Manifesto
Most Obscure but Very Relevant Manifesto

Sep 16, 06 12:05 am
get off my lawn kids

Names will remain anonymous until the author agrees to have their name published. I am listing all via random numbers.

Sep 16, 06 12:09 am
get off my lawn kids

Best Manifesto


Architecture requires respect for materials and memory: the architect understands and celebrates the ability of craft to become poetry.

Materials thrive when being used in a way that excavates and celebrates their essential qualities. Through respecting a material's limits and talents, the architect gives meaning to a form through the employ of a given material. Buildings become containers of cultural memory when the materials used in them recognize our shared craftsmanlike concerns, our shared abilities both to intellectualize and to caress.

An architecture of material and memory both reflects the desires of the world and requests of the world to desire more.

Sep 16, 06 12:11 am
get off my lawn kids

Best By Definition Manifesto


Architecture is the most human of institutions. It is only manifested through a revelation of what it truly means to be human. Far from being elitist, Architecture can be achieved in the most commonplace of daily activities. However, the greatest works of Architecture reveal to us aspects of ourselves too deep-seeded to be expressed in any other form. It is therefore essential that the pursuit of Architecture begin with a desire to reveal the human in each and every activity. My intention is to whole-heartedly pursue physical manifestations of the human condition through Architecture.

Sep 16, 06 12:12 am
get off my lawn kids

BestMost Poetic Manifesto


The self emergent autonomies of order that coalesce out of the chaos of persistent indecisions; the vast cloud of changing conditions reflecting the whims of capital and the viscerality of labour; the box of intention held in suspension between drawing and edifice; the movement of atoms, bits, lines; flux; the cult of space, and all that is defined by what it is not; the hollowing between kunstwollen and horror vacuii…

is not architecture.

Excessive, expensive, and exquisitely minimal economy of speech, deliberately silent;
Architecture is all of the above minus ONE…Architecture minds the gap.

Architecture is possible.

Architecture is

Sep 16, 06 12:13 am
get off my lawn kids

Most Obscure but Very Relevant Manifesto


Architecture is not the building,

Architecture is the water.

The water that bends the land,
the water that bends your view,
the water that supports life.

The riverbed is thought.
The current, process.
Gravity is desire.

And between, is architecture.

Sep 16, 06 12:15 am
get off my lawn kids

the remaining are listed by number (not rankings)

Sep 16, 06 12:15 am
get off my lawn kids


To be effective, architecture must be approached as an exceptionally
potent agent of social and individual change. Architecture must be
something more powerful and transformative than the budgeted
construction of shelter. However, architecture as an art form and
societal instigator has largely lost its way in our society today.
Though often overlooked and rarely achieved, it is a fundamental truism
that in order to maintain their relevance—and more importantly to
improve their world—architects must resign their complacency and
actively labor to create spaces and communities that are as socially
and personally transformative as they are functional and beautiful.

Sep 16, 06 12:17 am
get off my lawn kids


Architects see in the future tense. They stand apart from the clairvoyant through the art of creation. Architects are in flux. They live simultaneously transparent and opaque, curved and erect, mottled and absolute. Architects are autoimmune psychopaths. They obsess over scribbles and forget to tie their shoes. Architects must placate, create, innovate, and delegate. They are both children of the world and its parents. They possess no box of which to think outside of. Everyone knows what they do, but no one knows who they are. They break the world, reassemble it, rearrange it, only to break it again.

Sep 16, 06 12:18 am
get off my lawn kids


The angel of memories flew low over the rusty city. “I grew up there,” she said to a sagging house. “Oh how I wish it could be how it was then, clean and filled with people”

“But what of my school?” she said as she banked. “Surely that was kept in better condition.” But the school was empty of people and filled with putrid waters.

Angry, she flew into the stormclouds, and was struck by lightning. Dazed, she sat down on a park bench next to an old man.

“What’s wrong?” asked the old man.

“I forget.” said the angel.

Sep 16, 06 12:18 am
get off my lawn kids


Manifesto for an Architecture that Exists within a freemarket politically reactionary republic.

Architecture should not react. Politics continually is allowed and is very much expected to funtion within the realm of reaction.

Reaction is an instinctive trait, and by extension so is all of politics. All of politics -- because of the necesity of the eventual popular (sometimes mob) acceptance -- is reactionary and instinctually based.

Politics, in a system that resembles a need based meritocracy, will always relegate itself to the lowest common --or most self-aggrandizingly, profitable -- denominator system.

Survival, and thus greed, is also an instinctual reaction to the phenomenon of existence. Human existence differentiates itself from other forms of existensia through either (a) self aggrandizement, (b)full-spectrum destruction of particular ideas -- or sub-sets of ideas (species, socio/economic paradigms, indiginous peoples, etc.) or (c)the cumulative and continual delusion of universal superiority over all else through the use, invention and usurption of technology. the idea of a god acts both as a mediator of the unknown, and as a stimulator between all points a thru c listed above.

Architecture is an almagamation of all of this.

Architecture is always political, but should ideally aim for an educated response rather than an impulsive -- often stylized -- reaction.

Architecture is the newest technology. Architecture is your womb. It is inherently; sub-consciously,even self aggrandizing (political, again)

Shelter is reactionary: caves are not architecture.
Art is either a reaction to a political opinion or self aggrandizement in its purest form. Architecture is a compromise. Architecture becomes for us ultimately a self aggrandized, illusioned result of a process that is steeped in the ostensible denial of reaction to contexts that affect our contexts: in the, now old, modern senses of regression to the mean economics, political reaction and self aggrandizement.

Sep 16, 06 12:19 am
get off my lawn kids


the barry mani(fest)low

i write the manifestos (to be sung to "i write the songs"

i have been around forever
and i penned the very first manifest-o
sure there may have been others
but undoubtedly mine is the best-o.

i decreed those passionate convictions
and condemned the decadent bourgeiousie
so when you think manifesto
i am the best
so think of me.

i write the manifests that make the architect geeks weep
i write the manifests that put a normal person to sleep
i write the manifests read by those who wear all black
those who chain smoke and develop that hack
i write the manifests that are just so unfun
but you got to read them for arch theory 101
i write the manifestos that make the young girls cry

i write the manifestos
i write the manifestos...

Sep 16, 06 12:20 am
get off my lawn kids


The Manifesto of Truth

(The Architect) actively took part in solving the
problem and did so because he felt that the problems
ought indeed to be solved

Alvaro Siza

The manifesto in a joke

Q. What do a swimming pool and the Architectural community have in common?
A. All the noise comes from the shallow end.

The anti-manifesto

Design is the fundamental soul of a human-made
Creation that ends up expressing itself in successive
Ouert layers of the product or service

Steve Jobs

Sep 16, 06 12:21 am
get off my lawn kids


Buildings consume 36 percent of the energy used in the United States, including 65 percent of the country’s electricity. Designing more efficient buildings will play a crucial role in protecting the environment. Architects are searching for ways to reduce energy consumption and minimize the intrusion of their buildings on nature while creating comfortable, pleasant spaces for people. Comparatively few of them realize that one of the best strategies is right under their noses – or, rather, right under their feet. My book Underground Buildings: More than Meets the Eye proves that modern underground buildings are comfortable, spacious, sun-filled, and surprisingly common.

Sep 16, 06 12:21 am
get off my lawn kids


D Bm
It doesn't matter if I'm all alone
G Asus A
As long as I'm with Jesus
A Asus A Asus
It doesn't matter if I'm weak or strong
G A D (pass)
As long as I'm with Jesus

G Em7
Young or old, high or low
D F#m Bm
Wherever I am and wherever I go
G Em7 A
It doesn't matter to me,
D (pass)
As long as I'm with Jesus

G A D (pass)
In this life of trouble
G A D (pass)
In this world of sorrow
G A F#m Bm
Somehow I wonder how I'll make it through the day
G A D (pass)
And how I'm going to face tomorrow
G A Em7 A D (pass)
But Jesus loves me this I know
G A Em7 A D
For the Bible tells me so
What else can I need
Em7 A
What else can I want to know

Sep 16, 06 12:22 am
get off my lawn kids


Ruth was old like faded floral wallpaper. I crawled inside her yesterday through a small slit and started to glue. I covered the walls with tiny pieces of emerald and jade until Ruth was a living geode. Soon, a thin line of iridescence crept across Ruth’s breast. Then, her entire left side was green and jeweled. She saw herself in the mirror and was amused. She used the gems as eyes for crocheted birds. Children laughed, and she laughed along. Ruth isn’t changing the world, but I changing Ruth one stone at a time from within her sparkling womb.

Sep 16, 06 12:22 am
get off my lawn kids



Sep 16, 06 12:25 am
get off my lawn kids


velvet stone...
' ' ' ' ' holds you...longer than you can live

velvet concrete...
' ' ' ' ' warms you with the potential...of its dis[assembly]

velvet wood...
' ' ' ' ' perches above, singing to your Titanic bow.

velvet glass...
' ' ' ' ' sleeps beside you in lucid dream

' ' ' ' ' smells dimension
' ' ' ' ' curls aside making space for you
' ' ' ' ' breathes

' ' ' ' ' has tried to [lost in fire]

' ' ' ' ' slips centuries in both directions, connecting in
' ' ' ' ' an expansive knot.
' ' ' ' ' soft.

' ' ' ' ' takes accurate measurement of a moment that will resonate
' ' ' ' ' for years exceeding and escaping all metrics.
' ' ' ' ' sun.

' ' ' ' ' will create, consume and care for. upwardly mobile seeking
' ' ' ' ' a sunset to step down with.
' ' ' ' ' soft.

' ' ' ' ' settling sun.

Sep 16, 06 12:26 am
get off my lawn kids


The bum on the street is the new ideal model for the subject of architecture. A true contemporaneity, instead of the revolutionary intent to give home and space to all, must aim for the modest goal of bringing everyone first into a state of homelessness: From here questions of the next phase, of living space for all, can be posed. Beyond the stone, bronze, iron, and glass ages lies the age of cardboard and permanent temporality – to live without investment in place, which as we know it is passing. Our model is the Junk Space rather than the Radiant City.

Sep 16, 06 12:26 am
get off my lawn kids


“With great power comes great responsibility”. This is equally applicable to architects as superheroes. We have the power to affect not only the everyday lives of our buildings’ occupants, but the way of life of every living thing on Earth. On a human-scale our buildings affect the physical and social behavior of their users. On a macro-scale our choices of how, where, and with what, to build affect our entire ecosystem. As educators, developers, leaders, or simply designers we choose what impact to make on this ecosystem. These choices must be beautifully orchestrated to benefit our ultimate client – the earth.

Sep 16, 06 12:27 am
get off my lawn kids


Toward a quiet architecture.

Modern architecture has often privileged the programmatic object-figure over consider-ations for continuity of the environment-field. The field remains unconsidered, underdeveloped, or ancillary to the disengaged and attention-grabbing object-figure.

In contrast, pre-modern urban forms evolved with a normative environment-field as the primary condition of urban engagement and cohesiveness which, once established, could then accommodate complementary incidental figures.

Architects’ desire for recognition has prompted us to take every opportunity to draw attention to our projects, thereby continually adding to the visual clamor and chaos that defines the contemporary cityscape.

Why can’t we just be quiet for a change?

Sep 16, 06 12:27 am
get off my lawn kids



Sep 16, 06 12:27 am
vado retro

just like that 8th grade essay bout the meaning of freedom, top ten without trying. but not in the money,,,

Sep 16, 06 12:35 am


Sep 16, 06 3:26 am

yay, everybody! there's some pretty good stuff here. meta's done us a nice favor by eliciting these statements.

Sep 16, 06 9:56 am
get off my lawn kids

vado retro those were random numbers.

steven i had a tough time deciding on some of these, i was actually very impressed with what people could say in 100 words.

Sep 16, 06 10:59 am
liberty bell

Aww thanks metamechanic - I'm embarassed!

And in total agreement with Steven: There is good and thought-provoking writing here. This would be a good exercise for every architect: it's incredible how brief 100 words is! So trying to get the important stuff in in such a small volume is a nice little challenge.

Thank you for starting this thread/challenge, metamechanic, and good work everyone who responded.

Sep 16, 06 1:48 pm
vado retro

so i could have been higher???

Sep 16, 06 3:14 pm

congratulations liberty bell, and thanks for the compliments. it's nice to see is your manifesto much of what i was thinking conveyed in a concise clear format...hard for me!

Sep 16, 06 10:45 pm

see is your = see in your

Sep 16, 06 10:48 pm

wow a hundred dollars was pretty inspiring, apparently.

thanks for instigating this excercise, metamechanic--

and whoa let's do this more often! rock on dudes

Sep 17, 06 1:01 pm
get off my lawn kids

Donna Sink, AIA was your winner and as she has declined her winnings the winnings have bee donated to Architecture for Humanity.

Thanks Donna.


Sep 17, 06 7:08 pm

definetly super elegante.

Sep 17, 06 7:21 pm

hey hey donna.

Sep 17, 06 8:38 pm
liberty bell

Oh metamechanic you rock!! That was such a smart idea, AFH is much-deserving. Thank you again for starting this project, I'd love to see more like it on Archinect!

Sep 17, 06 9:28 pm

ok let's brainstorm... new topic hm...

Sep 18, 06 1:19 am

perhaps writing a (hypothetical) conversation with an architect of a past era... contemplating on how architecture has evolved...

Sep 18, 06 1:25 am

liberty bell, have you read The Architecture of Happiness by Alain de Boton? wonderful manifesto, by the way.

Sep 18, 06 3:55 am
liberty bell

I have not read it, kasa, though I've heard of it. Sounds like I need to check it out. Thank you!

zircon, I think A Center for Ants would win that conversation challenge - he's good at those.

Sep 18, 06 9:35 am

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